Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 1

My family has been planning this Colorado trip for my cousin Joe and his wife-to-be Johnna's wedding for what feels like forever. 
Writing this recap will be interesting in and of it self because like the post title says, 
Colorado was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

I approached packing to this trip a lot more methodically than I usually do,
maybe a little too much.
With lots of planning, including a lookbook for Warby Parker,
 this picture from bustle's instagram is way too accurate. 

& for once I barely followed this "pack what you can carry" golden rule...
{via Cynthia Rowley's instagram}

I planned my outfits daily,
very helpful for my Warby Parker Sunglass Lookbook:

We were suppose to by in Colorado for 4 more days, including the wedding,
but we had to leave suddenly due to a medical emergency at home.
Everything looks like it will be okay,
but it was very scary and has tested our family in ways we never experienced or expected.

So these outfits will just be outfits for another day!

These were my dress options for the wedding:
I love them all,
but brought the white floral Reed x Kohls dress and the black city dress from the Elie Tahari x Kohls

Brought two jackets, my ruffle denim from ASOS and floral bomber from Who What Wear x Target

& at the last minute I packed my Primark ripped jeans, Gap pink jeans,
and Who What Wear x Target cape,
so happy I did because it ended up being much cooler than expected!

I brought my elephant tapestry bag as a carry on with my peacock blue LongChamp bag folded inside and my favorite vintage Dooney & Bourke that was my mom's bag

Time to pack it all up!
So I bagged up and numbered my outfits,
see I told you it got a little much...
I love packing with individual pouches to keep things organized and separated.
Ipsy bags are the best for this!

Top: Ipsy / Middle Two: Carolina Herrera for Target & Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection /
Bottom: Mara Hoffman

{Other pouches} Top: Vera Bradley / Vintage / Marimekko via vletrax's Poshmark closet/
vintage Handbag from my Zia

My carry on {vintage elephant bag}:
notebook & pen for blog ideas / Lilly Pulitzer for Target pouch- has emergency makeup / ASOS denim jacket / pink landmark pouch- Ipsy {I use this for all my traveling cords} / Wit and Delight external battery pack from Target {gives about 60% charge, not too great} / Gem pouch from Forever 21 {I use this for all my jewelry when I travel- which I always put in my carry on bag} / Holographic Ipsy bag {this has all my lipsticks for the trip also in carry on because I know it will be temperature controlled} / Ipsy woven pouch {Sunscreen, etc.} Ipsy bags are the best for traveling! / Assorted eyeglass cases {needed to pack these in my carry on because I am afraid I will loose my luggage and my sight} /

My purse: Dooney & Bourke vintage bag with Walmart Wallet / RayBan Rx Sunglasses / Eyeglass cleaner and towel from 10/10 Optics

Peacock LongChamp bag- perfect for travel because it folds up until you need it

& apparently I am not the only one in my family all about the pouch life,
I love this one that I gave my mom last year for Christmas:

All right, all ready to go!

Arnold does not look pleased with our trip,
he blends in perfectly with my suitcase!

He was guarding my suitcase all day:

Time to wear my first planned out outfit!
Also my first look for my Warby Parker Sunglasses Lookbook!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo / Sunglasses- Warby Parker Dempsey in "Polished Gold"lips- Cover Girl "Star Wars 50", necklace- BaubleBar "Asymmetrical Pearl Shower Bib" anniversary gift from my hubby!, top- Walmart, shorts- H&M, flats- Walmart

Although I skipped the dark lips for some of the day because it is hard to maintain while traveling...

Margaritas and magazines, is there any other way to travel?!

I listened to StaG "Colorado Suicidal" the whole way there,
I love this song.
Perfect for this trip

We landed in Denver and spent two nights there
before making our way to Vail for the family festivities!

We have been to Denver in 2011 and 2012 for Charlie's old company conference,
beware of very old / terrible blog posts:
2011 Denver Trip: here, here, herehere
2012 Denver Trip: here, here, here, here
{It is amazing how much difference the quality of this blog changed in just one year}

I loved Denver and was so happy to be back!

We stayed at the Denver Marriott City Center,
a pretty hotel in a great location!

We started Denver right with some food at Rock Bottom Brewery

I had the "Princess Peach", as with most sour beers I always want more sour!

Of course we had to check out a dispensary since Colorado legalized marijuana,
out of pure curiosity, of course...

So interesting like a mix between a deli and a pharmacy

We met up with my cousin Joe and his wife-to-be Johnna to explore some more Denver!

We got a beer at Rhein Haus and started this trip right!

We stopped by a liquor store and I saw this awesome Alien bottle!
I think I need it for my skull collection, am I right?!

Back to the hotel to go swimming,
I couldn't help but think that these red hallways remind me of "Red Rum" from The Shining,
that hotel is in Colorado after all

Well the first casualty of Colorado 2016 was two products in my travel Z Palette...
RIP to my DayDream highlighter from Love Luxe Beauty
and my brûlée single shadow from Wet n Wild

Whomp, Whomp.

Seriously the best of times, and the worst of times.
Stay Tuned.

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