Thursday, May 30, 2013

brights for a bright {& super hot} day

Can you believe NJ is in a heat wave already?! 
Almost 100 degrees, it still May! 

you're welcome for this beauty...

 What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, top- Ralph Lauren {thrifted}, pants & belt- H&M, flats- KMart, lips- Mirabella in "Posy" from this month's Ipsy

Immediately had to change into shorts {from Hopes}

Dare I say it? 
It's too hot already!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

honestly wtf.... collection at baublebar! {wanted wednesday}

I am a huge fan of BaubleBar but their Honestly WTF Guest Bartender has so many amazing pieces, 
I can hardly choose!

Love the combos too!

 Can you handle this sparkle?!
Not to mention the arm candy!

See the whole collection here!

& their newest Guest Bartender Courtney Kerr does not disappoint! 

LOVE this piece 
so pretty!

Can't I just have all of these beauties?!

{PS: this is not a sponsored post... I just love baublebar}

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Memorial Day Outfit

 I love wearing red, white, & blue.

This outfit/post was suppose to go up yesterday but we didn't have internet.
Turned out to be a loose cord, 
loose cord, loosing my mind.


What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker Midnight Blue Sinclairs, necklace- Spike The Punch, dress- Target, belt- Simply Vera Vera Wang {thrifted}, shoes- thrifted 


Ended Memorial Day right with some soft serve with sprinkles =)

Now it is me & twin Hello Kitty going back to school!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

my memorial day weekend so far

Beautiful {yet chilly} sunset in Belmar, NJ

Clams from the good old OTL

Brewing with the fiancé 

A romantic moment with the face tree at my parents house...

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, cardigan & top & sandals- Target, necklace- Spike The Punch jeans- Levis

Animals upon animal prints! Can't get enough!
{& ship bangle from Kate Spade}

Love these from a mini haul from Target while waiting for my scripts to be filled,
Great sales! {bunny top- $13, cardigan- $22, star dress (PERFECT for Memorial Day tomorrow, expect an outfit post)- $14, camo flats- $5, sandals- $5}

The print in the leather of these sandals is too cute!

Perfect for summer & such a good deal!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

life lately: I may have an obsession with my pug

I apparently take way too many pictures of my pug. 
If you are offended, this blog may not be your cup of tea

& perhaps videos too...

At least the weather has been nice, 
{not so much this weekend though...}

Some of the drawings my kids draw in school are too cute...

This was my attempt at a "Draw my Life" 
This is the extent of my drawing abilities

This is a pretty accurate representation:

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

My sister graduates!

As I mentioned last Friday, my sister graduated last week from West Chester University with a degree in Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology! 

The programs quickly became umbrellas when it started to drizzle...

a sea of graduates but one of them is mine! 

I am so proud! 

My beautiful sisters

The whole family 
{What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, dress- Loft {thrifted}, belt- was my dads, sweater- Cosco?, shoes- Sam & Libby for Target}

Even my Nonni came!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

side swiped

So I appropriately named this outfit weeks ago due to the clear sides of my vintage shoes {from etsy}. 

Took a slightly different twist when I ended up in the emergency room yesterday with extreme pain under my right rib. 
After 6+ hours they still aren't sure what is going on, but it is not the gallbladder or appendix. 

{disclaimer: my arm is not that tan- they should really call that filter on instagram "jaundice"} 

So hello "bland diet" and no drinking for the next 10+ days. Yay Memorial Day weekend.

Well back to days where I wore things other than a hospital gown:

What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway Punchlines, top- thrifted, pants- Old Navy, flats- vintage {via etsy} 

Heres to better & brighter days