Thursday, June 20, 2013

sailing off into summer!

Today was the aftermath, 

other teachers & admin kept asking me if I was going to write up the students
for their post it note prank

If I am that type of teacher then I need to retire right now, life it too short.

It was been a crazy year, but an awesome one!

Now I am sailing off into summer,
today was my last full day of school, finals start tomorrow {hope my students are studying!} 

What I Wore: glasses- Midnight Blue Sinclairs Warby Parker, top- GAP, cardigan- from blogger swap, skirt- thrifted from store in Vermont, flats- KMart 

Loving this new polish! Revlon "Smoldering" reminds me of a summer camp fire, 
I am so ready for summer fun!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the end of the school year... shenanigans

My day started feeling like this:
{found this in the copy room in the teachers lounge,
I guess I am not the only one feeling like this with finals}

During my 7th period Honors Biology class today this message was left for me:
I was thinking, "Okay..."

& then my students proceeded to each hand me a post it note
while walking by my desk during hall duty...

Then they asked me to look at my car,

Yup, it happened
I was post-it note pranked. 

45 mintutes later and with help, over 100+ post it notes were taken off. 
Not including the 30 that are now in the grass & woods...
& the one that the fiancé found while opening the trunk to pack...

What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway pink punchines, necklace- Rainy from Spike The Punch, top- LC Lauren Conrad for Khols, belt- JCrew, pants- Cynthia Rowley {via TJMaxx}, cardigan & flats- Target, bag- vintage thirfted Coach

Tomorrow is my last teaching day before finals start, 
this year has been crazy yet amazing. 
I am going to miss these students! {even though they are a pain!}
My first & only "Ms. Basilone" class since I will be married in August! 
It's been real.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

palm reader

Oh hey Magnesium...

 What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, top- thrifted, necklace- Luxe Craving, belt- H&M, pants- Target, flats- The Webster for Target

& the cuddle pug Barium 
Lots of pup love today!

Monday, June 17, 2013

burned out

I am currently nursing a nasty sunburn. 
It is not even summer yet...

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Proopticals, top- GAP, cardigan- H&M {thrifted}, skirt- thrifted, shoes- PacSun 

love this recently thirfted skirt! 
It was one of the items that I bought when I got this free Coach bag

I love that one of my students draws my outfits =)

After school these days is full of riding in the back of the car keeping the door closed so we can move furniture in our little cars... 
Are we all moved in yet?!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

striped chambray, closeted chaos

This is the chaos that is my closet currently. 
Quite an eclectic mixture of stuff. 
More than half of my closet is moved into our new house. 
I am left wearing any random combos I can come up with.
But who am I kidding, I do this anyways,
Story of my life, actually.

 What I Wore: glasses- Midnight Blue Sinclair Warby Parker, necklace & belt- Gypsy Warrior, top- Twitch Vintage, pants- Old Navy, flats- Target 

Quick closet update! 
{for the parts that are actually organized}
Also prepping to paint, detailed post to come! 

I also scored this awesome lamp at GoodWill today for $8!

& yes I do have a microscope...

judge me. I am a scientist after all...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cold shoulders

The open studs on this shirt leads to a cold shoulder day,
in other news, I also have a cold. 
My immune system is just shot these days. 

I sound like I swallowed a frog, 
instead of having frog sex, 
{that is how I met my fiancé in case that sounds crazier than it really is...
okay maybe it is quite crazy...}

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, sweater- Michael Kors, pants- Cynthia Rowley {via TJMaxx}, shoes- Target, bag- Rebecca Minkoff, lips- Maybelline "Fuschia Flash" 

Monday, June 10, 2013

8 dresses later... my sister's grad party!

I had a serious, "NOTHING to wear" panic for my sister's grad party. 
I tried on at least 8 and ended up donating all of them. 

When I found one I was like, "Okay I will wear them with my TOMS black wedges"
Only to realize they have been moved to the house already. 
This will be a long couple of weeks.

Wasn't the only one who took hours to get ready...

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Firmoo, dress- Target, sandals- Sam & Libby for Target, bag- vintage Coach, lips- Maybelline "Fuschia Flash"

This bag is beautiful! 
Still can't believe I got it for free!

Had lots of fun celebrating!

Such pretty women in my life

When in reality this is what it looks like...

The fiancé & my youngest sister were matching!

captured on film.