Tuesday, June 28, 2011

give-a-way numero dos =) - CLOSEDDD

As promised, one of my lovely readers will take home this beautiful straw bag!
Perfect for summer time {beachin' it, picnics!, etc, etc}

I know these pictures are not fabulous but you get the gist, this is an adorable bag =)

To enter:

Mandatory entry {leave one comment}:
1. Follow my blog publicly with google connect 
(yes I will be checking this-- no one likes cheater cheater pumpkin eaters...)

Extra entries {+1 each leave a separate comment for each}
1. Follow my blog on bloglovin'
2. Grab my new button {via Koi Story- thanks again Meanz!} & add it to your sidebar (leave blog link for this one)
3. Add my blog to your blog roll (leave blog link for this one too pretty please)

that is 4 possible entries party people!
this give-a-way will run for 2 weeksEnds July 12th 2011
winner chosen with Random.org

please do not comment this post unless it is an entry, thank youuuu!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

"bad" blogger

I know I haven't been around much, {commenting, posting, etc.} 
I am moving, starting grad school, and other life changing things, in 4 days & my life is crazy!

To make it up to you, I am doing a give-a-way tomorrow!! Stay posted!

Here is an outfit post in the mean time:
P.S.- this whole outfit is thrifted/second hand/vintage ;)
What I Wore: leopard print flats- hand me up from my future-sister in law, geometric shorts- thifted on my recent trip to Udelco, grey tee- thrifted Salvation Army, cardigan- garage sale. 

this is a usual photo shoot for me haha
so many options to choose from...
jk most are terrible
if you blog, you probably know what I mean haha
Accessories: Vintage Gucci bag, stump ring- uncommongoods.com- gift from fiance, glass & wire ring- craft fair in Hoboken- gift from fiance

Stay tuned for a give-a-way tomorrow!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oldie but a goodie

I wore this a few days ago on my computer fixing adventure...
What I Wore: studded black flats & striped skirt with red belt- Forever 21, floral shirt- thrifted Salvation Army. Accessories: Betsey Johnson- leopard watch, tennis bracelet- gift from fiance, assorted "friendship" string bracelets, red stone ring- Alicia Lynn Jewelry Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.


I am up for pose suggestions if any one has any please leave them in the comments below. 
Most of my pictures have a tendency to look like I am insane {see above}

Look who appeared on the Smashion newsletter Editors Picks:

I had to list my beautiful floral shoes that I won in The Vintage Ramble's etsy store! Via Thebuttonowl's blog a couple of months ago because they are too small for even my little feet! 
& they are featured! How cool!

& after all of my computer issues that got fixed fo' free-- not so lucky with my car =( 

I had a flat yesterday and had to buy a new tire, fix a blinker, & get an oil change. $200 I was not planning on spending = perfect

I gotta hit the lottery man, or pick up more hours at work {more likely situation} 
or you can shop in my Smashion Store =)
Floral shoes size 5.5 & a vintage coach bag for sale here.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

coolest place on earth. {well in NJ maybe...}

I went on a big adventure today with my little sister, Dara, from my sorority.
We went to:
This is the largest... I mean biggest freakin' vintage store EVER
Don't believe me??
check it out for your self!

See, told you!

= one REALLY happy me 
What I Wore: checkered shorts- Ben Sherman via Rue La La ($19! was $89), White lace top- Gap, snake skin blazer jacket- Chicos {I know right!} ($27 was $70) my mom got me this- I am obsessed. Accessories- Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses, Michael Kors- pink watch, Pandora- charm bracelet 

{PS look at what my fiance got me:
for our big move! How cute is he?! I literally cried instantly!}

Here is a sneak preview of some of my cool new stuff:
I got a skirt {in left picture- so CUTE!},
2 pairs of shorts, 
2 mexican style blankets,
1 checkered shirt for the 4th of July,
1 cosby-looking cardigan <3 it haha,
& 1 Ralph Lauren jean vest!!! {I have been looking for one! In left picture}

All for $40!
need to update budget...

I had to much fun, 
Thanks Dara for the adventure & the pics! <3
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Friday, June 17, 2011

had to share

Hi everyone,
        I will be without computer for the next couple of days {currently on my dad's HP yuck.}
My mac daddy had a backlight issue where the screen was flickering and going black while I was trying to use it. = Not good, I was freaking out thinking that it was dead {it is 6 + years old}. So I brought it to be computer doctor {aka the Apple store} and he said that it was not a big problem just a cable out. Here I am thinking how the F*** am I going to afford a new computer when I am starting grad school and moving out?! But Apple store to the rescue.

They said the cable was $7 and the labor was $39. I was okay with this since anything under the $2,000 I thought I was going to have to come up with for a new computer = amazing.
Then he looked at it and noticed the right bottom was cracked {happened slowly over 3 years IDK how it started} he said every one who has that computer has that problem and he said he would replace it for free! & that would take care of the LABOR!!

So he fixed my computer for $7 and it will look good as new.

God, I love apple.
Once you go mac, you will NEVER go back. Seriously.

Anyways, One of my facebook "friends" LeiVanKash-jewellery-design {as seen on manrepeller.com} put some of her awesome stuff on sale in the store boticca

Here are my picks from boticca's sale room, I would buy them all given the money, space, and guilt free from breaking my budget =)
This is by Super Earth Goods

This is by Julia.

This is from LeiVanKash-jewellery-design.
Skull Bracelet (Rose gold)
This is from LeiVanKash-jewellery-design.

This is from Circe.
What do you guys think?!?! Pretty sweet stuff in my book =)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

game of catch-up

This is from yesterday...

What I Wore: pink bow flats- JCPenny, green stripped shorts- Ripcurl {free with gift card @ a local surf shop}, pink tank- Gap, polka dot shirt- thrifted. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses, Tiffany & Co- flower ring and 1837 ring with pink sapphires, assorted bracelets. 


How cute is this guy?! 
makes me smile every day!

Only around 10 days until the moving starts!!
Can't wait!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

so many loves not enough dollars

Here are some recent pins & things I love:
#1- here $160
#2- here $180
#3- New TOMS summer clothes! {did anyone check out their new eyeglass line?! Still one for one =) } here $24

I am also thinking about getting this table from Urban to put in front of our black chalkboard {future} wall:
$49 dollars & free shipping for the next couple of days

& I have a series of Marilyn pictures but this is my ultimate one that I have always wanted:
Bedroom wall?!
$129 plus 20% off 
thinking about it 

What do you guys think?!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

before & after

Hello all, 

Guess what?!?! Me & the fiance signed the least to our apartment today =)
so official ;)
I wanted to share a little DIY project we just did in preparation for our new place- 
Found this diamond in the rough on the side of the road just waiting for some TLC.
{you have no idea how much sweet stuff people put on the curb... seriously...}

I love the way it came out! What do you guys think?!

Can't wait to put everything together it will be so eclectic & so us!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reserve- catbird

Reserve by refinery29 has an awesome sale going on today, Catbird NYC.
I just discovered this store & let me tell you, their stuff is INCREDIBLE!
Seriously so much cute stuff, here are my picks:

I am considering one of these deals, what do you guys think?
I have never tried one these sorta things {pay some money for more credits in store} have you guys?
To get direct links to these items on Cat Bird NYC visit my pins on Pinterest.

Also, here was the temp in my car today:
& I work in a school district without air condition
& my shorts are not exactly "work friendly" = long pants
I am basically dead.
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