Monday, June 13, 2011

so many loves not enough dollars

Here are some recent pins & things I love:
#1- here $160
#2- here $180
#3- New TOMS summer clothes! {did anyone check out their new eyeglass line?! Still one for one =) } here $24

I am also thinking about getting this table from Urban to put in front of our black chalkboard {future} wall:
$49 dollars & free shipping for the next couple of days

& I have a series of Marilyn pictures but this is my ultimate one that I have always wanted:
Bedroom wall?!
$129 plus 20% off 
thinking about it 

What do you guys think?!


oomph. said...

love the print on those shoes :)

StyleIDnet said...

I want that table! Nice price too & Free Shipping? uuhmmm, I think I am 'copying' this one from you.