Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oldie but a goodie

I wore this a few days ago on my computer fixing adventure...
What I Wore: studded black flats & striped skirt with red belt- Forever 21, floral shirt- thrifted Salvation Army. Accessories: Betsey Johnson- leopard watch, tennis bracelet- gift from fiance, assorted "friendship" string bracelets, red stone ring- Alicia Lynn Jewelry Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.


I am up for pose suggestions if any one has any please leave them in the comments below. 
Most of my pictures have a tendency to look like I am insane {see above}

Look who appeared on the Smashion newsletter Editors Picks:

I had to list my beautiful floral shoes that I won in The Vintage Ramble's etsy store! Via Thebuttonowl's blog a couple of months ago because they are too small for even my little feet! 
& they are featured! How cool!

& after all of my computer issues that got fixed fo' free-- not so lucky with my car =( 

I had a flat yesterday and had to buy a new tire, fix a blinker, & get an oil change. $200 I was not planning on spending = perfect

I gotta hit the lottery man, or pick up more hours at work {more likely situation} 
or you can shop in my Smashion Store =)
Floral shoes size 5.5 & a vintage coach bag for sale here.


StyleIDnet said...

love the pattern mix.
You look great.

Lauren Byers said...

Oh my gosh those shoes are SOO SO cute! Why are you selling them?!

And don't you just love Smashion? :)

Notes She Wrote

Fash Boulevard said...

OMG. Your outfit is beyond cute! :) I love your skirt. Is it from forever 21? I think its the same skirt I'm wearing on the header of my website! So cute! Love it. I love your header by the way. Your blog is so cute!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

i hate when unexpected but necessary expenses pop up! So annoying!

You look cute though in your mixing of floral and stripe!

Wanderlusting Fool

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit! Mixing prints is always so fun

Jessica said...

I love an outfit that is a mix of patterns. Plus just on Friday I did a fashion post on stripes and how I love them!

LoveIsBrightAndYourMySunShine said...

love the outfit you put it together so well :)