Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trouser pants.

I need more work pants. I have three pairs. & I have a feeling my current school doesn't have "Casual Friday" so that is 5 days, 3 pairs of pants. You do the math. 

Please leave suggestions below if you know where I can get skinny trouser pants.

What I Wore: suede cardigan- give-a-way win via Color Blind blog {Trashy Vintage} , feather top- thrifted Saturday {$1.50 had a tag on it from Target for $17 = amazing deal}, trouser pants- GAP, snake print flats- Charlotte Russe. Pink glasses: Steve Madden 

{o yeah and that blur of a dog is my faster-than-the-speed-of-light puppy}

If his head gets any bigger, we are going to have a problem...

Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend pt. 2 {banana pancakes}

Yesterday I made banana pancakes and as a consequence I can't get the Jack Johnson song out of my head {conveniently named banana pancakes of course}
still listening to it as I write this.

What I Wore: sweater- Old Navy {here}, t-shirt- $1 when I used my credits from OpenSky, jeggings- Joe's Jeans {via Plato's Closet}, booties- Minnetonka {store in Denver, CO last year}. Glasses: warbyparker Midnight Blue Sinclair

now on to another work week...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend pt. 1

This has been our first weekend alone in our apartment in a while,
I love relaxing.

We took barry to the dog park to wear him out:

Family portrait in shadows

What I Wore: grey tweed jacket- GAP, plaid button up- American Eagle, jeans- Levis, boots- Steve Madden via opensky. Accessories: hat- gift from Jess-theinbetween, pink glasses- Steve Madden

beautiful day

Also got to do a little thrifting, got a little crafty & got to eat some of my favorite foods =)
 welcome home new prints =)

 Finally got to frame my "Gin to my tonic" print {get it here}-- bar is coming together nicely
& put a puppy pic in my "Woof" frame from the fiance's grandpa & his girlfriend, I love this.
& made my Modcloth pins into magnets for my fridge <3 the pug one!

breakfast- Nutella and banana crepes
lunch- cheese, bread, olives and prosciutto
dinner- sushi take out

pug life.
I'd say the dog park worked...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tea Time

Friday at the school that I am student teaching in was "Alice Day" as in Alice in Wonderland 
we had to dress up like characters or dress like we were going to a tea party in wonderland. 

This is what I came up with:
What I Wore: floral blazer- French Connection {via Plato's Closet}, lace dress- Forever 21, red stockings- JCPenny, flats- Jeffery Campbell Pencil-Me-In {via Modcloth}. Leopard Glasses: Jean LaFont.

details on my drive to work 
{the free kind of work aka student teaching...}

Love this boy. 
He wanted to come to a tea party in wonderland but we had to watch out for that scary cat 
you know...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Remember when I blogged about this little number? 
Well I scored it, after a series of "outbid" emails & minor heart attacks. I won. the end =)
What I Wore: leopard collar denim blazer- twitch vintage, jeans- Seven via hautelook, leopard loafers- UrbanOG, pink lace top & purple heart tank- ?? {old}, Leopard Glasses: Jean LaFont

Guess what came in the mail today?!
A present from Jess-theinbetween for doing a guest post
She is THE BEST. 
Adorable note, hat, gushers {ate them already}, 
& she knows me too well-- a friendship bracelet. 

Welcome to my arm party, it is one of my all time favorites 
{shush don't tell the others, wouldn't want an arm party revolt.}

Keeps getting better and better,
a girl can never have too many bracelets, right?!
right arm candy: evil eye gold bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelry, new heart bracelet- gift from Jess-theinbetween, red hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via hautelook}, silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand, dream catcher- airport in Texas, black evil eye bracelet & black silver beaded bracelet- from friendship bracelet swap via the daily dani, snake bracelet- Calypso St Barth Snake-Charm-Bracelet

Making friends through blogging has been one of the most rewarding parts, keeps me going =) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

urban adventure

Student teaching is going well! So busy already & it's only the start! 
I wanted to share an outfit/shopping adventure from about a week ago 
{my days consist of trouser pants & boring ish these days since I am a newbie} 

What I Wore: pink zebra print- Roxy {surf store yearsssss ago}, polka dot blouse- thrifted, jeans- Levis, pink & white beaded and fringe mocs- mootsies tootsies {thirfted}. Glasses: tortoise "Tamara" glasses- c/0 proopticals

Check out that sweet red/navy plaid cape in my hand =)
I scored this baby for $7 after a return!
{was $39 on sale marked down from $140! amazing deal}

Also got this:
Which I have been searching for since it has been sold out on birchbox

Barry is everywhere!

o hello

Monday, January 23, 2012

first day!

Today was my first day student teaching 6th grade! 
Went pretty well, meeting 140+ people can be a little overwhelming...
Preplanning my outfit...
What I Wore: pink cardigan- thrifted, floral top & trouser pants- GAP, black flats- Forever 21
 Barry is not too happy about being up early & me leaving as you can tell...

 My fiance is the best, cute note & cap =)

 Jumped into my arms to fall asleep while I was drinking my cap =)

 pretty snowy morning

Look at my password. 
I guess that is one way to describe me...
took everything I had to not burst out laughing 

& this is what I come home to
the fiance cooking dinner and barry waiting {very patiently} to eat his dinner
told you he is the best. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Not my birthday...
 but my sister turned 21 in a blow out (blackout?) bash Friday night 
& it is my blog's 1st birthday! 

Celebrations for all =) 

Dim sum, Happy Chinese New Year!!

In other news, I start student teaching tomorrow... wish me luck I will need it. 
6th grade here I come! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

copy cat.

It is true-- I take inspiration from everything. 
That is why I love blogging, I thought I was the only one who used to "shop" on people as they walk by.
Blogging makes it easier and lots less creepy. 

My direct inspiration for this outfit is [oomph]
I was so attracted to this out fit mainly because I have all the pieces and I could pull them out and instantly rock this look. 

So here is my take:
What I Wore: denim button up- hand me up from sister {GAP}, pink ruffle shirt- GAP, leopard belt- Betsey Johnson {via TJMaxx in Denver last year $3!}, pink pants- Forever 21, glitter shoes- AE for Payless {have TOMS wedges like oomph is wearing but my walk to work is less than glamous so no wedges for now}. leopard glasses- Jean LaFont 

& I had a photo shoot with barry:
#1 is barry as a french bulldog, 
#2 & #3 is me trying to get him to love me  
#4 is barry reaching his ultimate goal = nap time on my lap

such a cuddle bug. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hump day- past weeks in pics

Now that I have joined the 21st century and have an iPhone/instagram 
{follow me: @emmabasilone} 
my pictures are in abundance {especially of my puppy}. 
So here goes:
 #1. Bowl I recently thrifted for my sister
#2. Our Wii family =)
#4. Mohawk envelopes {haha}
#5. Sushi date with sisters & mom @ Kotta Sushi in Belmar {delish!}

 #1. Love my overnight bag, got it at a flea market last year
#2. OPI "zom-body to love"- glow in the dark {little creepy come bed time...}
#4. the sky has been so beautiful these days #nofilter
#5. My idea of breakfast- Sausage & egg sandwiches & tequila sunrises

#1. Christmas lives on in Princeton! 
#2. Sun-Snow shower {day before I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean-- motivating. NOT}
#4 & #5- flowers from the fiance =)

 Best part of awkwardly arriving at the work meeting 1st when you are only a Grad Assistant? 
First dibs for breakfast =)

Nonna and Nonno takin' a nap... 

New "Asian Food" store- biggest grapefruit I have ever seen & a massive lobster.

 With my newest addition to my arm candy-- I have planted this paper at my work desk because my previous plant died tragically over Christmas break... Lets see how this goes-- so far = nothing. 

Charlie has started brewing his beer and growing shrooms {both were his Christmas presents} So far so good!

Now on to the Barry montage:

Think we are up to speed.