Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ever have those days when you wake up and think
"nothing is going to go right today"

That is how my day started when I received this wonderful message from good ol' Forever 21:
You apologize? 
For getting my hopes up?
For playing these mind games with me?

I am still hoping it gets delivered since it says on the website that it was shipped...
only time shall tell...

Anyways this is an outfit post from another failed day{s}
pretty much last weekend was a big fail.

Started with a nice "winter mix",
if it is not a school day mother nature is not allowed to give "winter mixes"
get it, got it?, good.

got better with a chocolate sprinkle donut...

 Then we attempted to go to the Beer Fest in Asbury Park...

While waiting we found that it was indeed sold out for the last 2 weeks... 

Ended up going to a local brewery instead...
What I Wore: glasses- c/o proopticals, necklace- gift from mother in law {Forever 21}, top- Loft {via Plato's Closet}, blazer- gift from mom {last year- Urban Outfitters}, pants- gift from mom {Burlington Coat Factory}, loafers- gift from sister {Target}  

On another note, 
I restarted my Masters program today.
Only 4 classes to go!
Taking one this semester...

busy/stressful day means all I want to do is go home & play with the pug:
What a good lookin' pug =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

want{ed} wednesday: F21

As a fashion enthusiast, I love to look at {/stalk} other peoples outfits.
One of my biggest worries when finding an item I love on someone? 

"Oh, it is thrifted" "vintage" or "Forever 21"
Now Forever 21's super trendy looks may not be on the same timeless level as "vintage" finds,
but they are equally as hard to find. 

This is the want{ed} wednesday that almost did not exist. 

Here is the story {morning glory}:

I went to order these items yesterday in a last ditch shopping spree, 
I have no choice but to go on a spending FREEZE {but more on that later...}

Placed them in my cart happily 
I mean buy one get one free Hello Kitty x Forever 21?!
are ya kidding?

clicked "Pay with PayPal" like I usually do
smiled at my new babies that would be meeting me at home some day in the future.

Then no confirmation email, 
slight panic, 

Contacted customer service. 
No order placed.
& "no way to check store inventory"
& "Once an item is sold out, it is gone"

but my perfect Hello Kitty purchases?!

My inner shopahaulic died a little inside. 

Customer service that is let's say no where on the level of stores like Madewell, JCrew, or Llbean.
But the perfect Hello Kitty with glasses tote that would have been my new school bag was lost forever {pun intended}

Of course still it existed on ebay.... for a whopping $80! For a whole $60 mark up.

this lead me to the actual store today 
{I hardly ever go to the mall, I prefer spending my $$ in the comfort of my own home}
but I had to see if there was a little neon Hello Kitty nerd waiting to be taken home.

No such luck, 
but could not resist these:
 similar to the Kate Spade "Terry" ones on my holiday wish list but for a fraction of the cost! {$19 compared to $228!} I guess worth the trip...

Back to the never-ending story:
Asked the girl behind the counter if there was anyway to check other stores, 
she said "It is updated ever 3-4 days so it is not very accurate & I would need a sku number}

I had pretty much given up hope

Until I got home and decided to check out the site for the slight chance there was one laying in the stock room that someone had forgotten about & had just listed on the site.

heck yes,
ordered & received order confirmation this time.
done & done
Glasses & Hello Kitty?!
It is like they created these items for me

My closet also just got a little more shiny:
Hologram Ballet Flats in gold, gunmetal, & silver
yes, yes, and yes,
to all of the above. 
my new "basic" flats
that is about as "basic" as I get.

How could I resist 
{bottom line} I couldn't...

that was a lot more writing than I usually do.
thanks for listening to my story!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

thank you, my 14 year old fashionable self

This post is centered around these kitten heels:
I bought these shoes probably 10 years ago...
from a consignment shop in Asbury Park, NJ
See, always been into fashion

I didn't even know who Isaac Mizrahi was but all I knew is that my 14 year old self
wanted these babies.
So thank you 14 year old self, 
I still enjoy them.

& I have warn them throughout the years but last week was the first time I rocked them to work:

 What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, tweed jacket & blouse- thrifted, necklace- Ell and Emm on Etsy, pants- Old Navy, heels- vintage Isaac Mizrahi.

Any purchases that you still rock from many eons ago? 

Monday, January 28, 2013

minty fresh {& frozen}

I am so excited to share with you this FABULOUS mint necklace that I won in an instagram give-a-way from Luxe Craving!

I am so obsessed with it!

What I Wore: glasses c/o Coastal, necklace- give-a-way win from Luxe Craving, sweater- Old Navy {gift from mother-in-law}, jeans- Levis, booties- Minnetonka

Thank you Luxe Craving for adding some minty fresh sparkle to my wardrobe! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

faves friday: new eye glass holder

I have been searching for the perfect vintage hanger to hold my eye glass collection,
& I recently found THE PERFECT one at Home Spun Style on Etsy!
As soon as I read "Theatrical Costumes" & NYC?!

It is absolutly PERFECT!
my glasses collection:
light pink: Love c/o Coastal
Midnight Blue Sinclairs: Warby Parker
Tortoise glasses: c/o proopticals
Pink glasses: Steve Madden
leopard glasses: Jean LaFont
Drink the Koolaid & Barbarella: BonLook
camo gasses: c/o firmoo

I have others (& want these from rivet and sway!) but they don't have an updated Rx... yet...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

life lately

Get ready for some random pictures from the last couple of weeks:

1st up:
Creeper Pug 
I could not sleep knowing that he was staring directly at me...

Now for an assortment of deliciousness that is making me hungry while writing this post: 
/ one of the best burgers I have ever had from "The Committed Pig" in Manasquan, NJ /
/ my hunters took a bit of a working vacation when I keep leaving them at school / 
/ frozen yogurt from "Let's Yo" {pumpkin pie & cake batter- love mine with lots of fruit, cake crunchies, and caramel} / 
/ happy hour sushi grading party makes for one productive & happy teacher /

Another recent discovery / growing obsession:
The Vault in Yardville, PA

We went a week ago and I fell in love with the Sweet Potato Ale & s'mores!

So we went again tonight:
Switched out the pizza to change it up a bit,
but stuck with the sweet potatoes ale 
{& had two s'mores this time...}

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wedding wednesday: bridesmaids dress shopping

A few weekends ago I went bridesmaids dress shopping with my girls!

& I gave my bridesmaids one of their presents, TOMS white wedges for the wedding!
I am wearing a hot pink pair myself =)
Those are not the dresses we ended up getting, 
guess you will just have to wait and see!

What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, dress- Target, stockings- DSW, wedges- Kenneth Cole Reaction {via Ross}

Then we celebrated with some Mexican food & one of the best strawberry margaritas I have ever had.

So much more to plan, but glad my bridesmaids dresses are all picked out & ordered!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I felt like a lemon lime ice pop in this outfit.
fitting since it is currently 19 degrees out.
toooo cold for me

What I Wore: glasses- c/o firmoo, top- c/o Lulu's via Chictopia, blazer- The Limited {thrifted}, pants- GAP, flats- Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohls. 

love my new evil eye ring c/o baublebar points!
See the details of this mani here!

Monday, January 21, 2013


I am sure that some of my fellow teachers are also enjoying the day off,
I am attempting to get all my papers graded & lessons written 
while cuddling with this baby:

& now I bring you an outfit post where I was "spotted"
literally & figuratively 
What I Wore: glasses-BonLook, top- Kohls, belt & pants- JCrew Outlet, shoes- Hopes

Oh hiii


Today is the great Cabin Fever sale of ModCloth
The website has crashed but not before I scored these beauties:
The perfect stockings for Halloween {$2} / AMAZING glasses print shorts! {$44} / cheetah animal print top {$12}
Would give you links but the site is not working,

Go see what you can score!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

mixin' it up in NYC

Had lots of fun in the city with my sister last night!
What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, scarf- Target, jacket- Kirna Zabete x Target, stockings- Betsey Johnson, boots- Wanted {via DSW} under jacket- necklace- c/o baublebar, Forever 21 skirt, Rebecca Minkoff jacket, tank- Urban Outfitters. On my sister- jacket- Steve Madden, shoes- Target, bag- Rebecca Minkoff

We ate at Eatly's Birreria 
Had some incredible portobellos with pears 

Such a pretty day =)

We went out for a night on the town with Take Me Out NYC that we found on Groupon.
Tour of 3 bars & provided drinks in between in the limo!
So much fun!

Birthday girl!

Bar 1:

& those are pretty much all the pictures that I have from the night...

but the last bar was in the back of a barber shop. 
so awesome.