Monday, October 31, 2011

why hello winter in october.

first snow fall in October, yes you heard me right, October, snow, in New Jersey. not normal, anyways hello winter.

& yes I was lucky enough to be driving through this october blizzard on my way to NYC to see the New York Rangers {who ended up loosing after a 4:1 lead in the 3rd. yes. terrible. but I did get to see my first shoot out in real life.}
On the Garden State Parkway. Saturday morning.
Anyways... despite the random snow storm, we went to Eataly again. For the most incredible pizza. This time we got to go to the 14th floor to the beer garden: 

With the glass ceiling we got to enjoy the early snow, in the comfort of heat and beer.
= perfection.
really cool place, a must see in NYC.
Then, the Ranger game:
red nails for the occasion =)

Rockin' the blue jerseys =) 
On Friday night we also put our wine into barrels, we won't see it again until July when we bottle =)

 Workin' hard.

getting every last drop of wine
Sampling of course =)
Our barrel =) 
Also viewed some wedding venues this weekend {yes, I am a very busy lady}, still have a few to go. 
Can't wait to book and get this show on the road!

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween =)
I am being a lame ass grad student who has class from 7:20-10pm tonight. Fun. 
I do have a bit of Halloween spirit on today:
2 finger claw ring via Devorelebeaumonstre's store & Betsey Johnson vampire earrings =)

Hope everyone else gets to have fun, and while you do think about my butt in night class will ya? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

four faves for friday


#1: New stools that I got {fo' free} for working that estate sale I talked about in this five faves list where I scored some peacocks. 

#2: Cool new "how am I feeling today" mugs from the Asian food market:

#3: My newest article on HerCampus Rider:
Read the rest of my thrifting tips & favorite stores here.
inspired by a recent trip to the good will
{see resulting outfits herehere & here successful I'd say}
#4: Fall colors {even though it feels like winter out side}: 

Happy weekend, I go to the Ranger game tomorrow =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barbarella of the ball: Bonlook

Yes, I have done it again. I got yet another pair of eyeglasses. 
& you know what? It is all Kendi Everyday's fault yet again.

Bonlook is very similar to Warby Parker
I originally fell in love with the Bonlook's Barbarella's in red:
Mainly due to how sweet they look on this girl above I know I know I am a sucker for pictures/models on websites that is how I ended up with my Midnight blue Sinclair's from Warby Parker too due to this pic:

So anyways... I went to get them after thinking $75 bucks what a deal for these super cool specs. Well turns out that when you clicked on the above picture they were not actually $75 bucks but the normal price of $99. 
So I "liked" them on facebook and asked if there was a mistake, turns out there was and they were indeed $99 {whomp whomp}
But they asked me to email them and they gave me a coupon to get them for $70! 
{an offer I couldn't refuse}
But then I went to order them the next day & they had disappeared from the website =(
At this point I was like WTF mate? 
I emailed them and they said that they were actually out of stock  & that they didn't carry them anymore. 
I was like whattttttt
I emailed them back and said I was disappointed and that was the only pair I really liked. 

Bottom line of a long annoying story: They sold me the absolute last pair {the sample pair} for $70!! 
love love love the two toned red and tortoise 
rocking them 
Of course I had to wear them right away in this outfit I call "electric avenue blue" because this shirt is so bright in person, it is almost blinding...
What I Wore: blue & white stripped button up- Ralph Lauren {via Goodwill- brand new for $3- seriously can't beat that}, dark grey skirt- Abercrombie & Fitch outlet in Hilton Head, SC, royal blue flats- Payless {American Eagle}. Accessories: red and tortoise glasses- Bonlook's Barbarella, Hello Kitty gold watch- Hautelook, & the ever expanding arm party as seen here.
Bonlook also does a "BonLook of the month" on facebook, where you can vote for people in their BonLook specs/shades, the winner gets a free pair of glasses! I will be submitting a photo for the month of November {keep ya posted so you can vote for me I hope! or someone else if they look cooler I suppose...!}

As far as Unity Days go, last night Rider University hosted Judy Shepard mother of Matthew Shepard who was murdered in the 1990's for being gay:
She was incredibly inspiring and a fantastic speaker.
She discussed how important it is to share your stories and to be honest about who you are. 
I even got to shake this amazing women's hand =)
Sometimes I got to love my job <3

Tonight Rider is putting on "The Laramie Project"
which is the story of Matthew Shepard
Such a tragic story, but Judy is proof that good can come of anything.
Truly inspirational.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

livin & breathin' unity these days

Day 2 of unity days: Wore this to a womenspace event at work to support help for raise money for women and children affected by domestic violence. 
What I Wore: python blazer- Chicos {gift from mom}, green top- thrifted from the GoodWill this weekend, pink pencil skirt- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, red studded & leopard flats- small shop in Shanghai, China. Accessories: pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden, leather & rope belt- GAP {funny story-- in high school I tried on this belt in the GAP totally forgot that I had it on and left the store and didn't realize I had it on until I got home. So I guess I shop lifted?!...}

My chictopia puppy =)
BTW my Missoni for target skirt (size large) auction on ebay ends in 5 hours get it while the gettin' is hot! {no bids, starts at $30! = a steal!}

I am also selling a Free People trench coat (size medium) that I bought a couple of months ago that doesn't fit. At $35 this is a sweet deal! {6 days left, no bids yet!}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dress up like it is not a monday & you are totally awake & ready for work.

My first bulletin board that I made for Unity Days=)
Wore this yesterday when I was pretending that it was not a Monday to a long week of Unity Days:
What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue, new thrifted blue stripped button up with floral sleeves- Goodwill {$3 on a recent thrift adventure}, red & gold belt- Forever 21 {off of another skirt} mustard skirt- ARC thrift store, Denver, CO, grey/purple stockings- Betsey Johnson {via Rue La La}, red boots- SallyJaneVintage. My navy tweed jacket was also thrifted at the Salvation Army.

Accessories: usual arm party + new bracelet from Whole Foods {yes whole foods, it was love at first sight- in a grocery store [$7]}:
love love love
see it below in context of my ever expanding arm party
Can never have enough {pile them on baby}: 
top- new hello kitty gold watch {Hautelook}, Italian wish bracelets, skull bracelet {Etsy}[Alex and Ani] feather bracelet.
bottom: silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand,  red hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via hautelook}, green bracelet with beads- found at school, new mixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, new black evil eye bracelet- from friendship bracelet swap via the daily danievil eye gold bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelry.

I also got to meet The Scary Guy I was talking about yesterday:
Inspiring and very interesting talk about creating peace within yourself & not caring what other people say about you. Advice we can all use.
see you later, alligator 

Monday, October 24, 2011

tis the season to wear as much orange as possible.

Today is the start of Unity Days for my Graduate Assistantship for the Multicultural Center 
{means lots of work, fun, and meeting cool people including The Scary Guy and Judy Shepard}

Here is an outfit that I wore to wear to see wedding venues {planning has officially begun!}
What I Wore: white & black lace cardigan- Charlotte Russe, orange tank- Old Navy, patterned skirt- yard sale at my church, black lace stockings- Forever 21, nude flats- Sophiee- Steve Madden. Accessories: Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue

Some barry love <3

& has anyone seen the current give-a-way on Open Sky?
OMG: Join Open Sky today to be entered to win 6 pairs of Christian Louboutins!
 WTF you waiting for?!?! Click here for an invite =)