Sunday, October 23, 2011

Makin' Weddin' Wine

I am home for the weekend to look at a couple of wedding venues,
 and crush the grapes for our wine for the wedding {which is our gift at the wedding} 
Our large pile of "Basilone" grapes that will be our wedding wine
Me & the fiance with my dad
Me and the fiance, I know my outfit is not so cute... we were told we were going to get really dirty, sticky, and gross. Not a place for a usual "What I Wore"
Sorting the grapes {while drinking wine, I am great at multitasking}  
Picked out a photogenic bunch to pose for a picture 
Workin' hard mixing that wine!
Me being a weirdo while we put Charlie to work mixing the wine.
{I am posing with a ziplock of sulfites to add... not just standing there watching... I do have a job =) }
& Congrats to the winner of the 100 followers give-a-way!
Shana of the blog Color Blind! 
{of which I am a proud member of Thrifters Anonymous check it out} 
Enjoy!! {I know you will!}

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