Wednesday, October 12, 2011

friendship bracelet swap =)

By far one of the coolest things that blogging has given me is little opportunities to meet AWESOME people! 

Remember when I joined that Chasing Davies Friendship Bracelet Swap

Well my partner was the lovely Dani from the daily dani. {Seriously check out her blog, her style makes me jealous! Especially her blazer from today's post and skirt from this post}
These babies arrived last weekend & I am so in love!
Such a cute card- looks like barry =)
So cute! 
Especially love the evil eye bracelet-
Haven't taken it off since I got it {well except for this picture haha}

Today was my last day at the New Jersey Science Convention :
New tweet jacket {thanks to my sister Audrey!}
Lot's of fun, free stuff, and lesson plan ideas =)
Now back to work to implement them...

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