Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am not a nerd, I just play one on tv

You will not believe how many people ask me if my glasses are "real".
Why yes, yes they are.
I need them to see, and legally I cannot drive without wearing them...
What I Wore: brown mesh peep-toe flat- PacSun outlet in Hilton Head, SC, brown floral skirt- A&F outlet in Hilton Head, SC, pink blouse- thrifted Rescue Mission Thrift Store Trenton, NJ.
Accessories: eyeglasses- Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue 

In other super cool news- Check out my interview on Smashion!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

barry is a lawn mower. not a puppy.

I have quickly realized that all barry likes to do is play. This playing consists of eating EVERYTHING on our walks {grass, leaves, branches, etc.} 
He is crazy, but I love him! 

He also had his first bath! 
Squeaky clean & adorable!

& he loves his toys!
Love him!! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pre-hair cut, color, & barry

I wanted to share this outfit from a couple of weeks ago on my first day of "school for science teachers":
What I Wore: black lace shirt- Khols, pink & white tank- ? small store in NYC, leopard shorts- Forever 21, grey pattern bow flats- Steve Madden. Accessories: "the usual" arm candy, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden. 
Love these shoes!

The doggy from chictopia looks like barry, don't you think? 
More pics of him tomorrow!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the day has comeeeeee =)

Remember the super sweet surprise that I got for my birthday? Well he is here!!!!

Ladies & Gentleman meet the newest member to our family... Barry!

 He is adorable & I am so in love! I have always wanted a pug =) 
He is named Barry after the chemical "Barium" on the periodic table. So CUTE!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

five faves for friday {on a saturday}

Some of my favorite things this week: 

1. Teaching:
I was a sub for my mom (high school Italian teacher) on Friday, always an interesting experience. This is what a student wrote on the board it says: "Mrs. Basilone = big basil the daughter of Mrs. Basilone = little basil" because of our last name... get it? haha
Can't wait for my own classroom =)

2. New pillow on pink couch:
It really is the small things in life, like this new pillow I just bought from Hautelook.

3. NYC- Union Square:
This maybe my favorite part of NYC, so much cute art and interesting people. 

4. New TOMS from my big sister in my sorority for my birthday!:
pink leopard! {doesn't get much better!}
I talked about wanting these here & now I get to add them to my collection!
5. New HAIR CUT & COLOR!! {+ new eyeglasses = new & improved me}:
I am now a dark brown/red head =) 
 & my other new obsession: Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue
& I get my birthday present tomorrow =) Can't wait to share with you!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WP baby

I was saying a little prayer on my way home from work that my new Warby Parker's would be here in time for me to go out to dinner {sushi!} tonight with my Greek family. 


Amazing timing =) & seriously Rx glasses in 4 days?!?! for $95 = insanity {& my new favorite company} 

Love them =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ate my way through Eataly

I have heard wonderful things about this Eataly place in NYC  
& I finally got to go with the fiancé on Sunday following our Warby Parker adventure!

Here are some pics:
Some bubbly =) 

We pretty much went here because my dad said,
 "You NEED to go there & get the pizza, it is just like Italy"
He would know. He was born there.
He was sooooo right!
Seriously. Just look at it. 
True story. Or the pizza at least.

On a different note, I have to share this ring with you:
LOVE this claw 2 finger ring I got it from Devorelebeaumonstre's store = creepy & amazing.
& this is the pattern of my favorite skirt I talked about 

Bye, Bye
New York, New York
Until next time {hopefully soon!}

Monday, September 19, 2011

nyc to meeting the Warby Parker team =)

I love New York City, 
I am honestly blessed to live so close {about an hour away}
driving in {we ended up going in "the back way" = Brooklyn because I can't use a GPS correctly:
but we got to pass Ground Zero & see the new tower being built:
pretty impressive =) 

Our first stop was: 

click on pic to go to their website
I was so excited to go see their showroom, meet their team & finally pick a pair {easier said then done with the last part}!
 I met with one of the team members, Brian, who reached out to me after this behind the.... Warby Parker's?!?! post.

We got to talk about their business model & the craziness that is the eyeglass industry monopoly. Read their story here.

Warby Parker is breaking this mold and disrupting that industry with Rx eyeglasses that are very high quality & that give back, all for $95! Doesn't get better people. 

Here are some pictures from my visit:

So many great glasses to choose from {took me over an hour...}
These were pretty much my final 4 {give or take a couple other pairs I kept adding...}

My final decision you ask?!?!

I wanted something with a different lens shape & fell in love with these {ordered them on the spot!} =)

What I Wore + accessories: eyeglasses- Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Bluepink cropped blazer- Rescue Mission Thrift Store {yes I wore this in my last post but don't be awkward- that outfit was from last week remember? I just love it haha} dark green tank- Banana Republic, patterned belt- Rescue Mission Thrift Store {a last saturday score}, Navajo patterned skirt {also warn here- one of my favorite articles of clothing}, grey stockings- Betsey Johnson via Rue La LaMinnetonka ankle boots from store in Denver, CO, Python woven bag- store in Xi' an, China {from my trip a couple years ago}, AMAZING double claw ring- Devorelebeaumonstre's store see close up of it {& the skirt} here.

To be honest, I think that the green pair from my 'final four' will be my next eyeglass purchase: 
Adorable & a great color!
They have three versions. See them 
It was a tough decision but I am so excited for the 
Can't wait until they get here!! 

We also ate at Eataly-- but that is for tomorrow =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

last saturday night

Get it... this is an outfit from last saturday {I was trying to rip off Katie Perry obviously!}

Have I ever mentioned that I love The Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton? {ummm yes: all over here.}

Well we went last Saturday!
What I Wore: pink cropped blazer- Rescue Mission Thrift Store, stripped tank top- was my fiancé's, acid wash jeans- Lucky Brand {were like $14 bucks with an online sale!}, tan woven flats {have a bit of a wedge- Target {$6!} 
Accessories: black quilted bag- ALDO, leopard glasses, black garbage bag- full of new thrifted goodies =) {got a tweed jacket, ohh yeah! & picked up a special little something for my next give-a-way!!!!}

Lots of weekend fun ahead this weekend {went out to celebrate my big sister in my sororities birthday last night, going to visit my super special b-day present today {only one week left until the reveal!} & going home to see my Nonna & Nonna {grandparents} who have been in Italy for the last 3 months, then Sunday: going to NYC to meet the lovely people of Warby Parker!! So much fun ahead! 

What about you guys, what is your weekend plan?

Friday, September 16, 2011

five faves for friday

I see other bloggers doing this "five for friday" post and I decided to join in on the fun, so here goes!

#1. I have a new obsession with this patent grey color: 
blog- say hello to my new favorite peep toe flats {Steve Madden via Ross for $16!} & my new favorite nail polish color {OPI "French Quarter for your Thoughts" from the "Touring America" Collection:
I got my nails done last week & had to get one of these sets for myself! {BTW: that is the face ring I was talking about the other day by AliciaLynnJewelry} 
My toes will be "My Address is Hollywood" as soon as it arrives =)
#2: Speaking of arrivals- guess what came in yesterday?!?!
My art from nicola via Etsy!
remember these:
Here they are on my walls!
 in the kitchen..

In the front entrance hallway...

I am so in love with them, they are perfect & make me smile every time I see them!
Love Love Love! 

#3: Sweet deal on Open Sky- {for those of who don't know what Open Sky is: it is like a mix between Twitter & Rue La La} I was hesitant to sign up but figured why not! {shopping addict talking...} so anyways like a lot of these shopping websites you get things called credits for inviting people or special promos, etc. By joining {I don't know if it was just the timing or not but...} they gave me $30 in credits to use! 

Bottom line: I bought this shirt for $1: 
If you read this blog, I wear a lot of patterns 
So I could def use a solid color tee {v-neck none the less!}
For $1! Originally it was like $30! Seriously?! {Get your invite here & get in on this!}

#4: Jewelry designer:  Kasia Piechocka reached out to me to check out her latest collection "About The Man Who Loved Fishing" & I love it!

Here are a few of my faves: 
#1: Single Fishbone Loop Pendant 
#2: large weight ring exclusive 
#3: fish head earrings {these are my favorite- I would totally rock these!} £130
#4: hook earrings {these are a close second favorite- if not tied!} £55
Very interesting and beautiful debut collection, check out the whole collection: here

#5: updated sponsorship with Shop Vantage Point Vintage:
They are offering: 
This weekend only! Get on that! 
Here are my picks from their store:

#1: 60's Hyde Park Pencil Skirt (L) {$49.89} here.
#2: 80's Wall Street Mini Dress (M) {$44.99}
#3: Designer 'Love' Moschino Belt (S-M) {$115.00} here.
#4: Bette Naud 'Reworked Vintage Button' Designer Gold Bracelet {$29.95} here.

Check out lots of others at Shop Vantage Point Vintage
Readers of behindtheleopardglasses get 10% off too!
What are you waiting for?!?!

well that concludes my five faves for friday,
let's do it again sometime.