Monday, September 12, 2011

love getting packages!

Guess what I have signed up for?!?! 

& my September box came today =)
I originally heard of this company via Dwelling and Telling's blog & I decided to try it out because I can never commit to different beauty products {I usually just wear Cover Girl}

Here what was in my box:

a few notes about the products from the first box: 
#1: I am really excited about the blinc mascara because I use "stiletto" waterproof right now by Maybelline & I don't know about you, but with that waterproof I am permanently wearing mascara {& layering & layering it on} because I can't get it off-- even with makeup remover! 
#2: love changing up perfumes =)
#3: Nail polish strips: I am excited to try these because I have wanted the cheetah ones from Sally Hansen for a while
#4: Lip enhancer- already used it <3 it!
Extra: Lash card-- not really sure if I will use this...
Bonus: Friendship bracelet = adorable!

What a great month to try! It is Birchbox's one year anniversary and it came with a friendship bracelet-- never can have enough arm candy {& its super cute!} =) 

A note about my Warby Parker ordeal-
There was a three way tie in the initial poll: 

I was also a huge fan of the Miles & Sinclair {not so much the Thatcher thought they were a little too big for my face}

Bottom line: I will be making a trip to SoHo, NYC this weekend to try all of the ones on in store & make a decision.
Just too many to choose from & I don't want to do like 50+ home-try-ons haha
So, stay tuned!

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