Monday, February 27, 2012

Shop till I dropped: Denver

It is true, I spent my whole paycheck {mind you I don't really make anything} shopping in Denver over the weekend. Given how crazy my life was leading up to the flight out, I deserved it!

1st stop:
Had a little bit of rough start, 
Love the patterned shirt, got an iPhone cover {didn't fit had to be returned}, 
& those glittery BCBG glittery flats--- torture in the form of a shoe, I need to see if I can return them tomorrow I am still walking with a limp. 

But then I scored this at a gift shop:
 AMAZING. I am in love!

I showed by sister a picture of my new baby bag & she wanted one...
I sent her this pic and she picked out the 1st on the left. 
She is lucky my pups were in one piece when I got home
Adorable, love them all.  

Then: the GAP
What I Wore/Am currently wearing: pink stripped neon shirt- GAP {$18}, blue pants- {$45}, neon tipped flats- Old Navy {gift from fiancé}. Pink glasses: Steve Madden 

Damage Done! 
 wool and leather jacket, yellow heart blouse & patterned fur vest = Forever 21

New colors & patterns! =)

The next day, I upped my collection of western wear:
Love the collar of this shirt & this bull necklace,
long story short: I wanted this other necklace that was labeled $26 but there was another one that was apparently $75- a bunch of bull {pun intended}.

The fiancé also bought me a piece of pottery that I have wanted since last year =)
I can't believe how expensive this stuff is, but I love it!

It has been the missing piece to our book shelf:

Now I really can't shop for a while, but I have enough new outfit combinations to make me excited to get dressed every morning =)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello Denver, nice seeing you again

It's quite ironic that I write my traveling to post as I am sitting in the airport waiting to go home... better late then never right?! Weren't you all wondering where I have been?

 Sweet overhead bins on southwest filled with children's art, cute surprise =)

View from above

travel details: loving these flats from Old Navy & my LongChamp bag I got for Christmas =)

Finally =) 

Lots more to come this week, did some awesome shopping & eating! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

I celebrated Mardi Gras at the school I am student teaching in =) 
I told the fiancé, if I am not working as a teacher next year-- we are going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

BTW: Thrifting this shirt was one of the best decisions I have ever made! 
What I wore: blouse- thrifted {Rescue Mission in Trenton}, skirt- H&M {plato's closet}, black stockings-?, purple studded flats- mwvintage. Glasses- Steve Madden, beads- Mardi Gras at school =)

Happy Mardi Gras! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

{present}ents day

Came home from work to find this:
ohhh yeahhhhh!
That's right the bracelet that I have been searching for {& talked about here} has arrived.

Long story short, I wanted this badly, waited to order because my current coupon had expired so I was waiting for another one. Then whomp whomp it was all of a sudden sold out. 
I called customer service and they located it for me! 

What I wore: tweed jacket- thrifted, lace top- UO, red jeans- Forever 21, black leather booties- vintage. Leopard glasses: Jean LaFont, necklace- Tiffany & Co diamonds by the yard- gift from the fiancé. 
Current arm candy: new studded bracelet to the from Madewellmixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, rainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, skull bracelet- {Etsy},  evil eye bracelet- mikkatmarket {gift from fiancé}, David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend recap

Favorite part of weekends? 
Wearing jeans.

 Rocking some vintage Friday for an "inservice day".
What I wore: Glasses:tortoise "Tamara"  c/0 proopticals, crochet cardigan- vintage via EMBERvintage, polka dot blouse- thrifted via Rescue Mission in Trenton 
Arm Candy: left -> right: mixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, rainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, skull bracelet- {Etsy},  evil eye bracelet- mikkatmarket {gift from fiancé}, David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé.

 I have an obsession with McDonalds vanilla ice cream- for a buck it is amazing. 
The fiancé's perfect pancake on Saturday morning. 
Escarole & bean soup dinner on a Sunday {delicious!} 

 Also made homemade spinach and ricotta raviolis with the parents =) 
What I wore: Glasses:  Warby Parker in Midnight Blue Sinclair, rainbow bow-lie blouse- thrifted from the Rescue Mission in Trenton, cardigan- thrifted.

I can't believe we have had Maggie for a week already =)

& we are the 3 best friends that anyone could have 
 Maggie got to meet my parents (my childhood pup) Rocky, he liked her haha

I love these pups, never dull moment. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

faves for friday

Too bad this was the fiancés fortune & not mine...

I ended up ordering these blue, leather, pink babies that I talked about in this post. Couldn't help it, perfect  for rainy days! 

& these neon tipped babies from Old Navy are calling my name... I am trying my hardest to resist. **Update** fiancé saw this up on my computer & ordered them for me-- ladies and gentleman, a keeper! 

Loving my new nail polish rack from esty!
Would love to add this NailEZEE "Strike it Gold" to that rack!

I am loving my new arm candy from Valentine's Day, but had to add this studded bracelet to the collection from Madewell {don't tell the fiancé!}

These earrings are too cute from etsy.

& these arrow bracelets are amazing! from odetteny.

New birch box =)

 I am obsessed with these new glasses from bonlook, it is like they have read my mind for the glasses I have been looking for. 

 This iPhone case may be my next! {society6}

This bag is so cute from Vantage Point Vintage

& this concludes my faves for friday, 
too many cute things, not enough cash! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

short sleeve sweater = yes.

loving this sweater from my recent thrifting adventure =) 

it says kinda winter- just like this half ass attempt at winter we have going on. 
What I Wore: black & white sweater- Rescue Mission in Trenton Thrift Store, skinny jeans- Seven Jeans {via haute look}, black & white zebra flats- Steve Madden. Pink glasses: Steve Madden.

We have had this baby for almost a week!

Time flies when you are having fun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

take 2 kind of morning

This was not the original outfit that I had planned/put on this morning. 
I had this shirt on:

Until 3 seconds before walking out the door and realized my shirt had a huge rip in the arm pit.

It was one of those mornings.

Ended up wearing this version:
same skirt different Jason Wu for Target blouse
What I wore: blouse- Jason Wu for Target Short Sleeve Tee with Tie in Cream, skirt- thrifted, stockings-?, nude flats- Steve Madden. Glasses: Warby Parker in Midnight Blue Sinclair. 

& my week in pics: 
#1- last Thursday we had a Tuskegee Airmen Workshop which was a meet and greet with World War II veterans and listen to their stories {was amazing. one of the coolest events of my job so far!}, 
#2- In student teaching I am frequently fighting with this machine & killing trees
#3- Sister came to visit this weekend and we made my favorite Sunday breakfast {Crepes!}

& I should stop looking at my emails because they make me want to spend all my money, here are some of my current crushes:
#1: Friendship bracelets from Rachel Roy {$36}
#2: Love this cardigan from Lilly Pulitzer {$198}
 P.S. my sorority {AXiD} won the pattern contest so I will be getting one of those amazing custom bags!
So excited!
#3: Finally! TOMS Ballet Flats! I was super excited about them {especially the top pair} until I realized they are $80. 

But I have had my eye on these after a sweet recommendation from one of my friends on facebook:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentines with their loved ones
{or just yourself! Who says you can't be your own Valentine?!}

Luckily I am marrying the best Valentine of all time. 
 Roses, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, lobster and a David Yurman bracelet?!
Marry me, now before the word gets out!