Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This One Time At Blog CAMP: TxSc Day 2!

Up early {through the rain} to attend a workshop on how to establish your brand 
and keep things consistent with the ladies of Maiedae!

Signed up for a one-on-one session to check out my blog and get suggestions, 
slight tweaks will be coming to Behind The Leopard Glasses!

Then on to a very reflective breakfast with Erin from Design for Mankind 
who lead a journaling session, one day I think I might share my writing, maybe this summer...

Then an amazingly inspiring talk by Bethany Joy from TOMS,
where she lead us through what we truly want for ourselves with a series of questions, 
it was challenging to think that far in advance,
 but interesting to see what we want to be present when we are all old ladies

Then Bethany got her "Oprah moment" and we all got TOMS backpacks, 
they provide a safe birth for mothers,
look up the statists of mothers who die is labor, it is terrifying- especially in the United States,
for being so developed the risk of infection and death of the mother is way too high...

On to another break out session with 
where they talked about blogging as a business and what to do when you hit the moment where inspiration is lacking, I have read Delightfully Tacky for many years now and had a bit of a fan girl moment when I saw her in real life...
I was very inspired by Megan's story & thought she has a very realistic yet hardworking approach,

The rainy weather caused me to switch out the super cute flats that I brought 
& trade them in for some Hunter Boots,
They were so large in my suitcase but I am so happy I brought them because at times it was pouring!

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- Revlon Just Bitten in "Honey", top & pants- Anthropologie, jacket- Forever 21, boots- Hunter, bag- TOMS Style Your Bag DIY {results from DIY craft night

In the afternoon I went to Jessie from Style and Pepper Pepperologie course, 
I loved the real conversation that revolved around the speech that we have in our heads everyday as women, especially with the conversation with Jess of The Lively Show about ego 
and listening to the other voice in your gut

The next afternoon session I attended was Merl from Clyde's RebirthAndrea from Blonde Bedhead, and Jentine from My Edit about their lives "off line" and being a force in your own neighborhoods
I found Jentine from My Edit's story inspiring because she literally walked into a retail space and just started a vintage store, MY DREAM!
I have also read Andrea's blog Blonde Bedhead for years now and was excited to see her in real life

One of my favorite talks was the Capstone Keynote 
so many amazing quotes came from this session, 
I will share a list of quotes from this talk and others below

Then it was time for some Khaki Jamboree! 

At the jamboree there were vendors, 
I fell in love with this Kasa Gold Arrow Charm Beaded Necklace from Raven and Lily
& also picked up some Alem String Bracelets to share with Hilary from Cutie Cameras!

& more crafting!

One of my favorite parts was all the temporary tattoos! 

At the Jamboree, there were tons of photo booths!
P.S. look how small we are according to the height chart behind us...
sadly accurate haha

Perfect for some Jamboree outfit pics! 

What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, lips- Kate "30", necklace- Kasa Gold Arrow Charm Beaded Necklace from Raven & Lily, top- Gap, vintage Boy Scout top- polomocha on etsy
 , pants- Old Navy, moccs- Minnetonka

Another huge highlight was finally meeting Nicole from Writes Like A Girl Blog,
I have read her for a while and love her sense of style, 
I recently started listening to her podcast and am completely obsessed with the variety of topics and interesting points of view {you should check it out... like now...}

One of the ultimate perks of this conference was meeting so many amazing women who express themselves through blogging and small businesses,
none of my friends have this strange obsession so it was nice to feel accepted and understood.

Loved this picture that Chelsea took!
My main ladies:

I especially bonded with Hilary and was so happy to have made a friend so quickly!
& she gets credit for all my outfit pictures!
I miss her LOTS!

SquareSpace photo booth photos by Logan Pearce Photography

Here are some quotes that I wrote in my travel diary {as accurate as I could} & wanted to share:
Bethany Joy from TOMS
"Who you are is not what you do (your job)"
Liz from Delightfully Tacky and Megan from Greetings from Texas
"Act as if"
"Fake it until you make it"
"Wait, but why"
"Don't wait for permission" 
Jessie from Style and Pepper:
"Doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, your inner voice is the same"
"Release the expectations of the world"
"Be your own friend"
"If you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, you wouldn't have any friends"
Caroline from Unfancy and Jess form The Lively Show:
"Don't have to buy to become"
"Get to the root of why you want things"
"Never too late to change"
"Technology: Service, not a master, we are the masters of it"
"Don't poison your own well"
"Bitterness is never becoming"
"Who is doing the action? They are defining their story, not yours"
"You must rest in equal amounts"
"You choose the break or the breakdown will come"
"Option not an obligation"
"Make career an aspect, not your life"
"Crafters of words"

Such an overwhelmingly inspiring, uplifting day!

Monday, March 30, 2015

This One Time At Blog CAMP: TxSc Day 1!

Time to make the trip from Jersey to Texas!

I decided on fish pants for Day 1, which became the talk of the town!

Whenever I fly I like to pick up a Teen Vogue, 
not sure why I haven't updated to big girl Vogue, I just enjoy Teen Vogue

I was relieved that I had planned to meet up with Hilary from Cutie Cameras 
which ended up being a group of about 10 ladies 
that I am so happy I got to go into camp already knowing! 

Had to pick up earrings, since that was the only thing I forgot to pack...

Arrived at CAMP!

One of the most exciting and awesome parts of TxSc was meeting Chelsea Laine Francis,
one of the most welcoming bubbly women I have ever met!

She graciously took head shots photos & amazing photos of the whole event!

What I Wore: glasses- Jean Lafont, lips- Wet & Wild "24 Carrot Gold" lipstick, necklace- Sira Mara, necklace- Ben Sherman, pants- Anthropologie, flats (in airport)- Adrienne Vittadini {via Marshalls}, boots- Hunter 

Our first speaker was Jenny Lawson from The Bloggess,
she was so funny and raw and it was great to hear how she started right from The Bloggess herself

The decor of the entire event was so cute & fitting!

A night of crafting and meeting cool companies! 
Every event we went to over the weekend we collected badges {it was at a girl scout camp after all!}

friendship bracelets with Minnetonka!

One of the most intimidating crafts was to decorate my tote bag for 
the first ever TOMS Style Your Bag!
A literal blank canvas which I almost didn't want to ruin...

If you know me at all you know I can't draw at all, so I was happy that an idea actually came to me
& came out decent! 
Not going to lie, I love how it came out! 
& I carried it around all camp!

Then back to the cabin with some new swag...

and some new besties!
matching tattoos with Hilary from Cutie Cameras!

Stay tuned this week for a recap of the rest of Texas Style Council CAMP!
Someone take me back to Texas!

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