Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the other side of Plato's Closet

Remember when I visited  Plato's closet?
Well today I returned to sell some stuff that I don't wear anymore.
Not going to lie, I was nervous about this whole experience, but my closet could always a little thinning out & I can always use a little cash right?
I sold: 
  • A Betseyville bag
  • Two pairs of UGGS
  • Two GAP sweaters 
  • One Vera Bradley Bag
For a grand total of a whopping $33
They sell items for 1/3 of the retail price and then you get 1/3 of that. Rip off? Yes.
Shit I don't need in my closet for a couple bucks. Yes please. 

Shoppers at Plato's Closet-- you are welcome for my cool stuff because what they have in there is unimpressive {for me to walk into a store and actually leave with cash = nothing good}

I also tried to sell: 
  • Vintage Coach bag
  • A Marc Jacobs Tote
  • A LuLu crossbody bag
They wouldn't take the Coach bag with out it containing the certificate of authenticity- which who the hell knows where that is. 

My Marc Jocobs Tote? They wanted it for a whole $2 & it had a sticker on it that said "Hold for Rona" sorry Rona but this lady is keeping that tote, you can save your $2. 

My LuLu crossbody bag? They wanted it for like $1.50, no thanks, rather give it away on my blog =) Check for a give-a-way in the spring with that baby.

Anyways these items are staying with me and up on My Smashion Store.

The girl who cashed me out also said, "I love your glasses, who makes those?!"
I said, "I am a blogger and these are from my sponsor Proopticals"
She then looked at me with a look that said, "I am todays post I bet."
Yup, hello. Welcome to the blog world.

Overall the people who worked there were very nice and walked me though this process.

And since I can't keep from spending money, I bought these babies:
I was so nervous of these selling on Meanz Chan Etsy Store {see her blog- Koi-Story}
Ever feel that way and it makes you unable to sleep. No? I am just crazy? Okay...
I flipped that $33 into these babies for $38. It is love. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first "c/o" post

What I Wore: Tortois glasses "Tamara"- Proopticals, green blazer- thrifted, red plaid dress- give-a-way via NatalyasCloset, black stockings- ?, tan woven flats- Target

These glasses are c/o Proopticals. There is a big debate on the legitimacy of c/o posts and products gifted to bloggers (see this article).  

I would never wear something that I don't like {but that is limited because I enjoy lotssssss of stuff}. Well stuff has to be disclosed if it is "gifted", so let it be known that I will always be honest with my blog =) Hear, hear, cheers to the first c/o post! 

Interested in sponsoring Behind the Leopard Glasses? 
Check out the Sponsorship page.

Anyways, love these glasses, they are super cute and made well.  Get yours here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

all i want for christmas is my two front teeth {and some other fancy stuff}

This is my first set on Polyvore {follow my sets here}

My Holiday Wishlist 2011

Leopard print sweater
$24 -

Trench coat
$198 -

Jeffrey campbell shoes
$170 -

Tory burch flat
$235 -

D+AF kitten heels
$135 -

Leather bag
$155 -

Longchamp tote
$145 -

Tai jewelry
$80 -


As you can tell... I have expensive taste.
{Maybe I should ask to win the lottery for Christmas}
Of course there is more... & my Wish/Shopping List...

What are you guys asking/wishing for this holiday season?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

in preparation for giving thanks

I can't get enough of these Distortion Candlesticks by Paul Loeback:

I have been stalking them for a while {including this pin from refinery29}
On sale here for $24 each

I ordered the black pair from Open Sky for $34 almost like 2 for 1. 
{seriously Open Sky reads my mind (or have people stalking my browsing history)... I pinned these candles on refinery29 then they appear in the store... just like the Steve Madden Intyce Boots incident-- pin them & post about them & by the end of the day they were on Open Sky... coincidence? I think not!}

These will be on my Thanksgiving table eventually... 

Monday, November 21, 2011

not for the faint of "heart"

Donating blood at my bi-annual church blood drive on Sunday {run by my mom!} through the Central Jersey Blood Center.

Ever person who donates helps save 6 lives. 
What I Wore: black & white stripped top- thifted in Hilton Head, SC, pink cardigan- GAP, skinny jeans- Levis, Intyce boots- Steve Madden via Open Sky. Accessories: leopard glasses =) {BTW they are Jean Lafont}

I would have loved these boots for this outfit:

I know I know I just got those sweet Steve Madden ones...
but these are so cute...
& I need a nice black pair...
Get them here on yesstyle {$121}
Anyways, my sister donated too!
Runs in the family =) 
{mom donated too}
Submitted this for:

Friday, November 18, 2011

honesty is the best policy

So I am not actually wearing this right now. or today. 
In reality I am wearing a very stylish life guard shirt & shorts. 
I know everyone should have a set in their closet.
thrilling. I know, please try to contain your excitement.
But lets play pretend that I am wearing this today 
{really it was two days ago, but who is counting?!}:
What I Wore: glasses- BonLook Barbarella's in red {don't forget to vote for my Movember pic on facebook!}, pink & white stripped blazer- thrifted from the Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ, black & white zig zag top- Missoni for Target, red jeans- Forever 21, black leather combat boots- Steve Madden. Accessories: Umbrella? found? Hello Kitty gold watch from Hautelook.

I also submitted this outfit for:

My description for this entry:
"I would like to enter this outfit for the Chictopia Week of Giving because I can not stress enough the importance giving back to the community.
I am submitting this outfit for my favorite Thrift Store the Rescue Mission of Trenton because they have an AMAZING amount of programs that they run (english lessons, long term and short term shelters, rehab, and other community programs) that are funded from the profits made in their thrift store.
All of the clothing for sale is donated & I make sure to give back by volunteering and donating my clothing.
It is important to feel good about what you are wearing and not in the sort of “Where did you get that, I love it” receiving compliments sort-of-way but deep down when you know that your money spent and the clothing you donate and wear goes to actually helping people in need in your community.
It is like karma and recycling with the added bonus of seeing the programs succeed to help others in need."

Vote if you think it is "chic" by clicking the pug below!
The winner's charity gets the number of entries to the contest donated to them! & the blogger gets some chic points =)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Warby partay

Welcome home to Philly Warby Parker! 

Coolest wall paper ever. Sign language letters.
This blazer reminds me of "clowning around", & I wore this outfit to remind myself to stop taking fashion so seriously & wear that I want to when I want. 
What I Wore: Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue, Candy stripper blazer- mwvintage, grey fringe top- abercrombie & fitch {outlet in Hilton Head, SC}, leather leggings- Forever 21 {via Plato's Closet- $5!}, black & leopard print wedges- Shoe Dazzle. Accessories: the usual arm candy + Hello Kitty watch- Hautelook.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

legends of the hidden temple

Add a little rain and this is what it looks like:

This is the path I walk to work everyday. 
It used to be all mud, thank you to whoever made this a legend of the hidden temple obstacle & prevented me from being muddy everyday. We salute you.

What I Wore: White paisley blazer- BCBG via my swipped my plato's closet v-card adventure, patterned t-shirt- Rescue Mission of Trenton Thrift Store, jeggins- Joe's Jeans- also via plato's closet, new Steve Madden Intyce boots!!- via Open Sky. Accessories: Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Blue

Monday, November 14, 2011

swipped my plato's closet v-card

It is true. This weekend I visited my sister in West Chester, PA & she took me to:

Ohhh yeah!! 
I bought: 
a cream paisley blazer- BCGB ($23)
blue suede H&M skirt ($10) {apparently free because I just looked at the receipt & was never charged}
jeggings Joe Jeans ($18)
leathery leggings Forever 21 ($5)
floral blazer French Connection ($23)
tan trench blazer Michael Kors ($18) {styled below}
Total charged: $87 + free skirt!

What I Wore: grey tweed jacket- GAP {two years ago}, tan trench blazer Michael Kors ($18)- Plato's closet, pink lace top- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, leopard print skirt- Forever 21 in Denver, heart stockings- PacSun outlet in Hilton Head, SC. purple studded flats- mwvintage. Accessories: pink glasses- Steve Madden.

love my new vest, reminds me of this one:
from Rachel Roy Sleeveless-Safari-Vest {$70}
as frequently styled on Man Repeller 
details, LOVE these shoes!