Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first "c/o" post

What I Wore: Tortois glasses "Tamara"- Proopticals, green blazer- thrifted, red plaid dress- give-a-way via NatalyasCloset, black stockings- ?, tan woven flats- Target

These glasses are c/o Proopticals. There is a big debate on the legitimacy of c/o posts and products gifted to bloggers (see this article).  

I would never wear something that I don't like {but that is limited because I enjoy lotssssss of stuff}. Well stuff has to be disclosed if it is "gifted", so let it be known that I will always be honest with my blog =) Hear, hear, cheers to the first c/o post! 

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Anyways, love these glasses, they are super cute and made well.  Get yours here


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emma basilone said...

thanks man =)

Justine said...

I adore your glasses (all of them). These are great too! I'm actually in the market for a new pair and you've been a great inspiration!