Monday, February 28, 2011

rule breaking monday =)

For those of you who don't follow clothedmuch blog
She does a "breaking rules monday" post. 
It's one of my favorites to look at because 
I LOVE not matching =)
blue & black
mixing patterns =)
What I Wore Today:
black trouser pants- Gap
pink undershirt- Gap
blue glitter top- French Connection
blazer- Urban Outfitters
belt- vintage
leopard glasses =)

shoes for TOMorrow (TOMS)

So for those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with TOMS Shoes
For every pair of shoes you purchase- 
a pair is donated to a child in need. 

Long story short- I bought a pair at a local surf shop, checked out the website, signed up to be a campus rep, and started a club at Rider University. 
 TOMS Club at Rider University =)
I have sold (and donated) over 300 PAIRS!! 

As a result- I have  A LOT of pairs! This is my collection:

If you don't own a pair I suggest it (can get them here.) They are so cute & you help a child in need. Doesn't get any better than that =)

& of course there is never an end to my shopping list. 
Here is the next on my TOMS list =)
new post signature! 
Like it? 
Let me know your thoughts- 
I made it myself =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a weekend quickie

No outfit posts from this weekend (cause I just had too much fun!!)

But here is a quickie- new necklace via my friend Courtney from Dave & Busters. 
(& yes... my friends and I are addicted to that place...) 

hello kitty is my favorite and I have yet to take this necklace off!

hope everyone had a great weekend.

5 days until I leave for Colorado with the fiance!!

behind all my glasses

I just wanted to clarify, even though my blog is called 
"Behind The Leopard Glasses"
I do own other pairs of eye glasses 
(another addiction)
But my Leopard ones may be my favorite =)

Here are my others: 
(not all have updated prescription- so expensive- but I am workin' on it)

from top to bottom (also in order of new to old prescriptions):

  1.  the infamous leopard print glasses (Jean Lafont) 
  2. pink glasses (Steve Madden)
  3. clear glasses- got these in Italy (Zero)
  4. metal and pink glasses- got these in Hong Kong (Miu Miu)
  5. plaid glasses (Burberry)
  6. black glasses (Marc Jacobs)
  • I have started an About Me / Bucket List page. This has books I want to read, places I want to travel etc. 

  • I have also started a Wish / Shopping List page. This has items I am lusting after. It will be updated regularly. 

So check them out =)

P.S. Like my new background?! I got it custom from blarglefargle blog. (click to get yoursss!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

update on my life

I started a new book: 
I finished Skinny Bitch. Kinda glad it's over... it was making me feel bad about EVERYTHING I eat. I don't know that I will ever be a vegan 
(even though the chapters about our meat industry could make some people for sure!) 
but it was a good quick read & has the writers have an interesting writing style.

I am now reading: 
google image
I just started up but I am already excited to keep reading.
So interesting!! ((especially for a science nerd like me))

Yesterday & Today Working (Girl) Outfits:
Sorry I had to... (and for the record not that kinda working girl)

What I Wore Yesterday:
Pink flats- Walmart ($5)
Seven Jeans (via ($40ish)
(I was wearing Gap trouser pants for work though)
Blue blouse- boutique in Hilton Head, SC ($20) ~ LOVE this shirt =)
Pink ruffle cardigan- Charlotte Rouse (gift)
Pink Steve Madden eye glasses
(I guess this is a good time to tell you all- yes, I do own/wear other pairs of glasses- 
there will be a post about it soon)

What I Wore Today:
Brown flats- Estate Sale (free)
Grey trouser pants- Rachel Roy (gift from fiance)
Pink blouse- Gap ($10)
Purple cardigan- Rescue Mission Thrift ($2)
leopard glasses =)
Recent Purchases
Man 30/30 is going to be so tough! I am look forward to the challenge/saving money/getting to know my wardrobe better. For my record- my mom doesn't think I can do it.
30/30 Challenge accepted: start date- March 14th. End date- April 14th. (I know it's a little over a month but I wanted to keep it simple.) Will keep you posted! 

Modcloth is having a HUGE Cabin Fever sale (70% off!!) Check it out here.
I could not pass up some of these deals (and sweet clothes!)

Perfection = red faux leather Members Only jacket ($28 bucks!!)
                         kaki derby/harlem pants ($15 bucks!!)
Just couldn't help myself... and you shouldn't either... check out

Ever have one of those days where it turns out completely different than you expected?!

The last time I had one of those days we got 10 free tickets to see Green day in the 3rd row like an hour before the show started. 
Couldn't help but look around & think how did I get here?!

Today was also one of those days:
Went to plan me & Charlie's engagement party at the fishing club in Belmar, NJ.
Turns out it was BINGO night!! (I LOVE BINGO!!)
I wasn't a winner this time but... my Mom was (& I got the prize!!)

Vera Bradley stationary!
((for those of you who don't know- I am OBSESSED with stationary- mainly post-its))

now we are all caught up, can't wait for the weekend =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Belated Mr. President

Just wanted to share my day off outfit from yesterday (President's Day):
What I Wore:
Glitter flats- Payless ($5)
Black Derby/Harlem Pants- Michael Kors: via Rue La La ($28 ish)
Zebra shirt- Uniqlo ($10)
Jean button up- Walmart ($3)

leopard glasses =)
What I Wore Today: Runway inspired: my version thrift!

My Version
What I Wore:
Black flats- Target 
Black tights- Betsey Johnson via Rue La La ($25/4)
Dress- Vintage
Black belt- Alloy ($10) Beware! Shitty quality clothes!
leopard glasses =)


Oscar de la Renta- NYC Fashion Week for Fall 2011
pic from
Side Note: 
Remember when I talked about the new Kate Spade line (Book Club) ?
Well check out their latest edition: 
Yes- that's right. My name. 
Are they trying to kill me & my bank account?! 
If you feel like buying it for me you can get it here. 
Just kidding- I mean $325 is kinda ridiculous 
((even though it is freaking awesome!))

Monday, February 21, 2011

nail polish =)

I have been meaning to do a post like this because I LOVE PAINTING MY NAILS!!

((well I love the end result not the waiting time and getting them messed up part))

For those of you who know me- I used to be a nail biter (A REALLY BAD ONE)- One day I just decided it was ugly and I was done. Nothing completes an outfit better than a nice nail paint job =)

but I wanted to share my collection & 2 colors I am dying to get my nails on (get it?) haha

left to right:Color So Hot It Berns
You Don't Know Jacques!
Sweet Heart
I'm Not Really a Waitress- (perhaps my favorite color)
Lucerne-Tainly Looks Marvelous
Give Me Moor!

left- Chuffed
right- Swinger (I am wearing this one right now)

This nail polish was all over the runways this year! 

 Sally Hansen / Love & Beauty (Forever 21)
left to right:Sally Hansen 22 Forever Lilac
Sally Hansen 10 Precious Peach
Sally Hansen 33 Champagne Toast
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Grey
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Brown

left to right:Wet n Wild Lavender Creme
Color Club 878 Take Me to Your Chateau
Chanel 219 Black Satin
(paid a lot for this and I don't think it's great... I use a cheap black- Wet n Wild Black Creme- and it works so much better)
Revlon 751 Blackberry

left to right:Ulta After Party
Sally Hansen 32 Pink Boa
Milani 89 Disco Lights
And now for my wish list of polishes: 

Gosh Holographic 
I think it's only sold in London, but I want it!
Its silvery but then when the light hits it, it's like a rainbow of shimmer!
I am currently stalking this on

Zoya in Helen
This nail polish company was also all over the runway this year.
I love this color but it is currently sold out =(
Very natural and pretty.

Zoya has hundreds to choose from and they can send you "Color Spoons" of the colors you are thinking about so you can try them on & make sure it's the color you want! So cool! 

(2 above pictures of Gosh & Zoya were found via Google)
Nail Polish Tips: 
  • Use a base coat/top coat- you don't want to stain your nails (which happened to me this summer)
    • I use: Sally Hansen Double Duty 
  • Be careful with glitter- it is almost a lifetime commitment because it is so hard to get off!
  • Just because a nail polish is super expensive/rare doesn't mean that it is good quality
  • (at the same time) Just because a nail polish is super cheap doesn't mean it sucks either 
  • Keep up with it- no one likes gross chipped nails
    • This doesn't mean mani/pedis every week- practice yourself and you will get better!
  • Don't be afraid to switch it up!! Go bright, go glittery, go dark - do what you want to do!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wears

 Some style for the weekend:
What I Wore:

Vintage leather booties- NYC thrift store
New Seven jeans- Rue La La ($30)
Blue lace shirt- (gift)
White undershirt- Uniqlo ($10)
Sweater- Rescue Mission Thrift ($2)
leopard glasses =)
Love these babies =)
What I Wore:

New Seven jeans
Purple shirt and floral vest (attached haha) Rescue Mission Of Trenton Thrift ($1)
Michael Kors watch (gift from fiance)
Tiffany & Co- Diamonds by the Yard (gift from fiance)
leopard glasses =)

Also did some thrifting... got lots of good stuff =) pics to followwww

What I Wore:
Vintage leather booties- NYC thrift store
Betsey Johnson leggings- Rue La La ($25 set of 4)
Paisley skirt- Rescue Mission of Trenton Thrift ($2)
Skinny leather belt- Trenton thrift ($1)
Pink button up ((check out the details SO CUTE!!)- Trenton thrift ($1)
Sundance clothing cardigan- (on sale $18)
leopard glasses =)

Started a new book- Skinny Bitch
It is making me realize that some people can really live & not eat anything.
No soda, candy, white bread, pasta, meat. & I am only on the 3rd chapter.... let's see how this goes

fall 2011 NYC fashion week

Here are a few looks that make me excited for fall again --->
 ((even though I can't WAIT for spring/summer))

L.A.M.B :
love the patterns and designs, these are my favorite:



I think my favorite look is warn by Gwen herself- she is so bad-ass and still beautiful at the same time. 
And I love this bag, it's so big!! The tribal pattern with the longer handles make this a possible school bag or weekender. LOVE IT!! 

Marc by Marc Jacobs:
love the use of silks and these fall colors! So pretty and wearable! 

By far my favorite look:
Love the metallic cardigan- I want it. 
The orange silk shirt gives a pop of color and ties everything in.
And I love the wide leg trouser pants.
Marc Jacobs:
Man this guy must be so busy! & he also designs for Louis Vuitton!
Love the colors, patterns and textures of this collection!



Oscar de la Renta:
Again- love these patterns, love the sparkles, & love the shoes- especially the green boots!

The fade box fitted dress may be my favorite, followed very closely by the green geometric shape one- I just bought one in a similar color & pattern from a thrift store but it needs to be shortened- this was the inspiration behind that purchase. 

                          love these boots! What a great fall color!

I love this dress- I can't wait to see who will wear it to an award show,
it is beautiful and the color & pattern will def stand out among all others! 
Rachel Roy:
It is all about the patterns, colors, & the mixing! Love this collection- it's my favorite (right up there with Betsey Johnson). Love the floral patterns (especially in the pants!!) and the bright blue she used in many pieces. 






Love this look- these colors are right on target.
A great mixture of casual and fashion forward. 

Tory Burch:
Very bohemian collection, I wasn't that impressed. I thought some of the looks were just not flattering. Here are some I did enjoy:




As always she does amazing jackets and blazers. I love the last look-- I would wear all of it! Love the colors and the leather jacket especially!!

All pictures from

Some super fun patterns/colors for the fall- just my style