Thursday, February 24, 2011

update on my life

I started a new book: 
I finished Skinny Bitch. Kinda glad it's over... it was making me feel bad about EVERYTHING I eat. I don't know that I will ever be a vegan 
(even though the chapters about our meat industry could make some people for sure!) 
but it was a good quick read & has the writers have an interesting writing style.

I am now reading: 
google image
I just started up but I am already excited to keep reading.
So interesting!! ((especially for a science nerd like me))

Yesterday & Today Working (Girl) Outfits:
Sorry I had to... (and for the record not that kinda working girl)

What I Wore Yesterday:
Pink flats- Walmart ($5)
Seven Jeans (via ($40ish)
(I was wearing Gap trouser pants for work though)
Blue blouse- boutique in Hilton Head, SC ($20) ~ LOVE this shirt =)
Pink ruffle cardigan- Charlotte Rouse (gift)
Pink Steve Madden eye glasses
(I guess this is a good time to tell you all- yes, I do own/wear other pairs of glasses- 
there will be a post about it soon)

What I Wore Today:
Brown flats- Estate Sale (free)
Grey trouser pants- Rachel Roy (gift from fiance)
Pink blouse- Gap ($10)
Purple cardigan- Rescue Mission Thrift ($2)
leopard glasses =)
Recent Purchases
Man 30/30 is going to be so tough! I am look forward to the challenge/saving money/getting to know my wardrobe better. For my record- my mom doesn't think I can do it.
30/30 Challenge accepted: start date- March 14th. End date- April 14th. (I know it's a little over a month but I wanted to keep it simple.) Will keep you posted! 

Modcloth is having a HUGE Cabin Fever sale (70% off!!) Check it out here.
I could not pass up some of these deals (and sweet clothes!)

Perfection = red faux leather Members Only jacket ($28 bucks!!)
                         kaki derby/harlem pants ($15 bucks!!)
Just couldn't help myself... and you shouldn't either... check out

Ever have one of those days where it turns out completely different than you expected?!

The last time I had one of those days we got 10 free tickets to see Green day in the 3rd row like an hour before the show started. 
Couldn't help but look around & think how did I get here?!

Today was also one of those days:
Went to plan me & Charlie's engagement party at the fishing club in Belmar, NJ.
Turns out it was BINGO night!! (I LOVE BINGO!!)
I wasn't a winner this time but... my Mom was (& I got the prize!!)

Vera Bradley stationary!
((for those of you who don't know- I am OBSESSED with stationary- mainly post-its))

now we are all caught up, can't wait for the weekend =)


Laurita P said...

can't wait to see what you come up with for the 30/30

Tess Atkinson said...

Love your trousers! That book looks quite good too :) x