Thursday, February 10, 2011

thrifty furniture finds

Here are some recent finds from my thrifting adventures.
I have become obsessed with finding/buying furniture: getting ready to move out of my parents basement?? 
one can only wish ((for now at least, hopefully soon though)) 

This is a liquor cabinet thrifted from Trenton (only $5 bucks!!)
I got this little beautiful foot rest from the Salvation Army in Asbury Park ($5)
it opens up and is originally used for sewing. I had to have it- I am addicted to these kinds of prints!!  
This tray table was thrifted from Trenton (was $15 but the guy gave it to me for $5 WHAT A DEAL!!)
love the details and draw feature of this table =)
Scored this- side of the road in Belmar, NJ (FREE!!)
By far my favorite piece of furniture I own, love the colors and the metallic details.
These are above my bed they were a present from my fiance (we thought they were going to be a lot smaller-- like flower vase size-- they are huge!!) but turns out I love them anyway. Got them on


Hand~Pck'd by Nikona said...

I can't believe you got this for free! great find & style on this dresser.

Margaret said...

Love the peacock feathers!!

Mgt x

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love vintage furniture shopping. Thrift stores make me happy.
<3, New Follower
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Emma Z said...

thank you all =)