Monday, February 21, 2011

nail polish =)

I have been meaning to do a post like this because I LOVE PAINTING MY NAILS!!

((well I love the end result not the waiting time and getting them messed up part))

For those of you who know me- I used to be a nail biter (A REALLY BAD ONE)- One day I just decided it was ugly and I was done. Nothing completes an outfit better than a nice nail paint job =)

but I wanted to share my collection & 2 colors I am dying to get my nails on (get it?) haha

left to right:Color So Hot It Berns
You Don't Know Jacques!
Sweet Heart
I'm Not Really a Waitress- (perhaps my favorite color)
Lucerne-Tainly Looks Marvelous
Give Me Moor!

left- Chuffed
right- Swinger (I am wearing this one right now)

This nail polish was all over the runways this year! 

 Sally Hansen / Love & Beauty (Forever 21)
left to right:Sally Hansen 22 Forever Lilac
Sally Hansen 10 Precious Peach
Sally Hansen 33 Champagne Toast
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Grey
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Brown

left to right:Wet n Wild Lavender Creme
Color Club 878 Take Me to Your Chateau
Chanel 219 Black Satin
(paid a lot for this and I don't think it's great... I use a cheap black- Wet n Wild Black Creme- and it works so much better)
Revlon 751 Blackberry

left to right:Ulta After Party
Sally Hansen 32 Pink Boa
Milani 89 Disco Lights
And now for my wish list of polishes: 

Gosh Holographic 
I think it's only sold in London, but I want it!
Its silvery but then when the light hits it, it's like a rainbow of shimmer!
I am currently stalking this on

Zoya in Helen
This nail polish company was also all over the runway this year.
I love this color but it is currently sold out =(
Very natural and pretty.

Zoya has hundreds to choose from and they can send you "Color Spoons" of the colors you are thinking about so you can try them on & make sure it's the color you want! So cool! 

(2 above pictures of Gosh & Zoya were found via Google)
Nail Polish Tips: 
  • Use a base coat/top coat- you don't want to stain your nails (which happened to me this summer)
    • I use: Sally Hansen Double Duty 
  • Be careful with glitter- it is almost a lifetime commitment because it is so hard to get off!
  • Just because a nail polish is super expensive/rare doesn't mean that it is good quality
  • (at the same time) Just because a nail polish is super cheap doesn't mean it sucks either 
  • Keep up with it- no one likes gross chipped nails
    • This doesn't mean mani/pedis every week- practice yourself and you will get better!
  • Don't be afraid to switch it up!! Go bright, go glittery, go dark - do what you want to do!!


Margaret said...

Gorgeous colours! I am useless at painting my nails but love wearing red polish!

Mgt x

Anonymous said...

good to see your blog again!
keep up the good work!
i'll always come back and visit!