Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my continued love for Betsey Johnson =0

My favorite designer/fashion icon is:

for those who don't know she was also a sister of my sorority Alpha Xi Delta at Syracuse University, NY.
I went to visit the chapter this summer!! 

Any how:
Did anyone catch her fall 2011 fashion show broadcast from NYC through her website?!?!

Betsey with her personalized champaign before her Fall 2011 fashion show =)
(picture from her facebook fan page)
Amazing! Here is a list of some of the things I noticed/loved/now want:
  • New affordable line called "Pink Patch"- everything under $100 = SO PUMPED
  • Of course lots of animal print, lace, floral patterns that we love her for
  • Love the heels her models wore with animal print on the sole of the shoes
  • I was surprised but the use of velvets and full length jumpers but I enjoyed them =)
  • I will keep you all posted when she puts examples on her website ((and after I do some shopping?!))

Bottom line = LOVE HER! She is so fun/creative and above all different <3


Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

Yay! Betsey is awesome! :)

Thanks for ordering a ring! Those are so neat and fun to make! To answer your question, I can get it made/shipped tomorrow morning! :)

Emma Z said...

I can't wait!! It's the perfect gift and I will probably be ordering more of them =)

Elora said...

Thanks for following me! I'm definitely following back. :D

I love Betsey Johnson! I just got a pair of sunglasses by her in the mail, purple with little bubble gum ball accents on the arms. *swoon*

archives vintage said...

oh man, so cool she was in your sorority! i missed the live streaming of her show b/c i was at work...bummer! :s

Emma Z said...

I think you can still catch her show on her website, it's not too late!!

thanks for your comments and following =)