Saturday, October 31, 2015

Humble Beauty #23!

Drum Roll Please! 
I got a new beauty desk! 
Well kinda new, I've been working on setting it up for a few months now:

You saw my old set up in my Attic / My Closet Tour:

that table was left in our house when we bought it and I painted it silver, 
one of the legs was falling off and it was just not deep enough with no storage.

I was doing the "embrace the mess" for a while, but can't do it anymore!
{sign via A Beautiful Mess}

Time for a upgrade!

After a lot of research I decided to go with the Threshold Windham Desk from Target in "Shell"

Huge thank you to the hubby for his help with assembly!

Taking apart my old beauty desk was a huge mess of products!

Set it all up!
But I realized that what would really complete the desk
& make it more organized was a new Original Beauty Box!

I went with the "deluxe" Original Beauty Box to finally reorganize!
Yes they are pricy and there are cheaper options,
 but I have had my other one for years and it looks brand new,
they are such high quality!

All organized, I love this new set up so much!

The best part is the drawer!
I used old Birchbox and GlossyBox containers to organize the inside
& group similar products together!
Makes getting ready easier and allows me to see what products I have and change it up more often!

Another favorite part of my new set up is my newly organized nail polish collection!
I went through all my collection and got rid of a TON of polish.
I have a vintage spice rack that I use to display my favorites {I have more in the filing cabinet}

Love having my favorites organized and easily accessible!

Hair products are all grouped together now, not sure about the placement, but it is working for now.

I got some long awaited beauty products this month!

These NYX products have been on my list for a long time now,
Liquid Suede Lipstick in "Stone Fox" {as seen here}
Soft Matte Lip Cream in "London" & "Prague" 
Matte Lipstick in "Alabama"
High Voltage Lipstick in "Hollywood" and "Stone"
all finally found at Ulta

I also made a slight dent in my MakeupGeek wish list!
Havoc / Bitten / Cocoa Bear / High Tea

I listened to a very interesting episode of RadioLab called "Shorts: Brown Box"
It is all about "picking" of items for huge online retailers like Amazon,
so eye opening!
In a huge warehouse, people only have 14 SECONDS to retrieve items from all over to pack orders,
 bathroom breaks take away from your "score" at the end of the day,
Crazy. Worth a listen!

Makes you think twice about ordering from huge retailers like Amazon,
but sometimes that is the only place you can find the products you want,
i.e. I finally ordered this "California Roll" Wet n Wild Limited Edition palette,
I really want to play with those peach colors!
I also really want to try the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, I got the color "Classic Ivory"

Speaking of both Wet n Wild & MakeupGeek,
I've been loving the "California Roll" Wet n Wild palette with MakeupGeek "Vegas Lights" palette,
In particular, I love the matte peach and mango shades in the "California Roll"
with the "Roulette" and "Sin City" shades in "Vegas Lights"

This month's Ipsy bag allowed me to finally try the Balm "Meet Matt(e) Hughes" lip product,
and I am enjoying it!
I am also loving this Aurora "Gel Effect" polish in "Inky Dinky".
I have enjoyed every dr. brandt product I've received,
and this tweezer is different than what I usually use and I like it!
A good Ipsy bag!

I got a Target beauty box this month,
it was Loreal themed, it was okay, I wish it had a setting spray though!

Every time we have been going to the Korean grocery store "H Mart",
I've been picking up these mask sheets for 99 cents each!
I used the "Pearl" one and really enjoyed it, will keep purchasing them for a cheap indulgence!

I got this Dr. Bronner's "Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap" travel size from Target
and wanted to try it as a makeup brush cleanser.

& oh my goodness, my brushes are cleaner than when I first got them!
They are back to white for the first time in months!
& they smell nice and clean!
Very happy with this and will maybe get the big size!

I do have quite a few items in my Ulta shopping cart this year,
which may turn into a Christmas wish list:

What is on your beauty wish list?

Lots of empties this month!
bath clockwise: Revlon Colorsilk hair dye "Deep Burgundy" {my fave! Apparently I dyed my hair 2x this month?! whoops.} / "Cozy Nights" Target candles {my all my favorite candle, they are just so hard to find!} / luminessence candles in "Pumpkin Pie" & "Driftwood Sands" {Pumpkin is okay, faint. I love the diftwood sands scent, faint yet nice} / Bath & Body Works "Leaves" {used all of these already, a classic fall scent- hubby loves this scent too} / Paul Mitchell "Super Silky Daily Treatment" {leaves my hair nice and soft, I used it as like a finishing conditioner} / method body wash in "Southern Peach" {sweet and refreshing, I loved this in the spring and summer, these are great body washes} / Colgate "Max Fresh" toothpaste {what we usually use, I like it} / Crest 3D White 2 step system samples {I would like to purchase this system to really get an idea of how it works, these samples were a little too small to see a difference} / Old Spice "Swagger" body wash {hubby loves this stuff and I love when he uses it! Yes, we got them for 52 cents from the Target clearance end cap} Ritual shampoo and conditioner from Raddison hotel {I love this hotel set! Yes I am that person who takes the bath products from a hotel room. The "Cool Hair" shampoo is cooling, calming, and refreshing. The "It's a Wrap" conditioner smells so nice.} / Natural Essence Mask Sheet "Pearl" from Korean grocery store {I enjoyed this! For only 99 cents, I will be getting more!} / Masqueology Revitalizing Eye Mask {got this years ago from Birchbox and finally tried it, it was calming and nice for the under eye area, not sure I would purchase it though} / Jergens "Wet Skin Moisturizer" {I am loving this stuff, used up the sample but have a full size I am working on, use it after the shower and saves time and I feel more moisturized!} / Biore "Self Heating One Minute Mask" {I love things that heat up when you use them! I think I will purchase a full size, feels great!} / Summer's Eve "Cleansing Cloths" {love love love these things, game changer to feel refreshed!}  

beauty: Beauty Secrets Acetone Nail Polish Remover from Sally's Beauty Supply {takes off glitter polish! I love this stuff!} / NYX "Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray" {eh, not my favorite, won't repurchase} / NYC "Applelicious Big Apple Red" lip balm {I liked this in the beginning but started to make my lips chapped towards the end} / essie "all in one" {I love this stuff as a base coat but I am using a much cheaper one from Sally Hansen that is doing the job} / Nivea "extended moisture" {sample too small to see if it is actually that good, but like said above, I like the Jergens "Wet Skin" moisturizer a lot these days} / Lady Gaga "Fame" {I like this scent, probably won't purchase though, she also did a very interesting interview about these aspects of her career, check it out here, worth a listen} / Wet n Wild single shadow in "Brûlée" {Yes, I used the whole eye shadow pan! I use this for a brow bone highlight as well as under eye setter, every day. I also like to use it on the lid for nude eye looks or to set primer, a great shade! Have back ups ready!}

Since I used up a lot of my candles,
I purchased these from Walmart:
They are AMAZING for $4.50!
Expect to see them empty next week as I enjoy them!

Since today is Halloween,
I've been taking lots of Halloween nail inspiration from NailsVideos on Instagram,
they have SO MANY good nail tutorials, I wish I could do these!

I have a bit of a poll question for those of you who read my beauty posts,
next month will be 2 years of Humble Beauty Opinions and I want to do a "Favorites" Giveaway!
I have a ton of products lined up, details in next months beauty post,
but I can't decide which high lighter palette to include,
I LOVE the theBalm The Manizer Sisters Luminizer Collection Palette,
and Champagne Pop from Becca is an AMAZING highlighter, and now it is in a palette!

So which one should I include in next month's giveaway?
Vote in the side bar please!

Thank you!

Happy Humble Beauty & Halloween!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

All Hallows Eve: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Darwin

All Hallows Eve party, 
Boos & Brews housewarming costume party!

Since a science friend from college was hosting,
the hubby had an idea to be Charles and Emma Darwin:

Yes, THE Charles Darwin was married to a woman named Emma!
{also his first cousin...}
My hubby's name is Charlie, and I am of course Emma, in case you are new here...
We are of no relation though, only marriage =)

First step was to secure birds,
Darwin is famous for his research on variations of finches,
so this was the most important part.

Luckily Michael's Craft Store had lots to choose from!

I was happy with my selections,
some big birds, some little, some birds nests, I was ready to assemble!

Charlies costume:
Hat & Pants: Target
Jacket & Shoes: Thrifted
Beard: Sprit Halloween Store

I think it came out great!

My Emma Costume:
Dress: Thrifted {I thought this was perfect! This was the hardest part}
Flats: Target
{Glasses- c/o Coastal- not really part of the "costume" but I didn't want to be blind}

So what do you think?
Did we nail it?
I think so!

I loved these little mummy cookie dough cake pops at the party!

This is how I woke up in the morning:

& found that the hubby had placed his birds in the plants all over the house...

Happy Halloween!

I am happy to relax at home and hand out candy this Halloween with my Charles!

Check out my last couple Halloween costumes:

 Velma for Halloween 2013 

Tina from Bob's Burgers Halloween 2014

I love this meme:

I am clearly the shark on the right...

What are you being for Halloween?

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