Friday, October 30, 2015

All Hallows Eve: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Darwin

All Hallows Eve party, 
Boos & Brews housewarming costume party!

Since a science friend from college was hosting,
the hubby had an idea to be Charles and Emma Darwin:

Yes, THE Charles Darwin was married to a woman named Emma!
{also his first cousin...}
My hubby's name is Charlie, and I am of course Emma, in case you are new here...
We are of no relation though, only marriage =)

First step was to secure birds,
Darwin is famous for his research on variations of finches,
so this was the most important part.

Luckily Michael's Craft Store had lots to choose from!

I was happy with my selections,
some big birds, some little, some birds nests, I was ready to assemble!

Charlies costume:
Hat & Pants: Target
Jacket & Shoes: Thrifted
Beard: Sprit Halloween Store

I think it came out great!

My Emma Costume:
Dress: Thrifted {I thought this was perfect! This was the hardest part}
Flats: Target
{Glasses- c/o Coastal- not really part of the "costume" but I didn't want to be blind}

So what do you think?
Did we nail it?
I think so!

I loved these little mummy cookie dough cake pops at the party!

This is how I woke up in the morning:

& found that the hubby had placed his birds in the plants all over the house...

Happy Halloween!

I am happy to relax at home and hand out candy this Halloween with my Charles!

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I love this meme:

I am clearly the shark on the right...

What are you being for Halloween?

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