Thursday, March 31, 2011

{day 18}

Let's all do a cheer that it is almost the weekend!!! 
What I Wore [day 18] :
red boots via sallyjanevintage
Mustard skirt via ARC thrift store
Pink ruffle tank- Gap
Black cardigan- TJMaxx
Betsey Johnson grey stockings
Michael Kors pink watch
Tory Burch cuff
Pearl necklace- gift
leopard glasses =)
details =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{day 17}

I am counting down the days (hours, minutes & seconds) until the end of this struggle!
Great challenge though thanks Kendi!! [but boy is it tough!]
What I Wore [day 17] :
Black studded flats from Forever 21
Green dress via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift (warn as a shirt! also seen here.)
Pink trench- Chicos 
studded belt- Hot Topic (from forever ago)
Tiffany & Co diamonds by the yard
Michael Kors pink watch
Stump ring from
coach silver dangle earrings
leopard glasses =)

Here are some things I wish I could buy/afford on Rue La La today:
Marc by Marc Jacobs 
(of course they waited until my 30/30 to bring this in?!)
 How cute are these?! They were on sale for $99 but are sold out =(

What?! You are still not on rue la la?! 
Get in here. Or click buttons on side bar.

Also digging this ring (bad ass & still so cute!)
 from Rachel Roy:
Get it here.
$48 (+ 25% off jewelry for a limited time!)

Mixture between the snake ring on my Wish/Shopping List
& this baby from YSL 
Get this here. ($250)
bea-u-tiful don't ya think?!
Check out this amazing giveaway!
at swampedinflowers blog.
Could win this bag:
But don't enter cause I REALLY WANT IT!!! <3
But you could still check it out, I suppose

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{day 16}

I have noticed a few things with this 30/30 challenge:
1. I miss thrifting A LOT
2. I miss my closet- I can't help but think about all the fun stuff hiding in those draws ready for many of combinations--- I am excited to shop in my own closet!
3. I have re-discovered my jewelry box & belts
4. I love my fiance/friends/family/fellow bloggers for helping me through this [& occasional presents & a give-a-way win] =)
What I Wore [day 16] :
Peach colored flats from ARC thrift store
Navy pinstriped trousers- Gap
Paisley shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Salmon button up- American Eagle
Stripped cardigan from Forever 21

Michael Kors pink watch
Rachel Leigh studded red leather bracelet
bobbinsandbits green flower ring 
small green ring- China Town in Phili
Pink eyeglasses Steve Madden


Oh and can someone please buy me:
From TwitchVintageGod, i love that blog/store <3
I would love you foreverrrrrr
Get it here.
(bidding starts @ ten bucks!)

Monday, March 28, 2011


This is what we've got so far... 

Let's here it for the next half...
I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...

What are your favorites so far? Any suggestions? Leave your thoughts (& love) below =)

{day 15} half way babyyyy

So 15 down, 15 to go!!! [until end of 30/30 & my 1st give-a-way!!]

P.S. I love this bag =) I got it in Shanghai last year.
It is so versatile the sides unsnap to a tote = functional & perfect

What I Wore [day 15] :
White star loafer via ARC thrift store in Denver
Levi's skinny jeans
Blue blouse- boutique in South Carolina <3 the bowWhite cardigan- Sundance
Tory Burch cuff =)
Michael Kors pink watch
assorted bracelets (from traveling)
Turquoise ring (flea market) & small silver ring (store in Princeton)
Steve Madden pink eyeglasses
close up =)
Updated my Wish/Shopping Lists. I know I know... I think as a reward I might get myself a little something [or two!] off the list... which ones do you guys suggest?! 
is this poll worthy?!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

{day 14}

So directly after posting {days 12 & 13} I got extremely sick [vomiting & other fun things...] 
I don't know what that was all about but I think I am feeling better =)
this is my recovery outfit 

What I Wore [day 14] :
Peach colored flats from ARC thrift store
harlem pants: Michael Kors
Sequence tank- Holister outlet in South Carolina
Black cardigan- TJMaxx

Michael Kors black studded bracelet & pink watch
Vine ring from alicialynnjewelry <3
Pink lips necklace- Juicy Culture via consignment store
Steve Madden pink eyeglasses 

now... resting

Saturday, March 26, 2011

{day 12 & 13}- double your pleasure

 this is my first "catch up" post of my 30/30...
I know... slacker

What a weekend it has been so far! 
Friday = [day 12] :
Nude Steve Madden "soffeee" flats
Animal print skirt from Forever 21
Pink ruffle tank - Gap
Pink trench- Chicos

Saturday = [day 13] :
Red boots via sallyjanevintage
Seven Jeans via hautelook
Blue stripped & lace shirt via ARC thrift store
Grey blazer- Ralph Lauren via ARC thrift store
accessory specific to [day 13]: belt- Abercrombie & Fitch outlet in SC

accessories for both [day 12 & 13]:
Michael Kors  pink watch
Tiffany & Co diamonds by the yard necklace
New Tory Burch Rivera Cuff {gift from fiance!!}
bobbinsandbits 'kiwi' ring- give-a-way win =)
leopard glasses =)

You heard right... I got the Tory Burch Rivera Cuff!!!!! It was a surprise gift from my fiance & I am obsessed! Another item off my wish list =)
My fiance really IS the best ever!
Check it out!!!! & my give-a-way win from devorelebeaumonstre's blog.
Ring by 
<3 it! So cute & springy!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

{day 11}

I miss my closet & I still have 20 days! 
I have adjusted my 30/30 so that it is legit 
[ends April 12th]

What I Wore [day 11] :
Black studded flats from Forever 21
Black trouser pants from Gap
Paisley shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Grey blazer- Ralph Lauren via ARC thrift store

My glasses purse <3
Michael Kors pink watch
Pandora Bracelet (I will prob do a post on this in the future cause I love it)
leopard glasses =)

So more times than not I talk about things that I want, but the truth is I do own many things that I am obsessed with... this bag is one of them =)
I got this bag some time last year at Forever 21. 
I had to get it [mainly because I think it looks like me]
what do you all think?

Guess what else?! Today is a
 at Tory Burch!

all you have to do is join her mailing list & you can get into the private sale!
I can't shop but here are some of my picks:
meteorite T PRONG RING
Get it 
here. (originally $125 now $62.50)
been stalking this for a while & now it's lots cheaper 
fawn SKIRT
Get it 
here. (was $525 now it's $210)
This is To.Die.For =) SOOO CUTEEE I would rock this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{day 10}

yep... I wore this shirt yesterday
sue me

An advantage to being a sub is that I don't really see the same people day to day so I can get away with this.

I am afraid I have already hit a creative wall with these outfits & items =( 
trying my best though!
O and BTW 
The next 20 something days could not come fast enough
 [oh yeah & it will also be spring break =)]
What I Wore [day 10] :
Brown boots via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Navy stripped Gap Trouser Pants
Red stripped shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Fur via Michael Kors- via Macy's
Grey & blue belt via Estate Sale
Michael Kors pink watch
Sundance beaded necklace
Skull bracelet Tibet store in Denver
leopard glasses =)
& my dog apparently...

O and can someone buy me this ring [sz 6 pretty pleaseeee?!] I LOVE IT & AM OBSESSED!!! <3
Get it here. It is created by The Violet Reaction. <3 her blog [check it out!]
her button =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{day 9}

So today... 
     (in the life of a substitute teacher)
I was an elementary physical education [gym] teacher.
I am exhausted to say the least.
Not too excited about this outfit but it was the best I could do to look "sporty" with my 30/30.

What I Wore [day 9] :
Star loafers via ARC thrift store
Gap grey trouser pants
Gap pink ruffle tank (underneath)
Red stripped shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift 
Stripped cardigan from Forever 21

Michael Kors pink watch
Stump ring from <3
Pink sparkly lips necklace- Juicy Culture via Green Street Consignment
leopard glasses =)

Here is some fashion inspiration / things I am crushing on:
Love this snake print skirt!!
Get it 
here. ($56)
Love how this outfit is put together =)
I am obsessed with these shoes!!
Get it 
here. ($119)
Maybe someday I can find something similar in my thrifting adventures =)
In other news: remember when I talked about the Tory Burch shirt for Japan?!?!?! They are selling it on Rue La La too 
(this website gets better & better & better & better!!) 
Use my invite [also in the side bar] my invite to get into the cool kids club & get yours =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

{day 8}

Breaking news!!!!! 
I won my first blog give-a-way!!! 
& it's a ring from bobbinsandbits!
check them both out {they are awesome!}

What I Wore [day 8] :
Nude flats- Steve Madden "Sofieee"
Seven Jeans- newly hemmed =)
Blue stripped & lace shirt via ARC thrift store
Pink trench- Chicos 
leopard glasses =)
I can't shop but maybe you can =) 

 These are my picks:
#1. Sequined Cardigan- ($77 & take off an additional 30% off today) get it here.
#2. Makena studded wedges- ($55 & take an additional 30%off today) 
get it here.
(only have 5.5 left- so you can get them for me if you would like & I would love haha)
So get yourself some good stuff @ some decent prices!

Also: Winning my first give-a-way has also inspired me to do a give-a-way.
At the completion of my 30/30 as a reward for everyone putting up with me there will be a give-a-way for my readers =) 
more info to come, the countdown is onnnnnn