Tuesday, March 1, 2011


clearly these items are not to be warn together haha
Love these pants =)
With a white/light pink tank or t-shirt = PERFECT!!
Derby/Harlem pants are my new obsession 
Get um here. ($285)
Some one buy me these (my size and all!)
 pretty please!! So cute & fun!!
Get um here. ($28)

This blazer is so cute! (I think I have an obsession with blazers)
Get it 
here. ($80)

Here is another item that I am crushing on:
It is so cute and I absolutely love the way it's styled with the flats & purple stockings =)
was on katespade.com but it's sold out =(
Was around $178, which is why I don't currently own it...
But they have lots of adorable clothing items on sale 
(if you call that a sale) 

This is a look straight off the runway Fall 2011 for Dolce & Gabbana.
The mixture of these patterns are to.die.for. 

Digging on this one too!
if it was less bulky looking I would be sold. I love tribal patterns & can't get enough of them!

Get it here. ($28)
Her store is awesome! 
Check out other awesome items below:
If this cardigan is still available after my 30/30. It will be my first purchase. (I know I shouldn't think like that but this will be harder than I previously thought!!)

 This is the pattern I wore today:
shirt- thrifted
red blazer- urban outfitters
steve madden eyeglasses =)


Harija said...

I guess patterns are taking over this 2011 spring and summer!

My Lyfe ; My Story

oomph. said...

i love the striped blazer!! glad i saw this :)


Emma Z said...

Yes, patterns are my favorite, I am so happy they are "in fashion" (even though they have always been for me! lol)

Thanks for visiting my blog =)

two birds said...

i love that first pair of pants and those boots! so much fun. i am loving patterns lately too!

Emma Z said...

I love the boots, I might be budgeting them, even though my fiance said I would look like a power ranger... I think I am okay with that!