Sunday, March 13, 2011

dooms day is HERE!... i mean 30/30 starts....

Hello fellow bloggers. 
It is time for me to take a nice cleansing period 
from my shopping addiction

That's right- 30/30 is here.
start date = March 14th
end date = April 14th
((which awkwardly kinda corresponds with lent so I guess that works too))
from the creative mind (and awesome blog!) kendieveryday.
To add another layer:
4.  Me & the fiance have also decided to not go out to eat for 30+ days.
This is going to be super hard for us,
 especially because I also have a sushi addiction.
so anyways... 
(now that we are all clear on the rules- thanks to the creative genius kendieveryday
..... strategically planning .....
these are my selections:

Pantalones (pants):
3 pairs "work" pants: black, blue pin stripped, grey: all Gap Trouser cut
2 pairs of jeans: Levi's skinny jeans & Seven jeans 
(not pictured because they are at the tailor getting hemmed)
& one pair of harlem pants: Michael Kors

Vestido y faldas (dress & skirts):
Green dress via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Mustard skirt via ARC thrift store (this needs to be hemmed so you won't see it for a little while)
Animal print skirt from Forever 21
Tribal patterned skirt via thrift store in South Carolina (one of my favorite items I own!)

suéter (sweaters & blazers):
Pink trench- Chicos 
Fur vest- Michael Kors via Macys
Grey blazer- Ralph Lauren via ARC thrift store
Stripped cardigan from Forever 21
White cardigan- Sundance 
Black cardigan- TJMaxx

Camisas (shirts):
Blue blouse- boutique in South Carolina
Red stripped shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Sequence tank- Holister outlet in South Carolina
Salmon button up- really old American Eagle
Blue stripped & lace shirt via ARC thrift store
Paisley shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Pink ruffle tank- Gap

Zapatos (shoes):
listed clockwise
Steve Madden nude Sofieee flats
Black studded flats from Forever 21
Peach colored flats from ARC thrift store
Minnetonka Moccasin (recent gift from fiance!! <3 these!)
These will also be in the 30/30 but they are currently at the
shoe doctor getting their bottoms put back on....
Botas (boots) :
left: red boots via sallyjanevintage
right: brown boots via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift

So there you have it = 30 items / 30 days.
*for the record I did not include undershirts or winter coats (& accessories don't count as per the rules by Kendi)
 I am not so worried about the remixing
as I am the no shopping part. 
((mainly because I just realized that tomorrow on Rue La La is Betsey Johnson 
& the two days after that are Final Sale days)) 
- {Don't know what Rue La La is?! you gotta get in on this shiz- use my invite to the cool kids club- 
or see all my invites in the sidebar, so you can develop a shopping addiction like me =) } -

Well here goes nothing- Let's do thisssssss! 
wish me luck =)


Hand~Pck'd by Nikona said...

How exciting! I love this challenge : D I see you have some nice pieces, I'll definitely be watching. Luv your logo header!

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