Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{day 10}

yep... I wore this shirt yesterday
sue me

An advantage to being a sub is that I don't really see the same people day to day so I can get away with this.

I am afraid I have already hit a creative wall with these outfits & items =( 
trying my best though!
O and BTW 
The next 20 something days could not come fast enough
 [oh yeah & it will also be spring break =)]
What I Wore [day 10] :
Brown boots via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Navy stripped Gap Trouser Pants
Red stripped shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Fur via Michael Kors- via Macy's
Grey & blue belt via Estate Sale
Michael Kors pink watch
Sundance beaded necklace
Skull bracelet Tibet store in Denver
leopard glasses =)
& my dog apparently...

O and can someone buy me this ring [sz 6 pretty pleaseeee?!] I LOVE IT & AM OBSESSED!!! <3
Get it here. It is created by The Violet Reaction. <3 her blog [check it out!]
her button =)


Kristy Elena said...

you look adorable! i rewear things all the time, you should definitely not feel bad about that! i actually checked the last outfit post where you were wearing this shirt as well, and i'm really impressed that you were able to style it into a completely new and fresh outfit. great job!

that ring really is too cute! i hope you end up getting it. =)

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Emma Z said...

So excited to get your comment =) <3

thanks for visiting!

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

thanks, Emma! I really like the butterfly ring, too. I wear the one in the picture almost every day now. :)

Emma Z said...

Might be my next purchase =)