Monday, February 29, 2016

Going to Hell with Brandi from! My podcast interview!

Extra Day- Extra Post! 

I am so excited to share that I was interviewed on Going to Hell Podcast
for Brandi's new segment "Pancakes and Eggs" where she interviews women who are kick ass!

I was so excited to featured, especially by a woman that I think is major kick ass!
I love Brandi's podcast and a huge thank you to her for thinking of me!

We talked about blogging, fashion, inspirations, how I mix patterns and keep dressing for work fun,
it was awesome!

My interview starts at 31:30 in the episode

We also have a special coupon code on,
use password "puglove" to unlock the coupon for my Etsy Shop: InTheLeopardCloset!

Check out my interview!
Thanks Brandi!

JCrew? No, got it from my Nonno!

When I saw this NYFW look from jcrewismyfavstore on instagram,
 I was like, "Wait a minute, I have a blazer just like that!"
Even better, my Nonno MADE IT! 
That is right, made it!

I like mine better, 
always better with love and family history in each stitch!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Firmoo, lips- Gerard Cosmetics "1995", necklace- World Market, top- Target, blazer- handmade by my Nonno, pants- Gap, flats- vintage

I love this Essie revival polish in "Starry Starry Night", it is awesome!
So happy I picked it up!

I got to try the Vault's Trial & Error Lavender Blonde beer!
I liked it, the flavor and scent was definitely present and I enjoyed it!

Know what the super ironic part of this post is,
after work, the button fell off my pants, I had to sow it back on,
those skills are not genetic, that is for sure.
45 minutes later and it is sowed on with light blue thread.

Oh well, it's Monday so some new music for my Spotify 2016 Playlist!

I have become obsessed with this "Work Work" song by clipping,
the Song Exploder episode with them is awesome and made me fall in love!
{also an episode with Tune Yards for the "Water Fountain"}

Hear all my new faves for this year here:

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

ISO: Cacti Print!

It is obvious I have a thing for patterns,
one pattern that I've been in search of (ISO) is cactus!

I have been holding out for just the right piece,
here is what I've been inspired by {but have yet to get my hands on...}

It pretty much started with this instagram from ShopCalico,
but it is $50 compared to $36 at other stores

Got stronger with this instagram from MichelGypsyWarrior
& I was hoping Gypsy Warrior would have some, but they don't!

I got close to ordering it the Motel "Josephine Cactus Dress" from The City Witch,
but I missed the pre-order and kind of want to size up because I've heard it runs small
and I want it to be a more oversized fit.

Maybe I should have made cactus print a priority when I went to Texas last March...
Maybe I should ask Wear Material if she has any because her clothing is to die for...

One day, cactus print will be added to my closet!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Humble Beauty Opinion #27!

I haven't bought a lot of makeup recently, 
I have been using my Sephora Z-Palettes with assorted shadows and products daily,
some more details were in last month's Humble Beauty Opinion
I love that the original and the baby size fit together like the perfect pair! 

I love this month's Ipsy bag!
The love letter print with the texture has made it's way into my heart!
I like the Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Sierra Nevada #05,
 although the packaging is messy but the color is awesome.

Speaking of Sierra Nevada,
my dad gave me this hop chap stick & I am loving it!
{glasses- Firmoo}

A purchase that I made is Essie "Starry Starry Night"
It is from the revival collection and I have had my eye on it!
Happy I picked it up as soon as I saw it because that is the only color sold out of the display.

A polish I am excited about is this Cupcakes and Cashmere Formula X collab!

Since I have not been adding to my collection,
I have just been collecting inspiration and building up a wish list, of course!

 I love this "Funfetti" gloss from Fierce Magenta that thelipswatch on instagram

Speaking of lip swatches, I am interested to try these colors from Black Moon Cosmetics,
shared by Dupethat on instagram
especially "Grim" and "Harvest!"

I have been building a new/another wish list for Makeup Geek,
I love this green "Dirty Martini" shadow that miaumauve used in this instagram photo:

I was also stalking the Manny MUA x Makeup Geek palette release,
I was not like obsessed with getting it,
I was thinking about passing on it,
especially since I thought that YouTuber Jaclyn Hill was still doing a Makeup Geek Palette,
but she just announced that she isn't anymore, which is disappointing =(
{picture- makeupbeautybudget on instagram}

I think I may just pick up the shades in this palette that I already knew I wanted,
if they are released separately:
{Luna, Insomnia, Mars + maybe Cosmopolitan}
 {photo- Margieknowsmakeup on instagram & she reposted from alyssum.aesthetics}

More shadows that I've been checking out
since Dupethat on instagram did a sweet comparison...
May have to try some of these Looxi shadows,
especially "Omega" and "Duperstar"

I am also excited for Strobe Cosmetics matte shadows,
I really want to try their shadows,
especially since you can get individual shades from their American Horror Story palettes now!
{yet another Dupethat on instagram photo- you need to follow them!}

I want all of these from Strobe Cosmetics!

I want to put all those shadows & more in this tatted Marilyn Monroe custom loveluxebeauty palette!

Since I have not been beauty shopping,
I have been using up a lot of products in my stash!
from left to right  / inside to outside kinda: Ken Paves "You are Beautiful" shampoo and conditioner- I did not like this stuff, I don't know if it was the smell or the resulting frizzy hair but it did not work for me / Kate Somerville "Hollywood's 2 Minute Facial"- super tingly but it was nice and cleansing / Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in "Dark Intense Burgundy"- back to one of my faves! Love this hair dye / Dial "7 Day moisturizing lotion"- got as a sample, had no idea Dial made anything other than soap, I like this cream / Pure Vanilla Body Butter- I was excited to try this because I have heard so much about this brand and scent, honestly a little too strong of a scent for me but it was nice overall, don't think I would purchase though / BWC lotion- this was okay, nothing too special / {Malin + Goetz} shampoo + conditioner + body lotion from DogFish Head Inn Trip- I love this stuff, a little goes a long way, it smells awesome and makes your hair feel great! The lotion is okay, not my favorite, the rum body wash is also very good! / Matrix total results "Amplify Volume" Shampoo + Biolage Conditioner- smells like your just got your hair done at a nice salon! I love this stuff and it lasts for months / Target "Cozy Nights"- an all time fave, sad my stash is running low / Walmart "Rustic LakeHouse" + "Mahogany Driftwood" these are great for less than $5 each! / Lacoste sample perfume- this was nice and I've had it forever / Hard Candy "Brows Now"- I LOVE this stuff, I need another! / Milani "Brow Fix Kit"- I like this too, I didn't exactly use it all up, I de-potted it into my Z-Palette and it is so much more useful and travel friendly / St. Ives "Oatmeal Scrub" & "Apricot Scrub"- loved these, Apricot is better for exfoliating but I used the Oatmeal one as a mask / Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser- I liked this! It really took off my makeup

What beauty products have you been loving/lusting after/ or using up?!
Do share!

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Breaking out the leopard, took not even a week

What can I say, I can't hold it in! 

What I Wore: glasses- Jean Lafont, necklace- KT Ferris Creations, sweater- Forever 21, tank (under)- NY&Co, pants- Anthropologie, wedges- thrifted

Playing with the "live photo" feature of the iPhone...

A few faves for Friday!

I love to repurpose baby's breath from my Valentine's Day flowers to dry out all over the house!
PS. check out that old school photo of me & my hubby!

Two more Podcasts that I've been listening to on my long commutes:
60 Second Science / Ear Biscuits by Rhett & Link

Both will be added to my Podcast list!

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

all hand-me-down, all day.

Sometimes the best things in life are free,
and come in a garbage bag from your mom, 
like this whole outfit.

What I Wore: glasses- LookMatic, lips- Revlon "Ingenue", necklace- Kendra Scott, top & pants- second hand, flats- JCrew

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