Sunday, February 28, 2016

ISO: Cacti Print!

It is obvious I have a thing for patterns,
one pattern that I've been in search of (ISO) is cactus!

I have been holding out for just the right piece,
here is what I've been inspired by {but have yet to get my hands on...}

It pretty much started with this instagram from ShopCalico,
but it is $50 compared to $36 at other stores

Got stronger with this instagram from MichelGypsyWarrior
& I was hoping Gypsy Warrior would have some, but they don't!

I got close to ordering it the Motel "Josephine Cactus Dress" from The City Witch,
but I missed the pre-order and kind of want to size up because I've heard it runs small
and I want it to be a more oversized fit.

Maybe I should have made cactus print a priority when I went to Texas last March...
Maybe I should ask Wear Material if she has any because her clothing is to die for...

One day, cactus print will be added to my closet!

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