Sunday, February 7, 2016

Who What Wear @ Target! Sunday Shopping!

I shared the first look of the Who What Wear @ Target collection in October,

and I checked it out online and in store last weekend!

This collection was deeper in the store than these collections usually are in my store,
I think that is because it is suppose to be a longer collection with new items released monthly

I decided to try on lots of things to get a feel for the sizing and see what I needed to add to my closet!
I LOVE olive these days and this collection provides!
Bateau Tee in Olive {$20}  & Skinny Crop Pant in Olive {$30}

Button Up Blouse in Olive {$25}

Peplum Utility Jacket {$40}

Minimal Moto {$45}

The most surprising piece of this collection for me was this Cape Blazer,
I never thought I would like the style of it
& it was definitely a hit and a must have for me!
Cape Blazer {$40}

I love this combo too!
Instant outfit!
Button Up Blouse in Olive {$25} & Birdcage Skirt {$30}

Midi shirt dress with convertible sleeve {$37}

I also decided to use the length of the dress to style the other jackets
1. Trench Vest {$40} way too long on my short body!
 2. Peplum Utility Jacket {$40}
 3. Minimal Moto {$45}

Sleeveless fluted shift {$30}

I have been looking to add some solid staples and basics to my closet
& this collection is perfect for that!
I am excited that it will be monthly so I can refresh my closet!

What I bought online:
Midi shirt dress with convertible sleeve in denim / Bateau Tee in Olive / Allover Printed Tee in yellow blue floral {$18}

What I brought in store:
Cape Blazer / Button Up Blouse in Olive / Skinny Crop Pant in Olive / Birdcage Skirt

I mean...

What I am still thinking about:

My store didn't have any bags when I went,
but these zip pouches look cute and I would like to see them in person!

 I am curious to try on these Slim Boyfriend Denim jeans {$35}

I love the tags in this collection,
so fancy!

So, in case you were not aware,
I am addicted to Target designer collections...
What you don't see here is at least 5 of each of these tags... I have since cleaned out my collection,
not sure why I keep all these things

& Kohls designer collections!

I love that Kohls tags have different cities on their tags!

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