Wednesday, October 31, 2012

want{ed} wednesday

I am taking a break from looking at the crazy ruins of the Jersey Shore.
It is truly depressing to see my childhood memories destroyed to pieces.
It is just amazing the amount of destruction.

I woke up and got ready like normal today, skull top and all for halloween, but school was cancelled. The website is not updated and the phone lines are down.
It feels like the end of the world over here.

I have been out of work since last Thursday & I have off tomorrow already.
Thats right a 7 day weekend, honestly I want to go back to work.
I miss getting dressed.

Until then, here are some recent purchases I have made:

October birchbox:
fave products- Luna Bar, & the Naked Princess Lip Gloss

My first Zara purchase:

I finally found leather insert pants that I have been looking for for over a year!
via hautelook {brand: 6126}

UPDATE: I had to add this leopard/leather beauty to my fall wardrobe: 
$30 from ShopHopes

Love these Betsey Johnson sunflower earrings from groupon for $12!

love this ring from ebay for $2!

finally ordered this baublebar atlantic-pacific collab arrow ring: 

& this adorable puppy print top from asian icandy

one of my more "gilty" purchases was the Zoya Gold Top Coat,
justified by the fact that my black nail polish died a few days ago & that I have been meaning to get a white anyway. The gold is a fab bonus =)

My birthday present from the fiancé finally arrived.
Only a month and a half late, but worth the wait
but these Steve Madden beauties are finally mine, thanks to ebay.

Another present from the fiancé arrived too!
 These beautiful LV flats were only $70ish from Threadflip
& today is their last day to take $2o off a purchase of $50!
get to shopping!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


green has been one of my most warn colors this year.
{outfit from a week ago- when the trees were still standing...} 
What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, necklace- Ell and Emm on etsy, top- El Vintage on etsy, pants- Old Navy, shoes- thrifted. 

It seems that we might be the only people in NJ that still have power following Sandy.
My heart goes out to all those on the less lucky side of this disaster, 
now we start the recovery process. 
our pumpkin still standing!

some of our neighborhood trees were not so lucky...
ripped right out of the ground.

So I continue to wear sweats & rain flats.
& pray for my fellow east coasters.

During the hurricane, we did some redecorating:
finally fixed and hung the painting that I scored from the goodwill for $6!
I absolutly love it!
The best part? the drawing is sketched and outline on the other side,  I fell in love & it is perfect for our NYC themed bedroom!

I also made some Cider Sangria:
recipe here!

Hope everyone is okay!

Monday, October 29, 2012

bat wings & life lately

In the anticipation of hurricane sandy's arrival in NJ, 
I bring you an outfit post from school a few weeks ago. 
good thing I have some on reserve because lets be real,
I am not wearing anything but sweats for this 5 day weekend.
What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, top-No Rest for Bridget {gift from my sister last year}, belt- was my dad's, pants- Old Navy, flats- Target. 

In reminiscing of life lately, here is what I have been up to prior to being "sheltered in place" in my apartment:
pastas, cookies, fall decorations (BONE CANDLES!!), glasses collection, puppies, etc. 

I prepped for Sandy by finally getting "The perks of being a wallflower",
the brown and black flats I have been meaning to get {$14 from Ross}
& 2 buck chuck wine & seaweed chips from Trader Joes
Hope everyone is staying safe for Sandy! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

london fashion week {sponsored review}

London Fashion Week 2012 Reviewed
The London Fashion Week is one of the most awaited runway events in all of the United Kingdom and the fashion world. Britain is home to some of the most talented fashion designers - the talent is usually seen oozing during the fashion week or other fashion events. Colour and jazz, the two components overflowing in abundance in such fashion events, was once again seen in the spring and autumn collections display at the London Fashion Week 2012.

Spring Collection/ Summer Event

Printed trousers are in and the floral multicoloured pants showcased this. Pastel shades of dandelion clashed with the pastel shades of magnolia. Most designers boldly flaunted many such contracts and fusions on the runaway. Mesh inserts for dresses with “flatform” shoes were elegant and stunning. Jonathan Saunders made a spectacle with his collection of jewel tones, frocks, and lengthy coats.

Pleated school skirts and button up shirts were in vogue. A special attention to bold, mesmerising, and vibrant printed African tribal designs was given at the runways of Burberry Prorsum and Ikat prints. Beading on dresses that gave graceful cuts and sparkles to several fashion wear was a common sight. While 'orange' represented the New York designers, 'yellow' was a major aspect of the work exhibited by the designers from Britain.
Burberry Prorsum {image via}

Autumn Event/ Winter Collection

House of Holland, Mary Katrantzou, McQueen and Unique dazzled the audience with their garments and suit collections. Oversized mob style tops with trousers and skirts from McCartney’s collection were truly inspiring. Winter collection also saw bright clashing colours, most popularly orange, as a contrast to fur and leather from House of Holland. Christopher Kane, the Scottish designer, also made an impact with his new collection that is set to hit the markets very soon.

 House of Holland {image via}

The London Fashion Week is not just about clothes. Jewellery also keys into the whole agenda. In fact,
earrings, bracelets and other shiny metallic accessories played a major part in this year’s Fashion Week.

Fashion is ruled by trends. Just because some high end collectibles form a part of the runway show, it does not mean they become an instant success with the buyers. The fashion world gives ratings to each outfit and lot of its long-term success is decided by these ratings. However, regardless of the outcome, Britain models and designers have been triumphant in creating a blown away effect at this year’s fashion extravaganza.

{post is sponsored- images of collections I selected}

Saturday, October 27, 2012

october ending with a bang

So if you have seen any weather reports about the east sideeee we are waiting for Hurricane Sandy to knock down our doors. 

While in prep, I bring you a flash back from last Saturday when it was 80 degrees, sunny and Octoberfest. 

went to the pumpkin patch to get some for the partay 

came home and put all the stickers on my "pug"kin
What I Wore: glasses- c/o firmoo, top- J.Crew, jeans- abercrombie & fitch, booties- Wanted {via DSW}

finally got a Stella & Dot renegade bracelet!
love it!

too much fun was had by all...
my sister with the exhausted pups

Friday, October 26, 2012

faves for friday: halloweekend

Here is what I wish I was wearing for halloween:
4. 1990s loeffler randall skull flats {dying for these... see what I did there?!}

I have always been a fan of skulls, bones and other science-ish clothing items. 
halloween is the perfect to reason to wear all of them at once too! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

birds and the bees

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker Midnight Blue Sinclairs, blazer & skirt- thrifted, blouse- vintage {via tea and tulips}, stockings- Betsey Johnson {via rue la la}, flats- Target, bag- vintage Gucci. 

love this blouse & print:

I wore this outfit to work and to go out for the future father-in-law birthday
so it became the birds, bees and fish:

I love sushi, seriously could eat it everyday. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

my 2nd 1st day

So, this post is about a month coming, 
I have changed teaching positions. 
Today was my 2nd 1st day. 

I was teaching Middle School Science (6th, 7th, 8th, health, & test prep)
at a charter school in NJ's capital. 
It was a real challenge, not all of the students, I do miss them, 
but the structure of the school and the expectations of the teachers were unreal
& quite honestly, impossible. 

& I bring you my first month of work in picture form as one of my students stole my cellphone and snapped these:
clearly not having a fabulous time. 

I was offered a Biology Teacher position at a high school and jumped on the opportunity to be more focused and happy in my career. 

So today was my first day at my new job!
What I Wore: glasses- c/o firmoo, top- Macy's, leopard belt- Betsey Johnson, pants- Old Navy, flats- yeswalker via chictopia {c/o with reward points!!}

Here's to a great rest of the school year & teaching career =)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

back that sparkle up

Check out my new sparkly back booties. 
They mean it is party time, 
kinda of like a mullet but more pretty. 

What I Wore: glasses- c/o- firmoo, top- Loft {via Plato's Closet}, pants- Forever 21, booties- Wanted Shoes {via DSW}

Anyways, my parents are having an Octoberfest party today!
Brats + beer = bring it!

Friday, October 19, 2012

now you see me, now you don't {camo}

So a few found (/recently rediscovered from high school days) pattern that I am obsessed with is camo!
To top it all off {literally}, let me formally introduce you to my new glasses from firmoo!
& they are camouflage
I absolutly love them & I have been wearing them almost everyday! 
They arrived very quickly & are so cute on! 
Best part? They give free glasses to first time buyers-- all you have to do is pay shipping! 
Check them out! 

What I Wore: glassess- c/o firmoo, necklace- baublebar, top- GAP, jeans- Target, boots- Frye {$7 steal}

Now go get your free glasses, check out firmoo!