Wednesday, July 31, 2013

let the craziness begin: bachelorette party in the city

After our adventure at Medieval Times on Friday, 
waking up in the city and starting our day required some coffee:

& to put on my tiara and new "Bride to Be" sash

Then it was getting ready to party time!

What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, necklace- Ell & Emm, dress- Romwe, shoes- thrifted vintage

I absolutly love this dress! It was perfect!

Me & my big from my sorority,

Me & my cousin Sam! 
I am so happy she came, it was so much fun hanging out with her!

Bride & Maid of Honor photo shoot!

After my friends & cousin arrived, we walked around the city some more

Those vintage heels didn't last very long, after walking around in the city there was a swap,
The inside of those vintage shoes said "Dancin'" literally my dancin' shoes, 
but I had to trade them for these glittery flats from Payless. 

Changing into flats allowed me to still be able to walk by the end of the night, 
so many girls were running around barefoot. 
In New York City? 
No thank you.

Love this picture of my sister!

All of my girls wore "Team Bride" pins with penis pops

 We walked to have lunch at Eatly
{best pizza! & pasta!}

It was so good! 

Then it was time for the real craziness to begin, 
We went to a drag show called Lips

The place had leopard furry walls!

The decor was so fitting! 

I kept finding my fiancés name everywhere! 
Of course I had to order the Charlie Girl's drink!

I had so much fun with my girls!

My & my sister/ Maid of Honor Bianca! 
She did such an incredible job planning the weekend and has been so helpful with the whole wedding!
I would not be able to do this without her!

Me & my big sister from my sorority!

The show was so funny!

At the end they called up all the brides to be,
where I ended up loosing my crown...
but they gave me a new one so it was all good.

& we got a picture to take home

After Lips we were outside and I kept saying "we are walking in the wrong direction to get a cab"
& then my sister surprised me with a LIMO!

I was so excited that I leaped into the limo and sat right on a seat belt holder and broke my butt!
I still have a HUGE bruise on my bottom, but it was soooo worth it!

We drove through the city & Times Square singing our heads off and serenading people on the street.
It was amazing.

I love my sisters!

Our destination was a "surprise"
& my god was it a terrifying one.

We went to a strip club, needless to say it was an interesting experience. 
Not one I would like to repeat any time soon.

The place was cool, like a 90's themed dance club!
Of course my & my cousin had to pose by the Spice Girls,
I mean, who wasn't obsessed with them when they were kids?!

Emma or "Baby Spice" was my favorite for obvious reasons...

I made my big take this picture because the woman behind me was SO TALL!

We were having so much fun dancing, but then things got weird.
Then some things happened, 
somethings that I am trying to erase from my memory,
 and that should never be placed onto the internets.

& Bianca made friends with the old lady in the party next to us. 
She was such a trooper considering the craziness that was going on around us...

After that strange experience we went back to the hotel to recharge & prepare to go out again!

We went to the Meatpacking section of NYC to go to some clubs,
the first one we went to was called "Cielo" & I am pretty sure we were the only Americans in there. 
It was really loud club music with no words but lots of bass, 
Not really our scene & I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. 

We then wandered past Hogs and Heifers and decided to give it a try!
This is the bar behind the inspiration for Coyote Ugly,
there were bras all over the bar and all I could think about was how expensive bras are...

the bartenders dance on the bar & we did too!

They played classic rock and we danced and sang the night away!

It was so much fun & the people working there were so nice to us!

At the end of the night we wandered back to Times Square to get some 5 am McDonalds.

Thank you to all my friends and family for celebrating with me!
I had the time of my life!

& thank you to my sister Audrey for making us some amazing wedding wine!
Seriously adorable labels & it tastes so good!