Tuesday, July 9, 2013

mani monday on a tuesday: Watermelon

When I think of summer one of the first things that comes to mind is... WATERMELON. 
It is my favorite! 

So for my annual {yes annual} summer manicure,
{I usually do my own nails- aint no body got $$ for that...}

I went for watermelons! 

The woman was so funny! She was like, "why watermelons, I haven't done these since 2006"
Well, they are perfect for summer time!

I choose Essie's "Bachelorette Bash" 
Consider this wedding research...
{you can tell this mani was needed... excuse the mess above...}

it's summertime- we can be a day late if we want to, we make the rules here. 


Tara said...

Love your fun nails...so cute!

emmabasilone said...