Wednesday, July 24, 2013

wedding wednesday: handmade cork board

I cannot believe that there is only a month until the big wedding day!

I am excited to be married.

I went thrifting today & found an amazing sign.

It is a framed Norman Rockwell of a couple filing for a marriage license...
but there is more to it than that, 
my mom has this framed in the basement of my parents house and has had it forever. 
I have always admired it and I can't believe that I found one in such great shape!

Only a month to go and this picture breathed new life into this whole planning process. 
It made me realize that in 30 days I will marry my best friend. 

It is not about the drama or the stress, 
it is about the family that we are building
& I am so excited to finally be a Mrs. 

For this weeks Wedding Wednesday, 
I bring you my latest masterpiece, the handmade cork board that will hold the seating arrangement tags.

I have some experience making cork boards, 
I made this one for my dad a few years ago
The middle is a squished bottle of wine that my parents made!
I think it came out pretty good =)

The cork board for the wedding started as a hot mess of corks,

I knew I wanted champaign corks along the border and corks in the middle, 
but it was quite over whelming to get started. 

  We worked from opposite sides and met in the middle. 
Which got complicated but ended up working after a little tweaking...

With a little help from my furry supervisors...

I have yet to glue them all down, but it is done!

I will be using this to hold the seating tags,
Map tags from Morrell Decor's shop on Etsy!
{seriously wouldn't be able to plan this wedding without Etsy}

I am so happy with the end result, 
& I get to keep it after the wedding, 
I think I will use it to pin up some wedding photos!

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Tara said...

The cork board looks awesome...great job!