Tuesday, May 31, 2011

almost summer time =)

I love this shirt, it is so bright, tribal and just so fun =)
What I Wore: black with metallic bead sandals- Easter gift from future mother-in-law, Seven jeans- hautelook, tribal shirt- thrifted {$2}. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eye glasses, butterfly ring- VioletReaction

What I am reading: 
Seriously-- freaking amazing. You. Gotta. Read. This. NOW. 
My sister introduced me to them, I can't wait to read the second. 
I finished the first in 3 days. Really good!

What I am watching:
My family just got Netflix {amazing investment} and we have been watching episodes of "The Pillars of the Earth" for the past couple of weeks. I am surprised how much I got into this, not really my style but it was really good and with the cliff hanger endings to each episode- I was hooked!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So excited to have a long weekend =) 
& on top of having Monday off I also have Friday off {from teaching, not life guarding though...} 
girls gotta make some money, especially since yesterday I am done shopping for my apartment! 
my parent's garage is getting a little full...

Putting it all together is going to be so awesome, I can't wait {about 30 days to go!}

What I Wore: leather sandals- Banana Republic outlet, shorts- consignment shop in West Chester P.A., purple tank/cardi {attached haha}- thrifted Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton. Accessories: Betsey Johnson- leopard print watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses. Nail polish- Mellow Yellow SpaRitual won from a giveaway {such a fun color!}

& that white table, chest, etc, etc also belongs to my future apartment. this is the overflow from the garage in the basement.

There is also a red couch chair hanging out in another room haha

for the record- shopping for an apartment was not included in the monthly budget because it is necessary & a one time sorta deal.

Friday, May 27, 2011

back to basics

Never underestimate the power of a white shirt & blue jeans =)
What I Wore: black studded flats- forever 21, Seven jeans- hautelook, white button up- thrifted {talbots} from Rescue Mission in Trenton. Accessories: the usual: Michael Kors- pink watch, Betsey Johnson- leopard print belt, leopard glasses =)

I also got a couple of rugs for the apartment today & I am so excited about them! 
- got a dark zebra/tiger one & all in our price range = score!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

trashy vintage... in the classroom

I am freakin' exhausted by this work week...
I was preschool handicap today... 
{SOOO adorable, but so much running around!}
Makes me want children. 
Just not now. & not eight 3-5 year olds at once.
What I Wore: TOMS Shoes {btw the white crochet ones are out get um here, quick!}, black trousers- Gap, leopard print shirt- PacSun, & yup this blue suede jacket is my Trashy Vintage give-a-way win! <3 Accessories: the usual-- Michael Kors-pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses 
details =)

How cute is this guy?!?!
In a note so cute note- I think he picked up some bugs from laying in our "jungle" grass that REALLY needs to be cut. I had to wash him mid-post. 

I don't know if any one else has this issue but I have the same 2-3 poses I do. & when I try to switch it up this is what I get: 
not so cute...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is my new apartment... in my parent's garage.

Coming together quite well...

What I Wore: yellow flats- Kmart, grey trouser pants & pink ruffle shirt- Gap, blue stripped blazer- thrifted Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton {on my recent haul}. Accessories: Michael Kors-pink watch, leopard glasses =)

told you you would see lots of new "work" clothes. <3 blazers

My Trashy Vintage wins came in today, so excited!
Will be rockin' these soon =)


Anyways here is a sneak peak at my new apartment:
My new couches {love that pink baby}
Corner shelf & my future kitchen table in the background 
{table will be painted metallic red one of these weekends}

See that brown leather couch?!?! I bought it and look what came via email:

Similar? I think so. UO price {here} = $600 & not leather.
--- they have some seriously cute stuff in that store not going to lie. 
--- but I would need to hit the lottery if I were to decorate with them...
My couch & leather = $230. 
Sweet deal, I love it! 
Can't wait to be settled in my new place!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd grade teacher + 2 hours of Home Instruction = exhausted me

Nothing like having a second grader give you a hug at 8:30 am to kick things off haha... that was my day today...

What I Wore: pink flats- Walmart, grey trouser pants- Gap, green blouse- thrifted on my recent haul. Accessories: belt- gifted by my little sister in my sorority- Anthropology, pink watch- Michael Kors, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden

Ever have a morning {or night-- I don't know your life} 
where you can't decide if you should wear a belt  or not. 
That was my morning, I went with the belt. 
No? Never happens to you. Fine. Be perfect. Haha

How cute is this shirt?! I am diggin' it!
Here is the pattern:
was like $2 = awesome!
I picked it for the weird neckline, yup yup 

Here is a note that I found on my desk today:
It says:
Poem                                                                                                                 Maxine
oh supocstewt {substitute} you
are the best
no won {no one} could replace
you bcause {because} your 
eyes sparkly like the star. P.S. please right {write}
back               i Love you.

here is my 
sqinky {squinky?!} you 
can have it
{that is the yellow dog in the picture}

Seriously adorable. 
Sometimes I love this job.

Me running to nap?! Nope-- getting a gin & tonic =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

a little tardy...

I wore this outfit Saturday {yes the day of the world mustache = here}
What I Wore: Steve Madden Soffee shoes, Forever 21 stripped jeans, Gap ivory shirt & thrifted Gap Jean jacket {picked up on my haul} Accessories: Betsey Johnson leopard print belt, vintage Gucci bag, leopard glasses =)

Me & the fiance spent the weekend at a Welcome Home party for my fiances friend who just got back from a tour in the Navy (welcome home FONZ!!) 

& shopping for our new apartment {got the sweetest couches EVER- pics to come when things are settled}!! Thats right Wish / Shopping List ;-) we are crossing off an apartment! We sign the lease in a few weeks and move in July 1st =)

SOOO EXCITED!! I will know about the results of my interviews by the end of the week = NERVOUS!! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

if the world is ending I am going out with a frosting mustache.

Happy {end of the world} Saturday =)
yup. my work clothes & leopard glasses haha

P.S. That is my grandma with the goatee & my little sister with the mustache. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

vintage princess

I suppose you could say I did a thrift store haul today... 
{just can't get enough of Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton} 
AMAZING stuff & only spend $19 bucks! 
You will notice some new things in my work wardrobe in the near future...

I had another interview today... hope one of these stick...
Here is what I wore after the interview 
{clearly not to the interview}
What I Wore: white booties- tick tock vintage., jeans- Levis, paisly shirt & pink "army" jacket- thrifted Rescue Mission Thrift Store. Accessories: pearl necklace- gift from sister, Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.

Didn't this jacket today but got it on this trip {with the green blazer}-- see I told you I got stuff for some color blockin'! Seriously awesome store!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

updated wish/shopping list ;-)

Cleaning up: I took off completed items and simplified my list. 
I don't have much space for a lot of wants right not because I am hoping to move out of my parents basement soon.

is it the weekend yet?!

just a quickie
What I Wore: zebra flats & jean button up- Walmart, grey trouser pants & pink undershirt- Gap. Accessories: pink watch- Michael Kors, peace necklace, leopard glasses =) 

These shoes are so cute:
& yes that is a tattoo- maybe I will do a post about mine some day... 
& yes I have blue hair {I have to answer this question 1000x a day as a substitute teacher.}

I am also completely revamping my Wish / Shopping List ;-) so check back!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


New TOMS are out for summer!! 
LOVE those pink leopard ones!!

These are cute too:
I like them in white too, which surfaced on Pinterest {but not in stores... yet}:
Check um out here!

What do you guys think?!?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the fabric of our lives

This is something that I have been wanting to share since well.... let's say it is on my original blog idea list {before I actually created a blog}

Last year, after working my @$$ off 
as a Biology undergraduate student, 
as a present to myself, I designed and ordered  
a T-shirt quilt:

Every shirt has a story & I am obsessed with how amazing it turned out.

My quilt starts with my senior shirt from high school, my first job shirt, and my dorm shirt from moving into college. 

It includes shirts from life guarding, Alpha Xi Delta & greek life, Rider University, & my travels all over the world. 
It ends with my senior shirt from Rider University which says,
 "It has been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a minute".
btw- that green shirt is from my skydiving adventure that was given to me by my uncle for my college graduation. Seriously funny pictures. Maybe I will share some time =)

There are many companies out there for things like this but I used:  {click here}

They are AMAZINGLY nice, helpful & their work is incredible. I am obsessed with it & highly recommend it to anyone =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

This jacket is my latest garage sale find 
(It has a matching skirt, I didn't want to cause any seizures or anything, so I will spare you the outfit as it originally should be warn as a matching set-- never to actually be warn together on my body)
What I Wore: pink flats- Walmart, black pants- gap trouser fit, black shirt- Tommy Hilfiger, stripped blazer- garage sale. Accessories- Michael Kors-pink watch, Tory Burch- rivera cuff, Steve Madden- pink glasses.
And yes, that is a plate of watermelon- 1st of the season. 
For those of you who don't know... I can eat a whole watermelon. by myself.
seriously, it has been proven

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love opening my email to find some inspiration. I am on {everyone and their mother's emailing list- ie: Rachel Roy, Tory Burch, Betsey Johnson, Modcloth etc. etc. etc...}

Tory Burch:
Love this whole outfit {now only if it didn't cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars}

I also LOVE this look from her new spring line:
I want both of those shirts. Now. 

Mainly this one:
LOVE that lower shoulder detail (& stripes)
Pinned it. & now saving up... ($165)

find them all at Toryburch.com

& ModCloth always has great emails too:
That white lace dress & floral one are so darn cute! 
The other one is too who am I kidding?!

find them all at modcloth.com

Friday, May 13, 2011

hey blogger, welcome back from vacation

any one else annoyed?! anyways...

Picked up this green blazer from my recent trip to my favorite store... 
Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton
{can't get enough of it!}
What I Wore: brown flats- free from estate sale, floral skirt- thrifted ARC thrift in Denver, polka dot blouse & green blazer- thrifted Rescue Mission. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.

I think that this outfit would be PERFECT with these babies:
yup... cream of the crop Seychelles ($90)
<3 this color... wouldn't they go so pretty with the colors and florals??!?!

Today is also graduation at Rider University & some of my best friends are graduating =)
A HUGE Congrats!! {as my fiance says... now time for a job & paying off your loans...}
A lot of my friends are moving too =( 
& not close {ie. South Korea, Minnesota} 

Both of my littles {greek life} are graduating...
I feel like a proud mama...

 & my best guy friend Joe {besides my fiance he is on the right}

What I Wore: brown flats- free from estate sale, Levis jeans, black shirt with gold sequence shoulders <3 this got it from blogger & clothing designer- Megan Nielsen (check out her shop- such cute stuff!), also was warn with the green blazer {in the other pictures}- thrifted Rescue Mission. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, tennis bracelet- gift from fiance, Tiffany and Co- diamonds by the yard, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.

BTW- one more interview to go, fingers crossed!