Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd grade teacher + 2 hours of Home Instruction = exhausted me

Nothing like having a second grader give you a hug at 8:30 am to kick things off haha... that was my day today...

What I Wore: pink flats- Walmart, grey trouser pants- Gap, green blouse- thrifted on my recent haul. Accessories: belt- gifted by my little sister in my sorority- Anthropology, pink watch- Michael Kors, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden

Ever have a morning {or night-- I don't know your life} 
where you can't decide if you should wear a belt  or not. 
That was my morning, I went with the belt. 
No? Never happens to you. Fine. Be perfect. Haha

How cute is this shirt?! I am diggin' it!
Here is the pattern:
was like $2 = awesome!
I picked it for the weird neckline, yup yup 

Here is a note that I found on my desk today:
It says:
Poem                                                                                                                 Maxine
oh supocstewt {substitute} you
are the best
no won {no one} could replace
you bcause {because} your 
eyes sparkly like the star. P.S. please right {write}
back               i Love you.

here is my 
sqinky {squinky?!} you 
can have it
{that is the yellow dog in the picture}

Seriously adorable. 
Sometimes I love this job.

Me running to nap?! Nope-- getting a gin & tonic =)

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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

The belt makes it! You look great and I love the LOVE letter - how sweet.