Saturday, May 21, 2011

if the world is ending I am going out with a frosting mustache.

Happy {end of the world} Saturday =)
yup. my work clothes & leopard glasses haha

P.S. That is my grandma with the goatee & my little sister with the mustache. 
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Sarah said...

Seems fitting that, if the world had ended, this would be how you do it. Haha. So great!

two birds said...

so cute! i love it!

Leanna said...

haha, very cute! it's a good way to go out, no? but nothing happened so I guess your mustache was all for naught... :( Still funny, though!

emma basilone said...

The thing is it burned my skin & I had a red mustache for the whole day. do not try this at home haha

Elle Sees said...

ha! too cute. i wish my fam would do something silly like this.