Tuesday, May 3, 2011

today a 2nd grader told me I was pretty = success!

Hello new followers & new visitors from Shasta Anne's blog!! 
A big thanks for the shout out in her "Pay it Forward" post!!

Another huge thanks for the: 
                               Award from H. Rija's blog- Mylyfe-Mystory.
I also plan on doing a post about my teaching experiences by request from H. Rija
So stay tuned!

&&& I just found out that I won another give-a-way from the blog Color Blind!!
It is $50 from Trashy Vintage. SO PUMPED!
Here are some quick options I picked out. But I will have to do lots of clickin' before I make my purchases =)

So enough of my news, here is what I wore today. I was a second grade teacher. & yes one little girl told me I was pretty & made my day =)

What I Wore: leopard print flats- hand me down (up?) future sister-in-law, black dress- Forever 21, print stripped blazer- thrifted. Accessories: leopard print belt- Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx in Denver ($3!), turquoise necklace- Linley Shea's etsy shop, pink watch- Michael Kors, Fossil agate ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, leopard glasses =)


& wow 75 followers- I know "numbers" don't mean anything but welcome & thanks <3

Wait, you want some free vintage?
TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY!! Get in on it =)


Harija said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway and you really deserve the "Versatile" Award!
Also, I am excited to read the post on your teaching experience!

The Mad Twins said...

lovely giveaways! Your look is great! love how you combine the dress with those adorable shoes! :)

ps: giveaway on our blog

Jane said...

You flats are adorable! I'm a big fan of leopard print^^

Lydz xX said...

this is such a cute outfit, great skirt. CONGRATS on the award and for another win, you have a lot of good luck going jnoy the prize ;)

Lydz xX

Mrs Vintage said...

haha, thanks for yr comments! Then BUY the dress!!!heehee

btw, congrats of winning the $50 coupon from Trashy Vintage.

You are lucky!!!


fashionwise said...

you look pretty !!

Have you seen my latest post ?

Meredith said...

then you KNOW it's true! 2nd graders can't lie. they're like mini George Washingtons. right? ;)

Emma Z said...

I know right?! I thought so too!

sarah beeaye said...

you lucky duck you!

if i haven't mentioned it a million times already i'm excited to find out who will win your give away!! (and will be sooooo soo jealous if it's not me) either way I'm getting something from vpv soon because everything i see from them is just tempting me each and every day!


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