Tuesday, May 31, 2011

almost summer time =)

I love this shirt, it is so bright, tribal and just so fun =)
What I Wore: black with metallic bead sandals- Easter gift from future mother-in-law, Seven jeans- hautelook, tribal shirt- thrifted {$2}. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eye glasses, butterfly ring- VioletReaction

What I am reading: 
Seriously-- freaking amazing. You. Gotta. Read. This. NOW. 
My sister introduced me to them, I can't wait to read the second. 
I finished the first in 3 days. Really good!

What I am watching:
My family just got Netflix {amazing investment} and we have been watching episodes of "The Pillars of the Earth" for the past couple of weeks. I am surprised how much I got into this, not really my style but it was really good and with the cliff hanger endings to each episode- I was hooked!


two birds said...

cute shirt! love it. my husband read the hunger games series and really enjoyed them. perhaps i will check it out as well.

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

1) Love the top!
2) Thanks for the book recommendation... I'll have to go check that out!
3) Isn't Netflix fabulous? As long as you actually use it, it's a great deal! I've been stuffing myself full with documentaries... there are soo many good ones on Instant Play.

LoveIsBrightAndYourMySunShine said...

i love your outfit!

StyleIDnet said...

Your shirt is beautiful ... your outfit is perfect, love it from top to bottom.


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