Saturday, March 31, 2012

starting spring break off with a {rangers} win!

I have made it to spring break. 

I thought Friday would be a relaxing night... 
surprise tickets to the Ranger game from my dad = unexpected trip to NYC
Started Spring Break off with a {Rangers} win!

Here's to a week of blogging and catching up on things I like to do =)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Throwback

I am really into alliteration these days on this here blog. 

I wanted to do this post as a catch up to show you have I have been up when I am unable to blog everyday... 

The fiancé turned 24 {old man}
I can't believe we have been together since we were only 19!

 We added a new member to our very large greek family 
AXiD =)

 for my next pictures,
Science teaching is not always pretty...

But it is always fun =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I have some very exciting news to share, 

It is official! I am getting married!!

After months of searching I finally booked a reception hall!

We decided on:
Adorable old mansion, one event at a time, amazing view of the golf course

the best part? 

A 70's Disco after party room complete with a light up dance floor. 

I also met an awesome lady at a my first and only bridal show that will be running a photo booth for our wedding:
 I had so much fun with my mom and future mother-in-law with the photo booth and I need it!

Follow my wedding planning ideas on my Pinterest =)
Haven't started a count down or anything, but about a year and a half to go =)

Hilarious to tour venues and have people ask "How long have you been engaged"
O about 2 years. 
Taking it slow =)

Monday, March 26, 2012

half way!

It is official, I have reached the half way mark of student teaching, 
I am enjoying it a lot but I am exhausted {and going broke...}

I am surviving thanks to the amazing support from my co-op and co-teachers =)

One of my co-ops gave me this beautiful plant!

And then she gave me the coolest/most thoughtful present:
A survival kit on how to survive student teaching!

It is so detailed with little notes and jokes!
 I was so surprised and excited to be appreciated =)

Such a cute idea =) 

I have been searching for the perfect present for the teachers who have taken me under their wing & I think I have found the perfect ones:

Remember when I got the Ho Ho Ho & Barium sign made out of elements from the periodic table from TheElegantWall?
I am going to order a "Teacher" one for my co-op & the last name for one of my co-teachers & a "Think" one for my other co-teacher. 

Sounds like a perfect plan! Keep ya posted =)

Friday, March 23, 2012

hello weekend. very nice to see you. why can't we be friends?

I have been working my butt off. 
literally, I don't have time to eat so I am thinning out in the rear. 

So in my day dreams {when I have a second to breath} I have been thinking about my bucket list of dream bags, 

Here are the first ones off the top of my head:
#1: Chloe Marcie Large leather tote {$1,900}
#2: Classic Chanel Black leather quilted XL $3,000
#3: Balenciaga Arena Classic City {$1,550}
#4: My latest obsession, this bag is beautiful Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Embossed Romeo Satchel {$550}
#5: Even though this is a bucket list of sorts, I can't bring myself to add a real Hermes bag to the list, I mean really what person in their right mind spends $30K on a bag, I mean that is a car. A pretty decent car. So instead I would love this Banane Taipei canvas tote in Midnight Magenta {$130}
#6: Louis Vuitton Tivoli-GM. {$1,600} 

UPDATE: I knew I was missing one major one!
#7: Celine luggage bag I love this bag in any color and material, the structure is so amazing =)

So while I am day dreaming about these beautiful babies, this is that I have pilling up for some weekend fun:
I mean I should get one of those beautiful bags to carry all this stuff I have to grade, no?

At least this was my horoscope from ShoeDazzle:
Thank. God.

But I do have the pleasure of coming home to these babies:

I love them. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

A very green weekend

I am going to go out on a limb here & be honest. 
I wore this green blazer all weekend. 
 What I wore: green blazer- thrifted, green shirt- mom's, stripped jeans- forever 21, green flats- thrifted. 
Glasses: new bon look Drink the Kool-Aid Black & Clear.

Check out my amazing new bag I thrifted:
It is Datti for Alitalia. 
Retails on ebay for over $100! 
{I got it for $2-- never know what you are going to get}

We went to NY to visit some family
The puppies on the way to New York! 
Maggie's first time! 
They are adorable!

 The sister, the fiancé, & me!

 The sister, mom & me!

& of course a tire swing-- in the honesty light, I was stuck after this for quite some time.

there we go, now that we got that out, say hello to my new bonlook glasses =)

I couldn't help but cross these babies off my Wish / Shopping List ;-) when this deal came by:
$50 for prescription glasses that I have been waiting to get, heck yes. 
Take advantage of this amazing deal here

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day =)

Friday, March 16, 2012

faves for friday

Here is what I am digging on this fabulous friday =)

 I am obsessed with these spiked flats from ShoeDazzle.
I can't decide if I want a black pair or the pink pair {but the pinks are sold out)
Anyways they are adorable I could wear these all the time, add a little punk to my teacher wardrobe and trouser pants.

 I have an addiction to this stuff. 
I wish I was eating it right now, but I thought it would be weird to bring that to work and be snacking on them all day...

 Look what came in!! My bfrend bracelet!

 I am in love with my new patent leather loafers from Fancy French Cologne 
{also my new affiliates! Such cute stuff-- check them out!}

 This months Birchbox from teen vogue is awesome! My favorite one yet!
The tarte LipSurgence is such a great color!

These flats are the new answer to my neon dreams!
Ann Taylor $120 and I want you to get in my closet ASAP. 
I need more pointy toes.

Here is to Saint Patty's day & the weekend, 
and to wearing green! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Pi Day!
In the world of academia this is a holiday 

So I will grant you a teacher outfit for this occasion. 
not as good as an actual pie but you get the idea
 What I wore: black blazer- GAP, patterned top- TJMaxx {from Denver}, mustard skirt {ARC thrift store in Denver last year}, grey stockings- Betsey Johnson, black booties- thrifted. Pink Glasses: Steve Madden. 

I received this when I asked for the homework...

At least I rock. 
sorry, excuse me "Rox"

Monday, March 12, 2012

check it out y'all

Check me out over at: 

Read my feature here!
Thanks Dani for this awesome opportunity! 

PS. you should totally read her blog.
just saying' she is super cool =)

Friday, March 9, 2012


"If everyone jumped off a bridge would you follow?"
The age old question. 
My answer was always "Yup, I would be so lonely as the last person alive" 

Well all the cool kids were getting leopard pants, so naturally I did too =) 
& I gotta say, I am enjoying them!

had to get them before Denver to be able to break them out!
What I Wore: leather sleeved jacket- Forever 21 {one of my new favorite things!}, pink blouse- thrifted, leopard jeans- Target, pink sparkly flats- BCBG {had to return them after this, my feet are still recovering from their wrath}. Accessories: pink glasses- Steve Madden, Cross-body bag- vintage Dooney and Bourke {mom's}

Another thing all the cool kids are doing: 
Learn more here: kony2012
my bracelet is in the mail, welcome to my arm party.