Friday, March 23, 2012

hello weekend. very nice to see you. why can't we be friends?

I have been working my butt off. 
literally, I don't have time to eat so I am thinning out in the rear. 

So in my day dreams {when I have a second to breath} I have been thinking about my bucket list of dream bags, 

Here are the first ones off the top of my head:
#1: Chloe Marcie Large leather tote {$1,900}
#2: Classic Chanel Black leather quilted XL $3,000
#3: Balenciaga Arena Classic City {$1,550}
#4: My latest obsession, this bag is beautiful Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Embossed Romeo Satchel {$550}
#5: Even though this is a bucket list of sorts, I can't bring myself to add a real Hermes bag to the list, I mean really what person in their right mind spends $30K on a bag, I mean that is a car. A pretty decent car. So instead I would love this Banane Taipei canvas tote in Midnight Magenta {$130}
#6: Louis Vuitton Tivoli-GM. {$1,600} 

UPDATE: I knew I was missing one major one!
#7: Celine luggage bag I love this bag in any color and material, the structure is so amazing =)

So while I am day dreaming about these beautiful babies, this is that I have pilling up for some weekend fun:
I mean I should get one of those beautiful bags to carry all this stuff I have to grade, no?

At least this was my horoscope from ShoeDazzle:
Thank. God.

But I do have the pleasure of coming home to these babies:

I love them. 

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