Friday, March 2, 2012

stickin' to it

So I am a week and some days delayed with posting... So I figured it would be best to write the departure post a week after the actual arrival. Follow? 

Anyways, this is not the last of Denver posts... if you see an outfit post coming up that doesn't look like Jersey or my hood. It's cause it's not. It's Denver. Keeping you on your toes. 

Also upon departure I saw my Doppelgänger in the Denver airport. {underlined for shock & awe- much like my awkward stare and open mouth upon seeing her}
Carrying an addidas bag like I was, short hair, glasses, sweet sweater. I was in shock. The fiancé didn't see her, maybe it was my imagination. Anyway I am pretty cute as a  Doppelgänger, I'll take it. 

#1 Denver airport from the drive in
#2 my sexy fiancé
#3 the weird people painted on the walls of Southwest Airline entrance way to the plane 
{where they have first come first serve seating, unless you are in "C" section which means you will be in-between a girl with a seemingly unlimited amount of pizza and a guy who doesn't really fit in his seat and can't put the arm rest down.}
#4 Were you aware that the bathrooms at the airport double as Tornado Shelters? 

Map of America and "Why I Love Her"
Wanna know what New Jersey says? 
Soup Tureen Museum in Camden 
Capital Punishment Museum in Trenton

interesting things to highlight, wouldn't have been my choices...

Quite an eventful trip home.

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Sunnydaysandstarrynights said...

I love your photos. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

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