Monday, April 30, 2012

looking forward & back

This is an outfit that I wore on the free days of spring break. I am looking forward to wearing what I truly want to again and getting a big girl job, but also looking back on the crazy, fun, stressful days of student teaching.
What I Wore: sweater- JCPenny, skirt- frockcandy, stockings-?, boots- store in mall. Glasses: Warby Parker Midnight Sinclairs. 

Starting to feel the sunshine of summer! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

whirlwind weekend fun

This weekend started with: "Stand against racism", cappuccinos, tutoring and looking at beautiful thirfted furniture in Trenton, last minute trip to Van Gogh Up Close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, street art robot, Tapas and cocktails at Chifa, puppy cuddles, tequila sunrises, and ended with working on my last week of student teaching lesson plans =)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bringing my own flowers

They say "April showers bring May flowers" well I am bringing my own flowers, who are they anyway?!

I recently thrifted this floral button up and red bow tie flats & I am in love!
What I wore: floral button up {Gap} but thrifted from the Rescue Mission in Trenton, red bow tie flats- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, stripped shirt- {JCrew} but thrifted, khaki pants- Current Elliott {via Gilt}. Glasses: BonLook Barbarella.

As I am bring my own flowers, the fiancé brought me some too:
He is a cutie.

P.S. only 7 days left of student teaching & becoming a normal person again {& a blogger!}

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teach me how to teach {& dougie}

I have about 2 weeks left of student teaching!
It has been fun but extremely exhausting.
So far so good!

As I near the end,
I have ordered gifts for my co-op and the wonderful special education teachers I work with:

{and a magnesium sign for Maggie!}
 "Think" & "Clopp"- (one of my teachers last names) are for my special ed teachers
& "Teacher" is for my co-op =)
I got all of these signs from the same amazing woman where I got the Barium sign from {TheElegantWall's Etsy shop}
I also just ordered this adorable Thank you cards to go along with them {& for some other super cool people who have helped me LOTS over the last couple of weeks} from AdornedHeart's Etsy shop

Been a long road but couldn't have been better =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"ref" of my science class

Here is to another day of student teaching,
After this skirt got tea on it this morning, I knew what kind of day it was going to be...

& while writing this I hit my head on my chair,
yup. That kind of day.
What I wore: "ref" shirt- thrifted, pink skirt- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, black belt-, black studded flats- Forever 21. Glasses- leopard Jean LaFont. & maggie checking out our freshly planted herbs.

Teaching science {we are on the human body unit} has given me a new lease on my obsession with skulls {If you couldn't tell already} 
& pencil skirts.

This bangle fits perfectly into my current arm candy:
top {right}: neon evil eye {Gypsy Warrior}, studded bracelet- Madewellrainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, kony2012 bracelet, skull bracelet- {Etsy}David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé, mixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods
bottom {left}: silver skill cuff- Anna Sheffield {Bing Bang},  snake bracelet- Calypso St Barth Snake-Charm-Bracelet, black evil eye bracelet- from friendship bracelet swap via the daily dani,    silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand, red hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via haute look}, heart bracelet- gift from Jess-theinbetween,  evil eye gold bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelry,  silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand.

blogged about my obsession with designer Anna Sheffield and her Bing Bang line.
I caved once this deal came around:
refinery29-- read my mind again.

Thanks for helping me cross some things off my wish list =)

Next on my list:
blogged about Gypsy Warrior and their amazing long sleeve version of this beauty, 
I need this top.

Ultimate science teacher gear. Get. in. my. closet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, let's add a Funday to the calendar week. Starting tomorrow.

What a nice & relaxing & get stuff done weekend. 
I got a Certificate of Recognition for GED tutoring =)

 spring has sprung =)

 "This is my bone, do not touch"

He is a strange one.

I have the best fiancé. hands down.

 Vintage mint clutch I found in my closet this morning... 

It was also founders day at Alpha Xi Delta! 
Here's to 45 years at Rider University! 
 my door is still the same =)

some of Fall 07 pledge class:
I wore: Forever 21 lace cardigan and tan wedges {not pictured}, dress- UrbanOG {only $10!}. Glasses- Steve Madden.

Top it all off with homemade pasta fagioli:

Now back to the work week.

People should really think about adding "Funday" into the calendar, I would vote for that. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

faves for friday the 13th {lucky in Italy!}

This is going to be a long list because I am loving a lot of things these days...

1. Lets start with the pups:
 Barry photoshoot while eating grass...

Maggie my pretty girl...

2. New BirchBox!
New Zoya color!
& I am getting quite a little perfume collection! {kept in a shot glass of course!}

3. Blouses I am loving:
1. No Rest for Bridget floral blouse, 2. Frock Candy neon colar blouse, 3. Charlotte Russe chiffon polka dot and leopard blouse.

4. Flats I can't get enough of:
1. Le bunny bleu ballet flats, 2. Le bunny bleu flats from the banner {can't find them on the site yet}, 3. Werelse silver loafers.

5. iPhone case from urbanog {$15}

6. Jewels and Gems I am crushing on:
1. my latest spiked crush {love the necklace too!} Stella & Dot, 2. love this collar from Jewelmint {& the whole look}, 3. I know I have talked about this arrow before, but I think it will be the next addition to my arm candy- maxandchloe.

7. Nails I want to try:
1. I want to try this "caviar" stuff- sephora, 2. TOMS blue {they sent me one- my toes are waiting to try it!} 3. {not pictured} The metallic nail polish from Urban Outfitters {anyone try this-- thoughts?}

8. DIY Projects {& shopping!}

I want to make these book ends {or use get some cool old bricks to use!}
via Rue La La

Love these record bowls that a friend of mine started making, can't wait to get one!
{Brandi Lynn Design on Etsy}

 Love the M.A.C Clutches & this leather cut-out leopard bag {via shop bop} but trying to locate a bigger version- ideas anyone?

& of course when I am broke and in the mood to shop what does refinery29 do? Have a deal.
go figure. 
Maybe when the next one comes around I can score, 


I just applied for my first big girl teaching job =)
Here we go!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

once upon a thrift store...

There were these...

1. beautiful vintage chest
2. amazing blue desk
3. carpet with a lot of potential...

Love these book shelves- beautiful detailing but just no room!
{this rug is now in my dining room... it came home with me, got a bath and is beautiful!}

Love this crate looking shelf... no room for it though =(

Can't wait to get a house and decorate it, shopping for my apartment was too much fun!

All of the above are from The Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ
my favorite store of all time, I tutor GED science on Saturdays and it is always a good excuse to go! 

The governor stopped by! The man he is talking to is my tutee!

I am a proud lil teacher! 

Speaking of being a teacher-- check out my new pencil ring!
skull- Gypsy Warrior
pencil- Thunder Egg
= science teacher perfection.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a good deed....

My mom used to say, "No good deed goes unpunished"
Not true. 
I went outlet shopping with my mom before she left to take her students to Italy, put my name in a drawing for being a AAA member... and I won! $25 to Talbots.

I know what you are thinking, Talbots? 
best believe. SO MUCH CUTE STUFF.

Coupon upon discounts upon gift card = $20 of my own money but totally worth this outfit:
What I wore: denim shirt and coral pants- Talbots, shoes- Steve Madden {via Ross}. Glasses: Tortoise  "Tamara"- c/o Proopticals

{told you it was perfect!}

Bag- Jason Wu for Target
Arm candy:  David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé,  studded bracelet- Madewellrainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, kony2012 bracelet,  neon evil eye {Gypsy Warriormixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, skull bracelet- {Etsy}hello kitty gold watch {Hautelook}

Yup, my kony2012 bracelet finally arrived!
Welcome to the arm celebration.

My grandma said, "Oh so many bracelets, means you are rich."
I think she thinks I am a gypsy...

Monday, April 9, 2012

The unfortunate end of Spring Break

Now the count down for summer begins
{18 teaching days left of student teaching!}
 family cuddle/relaxing time

 puppies mowing the lawn... I don't understand how they can eat so much grass and not get sick {knock on wood}
 I love my pretty, cuddly pups =)

 & wearing whatever I want {aka not trouser pants}

and we got bent spoon ice cream in princeton =) 
{I got sour cream and lemon poppy = amazing}

G&Ts and cheese, olives, bread and prosciutto

Barry and Maggie stand off in the field
She pounces like a little lion