Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teach me how to teach {& dougie}

I have about 2 weeks left of student teaching!
It has been fun but extremely exhausting.
So far so good!

As I near the end,
I have ordered gifts for my co-op and the wonderful special education teachers I work with:

{and a magnesium sign for Maggie!}
 "Think" & "Clopp"- (one of my teachers last names) are for my special ed teachers
& "Teacher" is for my co-op =)
I got all of these signs from the same amazing woman where I got the Barium sign from {TheElegantWall's Etsy shop}
I also just ordered this adorable Thank you cards to go along with them {& for some other super cool people who have helped me LOTS over the last couple of weeks} from AdornedHeart's Etsy shop

Been a long road but couldn't have been better =)

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