Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Shopping

1. Finally put these Target skyline pillows on my bed that I got in Sept 2015... LOVE THEM!
Layered them up with my All The Buildings in New York pillow cases by James Gulliver Hancock
2. My Princeton Target still has lots of the Victoria Beckham collection left. I got the Black Twill Tank Top (I love it in pink too, from my original order) and the Blue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse in a size small, I originally sized up and got a large and it was like 3 sizes too big, massive for a traditional size large, happy to have it in a small! (Also ordered the Navy and White Floral Lace Appliqué Sweat Top on Ebay to complete my collection!)
3. Walmart Faded Glory white ballet flats I have these in black and pink from last year and I love them! Happy to have them in white!
4. LOVE these Hunter rain flats that I scored off Poshmark from the seller @carcarskye
5. Cheeseburger leggings from LuLaRoe seller Annabelle Winters on Facebook, this was the pair that I talked about when I bought my lipstick pair!
6. Giraffe print leggings from LuLaRoe via Courtney Skudalski
7. Kayond® leopard computer case from Amazon, love this! Great for traveling!
8. Lots of thrifted goodies from a recent trip to the Rescue Mission in Trenton!

What are you buying these days?!
Have you tried LuLaRoe? Did you shop VB x Target?

Share in my shopaholic status, pretty please!

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Humble Beauty Opinion #41

I was so excited for this month's Ipsy bag, look how cute that ticket is!!
Perfect little clutch for a night out!
Over all a great Ipsy bag, I love the bronzer, eyeshadow, and blush!

This month's Sephora Play was also a pretty good one,
although I need more time to try everything

Speaking of Sephora, I redeemed this Becca Opal point perk this month.
 I was so excited, what a great sample!
This highlight only takes a little bit so this will last a while and it is beautiful

This month I also oped in for the Walmart "Me Moment" beauty box,
happy I did it was a huge one!

LOTS of goodies in this month Walmart beauty box for $5!

Also this month I was lucky enough to get the Lancôme Influenster VoxBox
to try/review new products for free!

In this VoxBox:
Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo peel
(full review coming in May's Humble Beauty Opinion,
 since it takes about 28 days to see full results!)
Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+
Lancôme Matte Shaker Lipstick in "Pink Power"
{already worn HERE and HERE}

I love the Lancôme Matte Shaker Lipstick in "Pink Power",
will definitely become a fave this summer!

 The spring collection from KL Polish finally launched!
{source: klpolish on Instagram}

Although I am sure they are all very pretty and long-lasting,
I only ordered "Pistachio Ice Cream" shade,
although Miss Honey is on my list for my next order!

 I saw this Zoya polish exchange for Earth Day on Instagram,
I was so intrigued!
50% credit for exchanging old polishes to get recycled,
 I know we all have the old polishes laying around...
they just accumulate!

I apparently still have an obsession with yellow eyeshadow,
I LOVE this mustard color called "Courtney" that I spotted on Devinahcosmetics Instagram,
just ordered, I can't wait to play with this color!

Dupethat on Instagram also showed off some beautiful yellows from Colourpop,
especially the "Tiki" shade
I am still LOVING the shade "Paper Tiger"that I ordered in January,
 it is great, I have been wearing it a lot recently
(also been loving the gray shadow in "Take the Lead" in my crease lately)

 I am so intrigued by these MUA highlighters I saw on blogsbykarishma on Instagram,
 especially that blue!

Another item on my wishlist this month:
the new Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette with bhcosmetics,
it looks beautiful and I have heard such good things about it!

I love this pastel makeup look on loraccosmetics on Instagram:

Still thinking about getting this Beauties Who Brunch palette,
it looks so pretty but I have heard such mixed reviews on it

 Other makeup looks that have inspired me this month:

 I am constantly inspired by MakeupForGlasses on Instagram,
I was so excited to meet her IRL at the Vision Expo, but sad we didn't take a pic together
In case you missed it- she did a guest post for Makeup Tips for Chicks in Glasses,
which was a favorite post of 2016!

I have saved these looks to try on my own:
Top / Bottom LeftBottom Right
With the bottom two looks I have lots of inspiration to break out my Lorac 2 Palette!

I love getting inspiration for palettes I already own,
like this look from Wendy.Ogrodnik on Instagram
using the Jaclyn Hills Favorites Palette from Morphe
{still waiting for her new pallete to be released because that will have to be purchased...}

I also loved this look featured on MeltCosmetics Instagram from,
perfect way to use neon!

Also on my wishlist is this marble makeup holder from Original Beauty Box:

I love this print from Mr. Kate that she shared on Instagram

& last but not least,
this month's used and abused empties!
bath: bvlgari bath tea bag- I have had this for probably 5 years and finally used it, it was soothing and nice / Taste Frixxxion Stick- I got this in a Sephora Play box and it is great, especially for spot exfoliating when you don't have time to wash your whole face, seriously thinking about punching the full size, the sample lasted a pretty long time / Schick razor- I think I got this in a Walmart beauty box, I really enjoyed this razor and it lasted a longer time than I thought it would / Dr. Brommer's Pure-Castile Soap- LOVE this stuff, especially to clean my makeup brushes / Neutorgena "Body Clear Body Scrub"- the hubby loves this, it has been a favorite since high school, still good! / Loreal Ever Pure "Repair & Defend Lotion"- I got this for free in an Influenster VoxBox and it lasted forever, I loved it after showers and I think that it did help prolong my hair color / Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray- I don't really like this hairspray, it smells a lot, so much so you can almost taste it, and it makes your hair like a net, not my favorite type of hairspray, I like to run my fingers through my hair / Up & Up strengthening nail polish remover- from Target, this stuff does its job, need a new one! / Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil- I can't believe I used this whole thing, but I do use it for mouthwash, makeup remover, and to heal dry skin (especially on new tattoos!) / Tea tree mask from H-Mart- you know I love these! / US Favorite "Bird's Nest Mask" from Asian grocery store- these tingle and I don't like them as much as the tea tree brand ones / Revlon Colorsilk hair dye in "Burgundy Black" and "Burgundy" (both are my favorite hair colors!)

beauty: Up & Up cleansing feminine wipes- Target brand, these are a game changer, just make sure they are closed otherwise they dry out / Milani "Make It Last" setting spray- I heard this was good and I like it but the spray bottle sucks, I had to move it into an old UD bottle / Embryolisse Lait-Creme-Concentre- this is a nice moisturizer / Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat- I like this as a base coat but you can only use half then it gets too thick, I am trying a new one now, I'll keep you posted / Amazingly Beautiful AM Moisturizer given to me by Trusted Health Products- this stuff lasted forever and it was really nice, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and now I miss it in my routine / Harvey Prince Sea Salt Texturizing Mist- I liked this, smells nice but super small sample / eva-nyc "Up all night volumizing spray"- this was good too! Lots of volume / Mai Tai Spritzer sea salt spray from drybar- this smells nice and I enjoyed using it / Fekkai Blowout "Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo"- this is a favorite dry shampoo / Hard Candy Brows Now! My favorite brow product, fast, easy and nice and dark / e.l.f eyeliner in "Midnight"- this is one of my favorite liquid liners, I love this dark blue color / Rimmel "Stay Matte" sample- got this from this month's Walmart Beauty Box, I have a full size in a different color that is extremely full coverage, I think this is too thick for me / Maybelline Age Rewind in "Light"- my favorite concealer, trying to use my other ones up to repurchase these in Light, Neutralizer and Brightener / Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream- I like this BB Cream, lots of coverage and this sample lasted a lot longer than I thought it would / L.A. Girl Pro bb cream- LOVED this bb cream, great coverage, hard to find this by me but I would repurchase / Amore Pacific "Almond Blush" cushion foundation- not a fan of this, not sure if it was the color or the formula

candles: Cozy Nights Signature Soy Candle from Target- this is my all time favorite fall candle
 White Hyacinth from Target- such a nice scent, perfect for this time of year
Mahogany Driftwood from Walmart, I love this candle any time, a favorite scent!

What are you loving this month?
What are you looking forward to in the beauty world?

Personally- I can't wait for the next Jaclyn Hill release!
I love everything that lady does!

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Blog It Better: Philly Blog Connect Recap!

Headed back to Philadelphia for the 2017 The Blog Connect conference!
today we get down to business! 

When I saw that we were getting Erin Condren planners on Instagram,
I've never had an Erin Condren planner, but I have heard amazing things
and I am so excited to use it!

With my new Moo blog business cards, I was ready to go!
{+ blog pens from Vistaprint are a favorite!}

The Blog Connect was held at Saxbys headquarters with free coffee all day!

The first speaker was Sarah Morgan for "Ten Game Changes to Take Your Bog to the Next Level",
lots of good tips and lots of things added to my to-do list!

 Next up was "Creating Your Own Space in The Blogosphere" by Sola Onitiri,
where she talked a lot about honest branding and finding motivation in your niche.

 The next speaker was Andy Shaw for
"Finding Your Voice: Write With Confidence, for Crying Out Loud"
where he shared his strengths and struggles as a daddy blogger at InstaFather.

I loved his honest talk about being a new dad and reaching out to other new dads,
it was a great talk that included being authentic in your blog voice
and the struggles of sharing the good with the bad.

You know I had to hit up those balloons for a photo op!
Shout out to Pri from Paintthetownchic for my 📷
 What I Wore: glasses- Bonlook, lips- Essence "Coral Calling" & e.l.f. "Pout Perfector" in "Glow", top- 8 Traxx Vintage & Velvet Sash Vintage {via April TPRFM}, sweater- Kohl's, pants- Gap, flats- Circus by Sam Edelman via Poshmark seller @sbock78

I love these swag bags!

Lunch was provided by Grateful Plate and it was nutritious and tasty!

After lunch we had our breakout sessions and I attended "#FeministSockBoss: How to Monetize Your Blog with Physical Products" presented by Jennifer Dziura from GetBullish

Next up we created unicorn masterpieces with Cupcakes by Ruth

Even with my limited drawing skills, my unicorn still had to have glasses:

To power through the last sessions, we had some sweet snacks from honeygrow:

I learned so much from the "SEO Bootcamp for Bloggers"
presented by Jess Herbine from BrokeGirlsGoOut,
it was interesting to get some insider information about how Google search works behind the scenes
 and the best ways to take advantage of it as a blogger

& last but certainly not least
was the panel discussion lead by the PHLBloggers founder Chrystina Noel
with Erica from Coming Up Roses, Nicole from Simply-Nicole, Amber from Ember + March

Finished the day off with an ice cream happy hour!

Thanks to Saxbys for hosting the 2017 Blog Connect PHLBloggers,
and all the people who made this event happen,
it was lots of fun and I learned a lot!

& home to explore all the swag!
Especially love the tote & of course the Erin Condren planner

Such a great event,
looking forward to the next!

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