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January 2017: Humble Beauty Opinion #38

Lots of great makeup this month! 
The most excited thing- I got on the Sephora Play list and got my first subscription!

I was so excited to get my first bag!
 I was thrilled to get the Clinique "Black Honey" lipstick
 since it has been on my wishlist for a long time,
I am happy I got it in this box because to be honest,
it is not as pigmented or as great as I thought it would be.

I also love the Tarte Frxxxtion stick way more than I thought I would,
it is a whole new take on exfoliation.

The Tory Burch perfume is nice and so is the Kale and Spinach moisturizer

I really enjoyed this month's Ipsy bag too!

 I love the Naked Cosmetics shadow in"Desert Sunset",
Manna Kadar blush in "Paradise" {the packaging on this was IMPOSSIBLE to open, had to depot it into a Z palette},
 and the balm "Bahama Mama"

I finally got the RCMA "no color powder" from BeautyLish
I am still working on how to use this properly, it can leave me looking patchy and cakey

After the holidays I saw the Macy's had a sale on MAC little pigments!
I finally got the blue brown pigment I have wanted for years now!
for $5 and this little thing will last FOREVER,
 I have been using it daily only using the product left in the top!

I LOVE it! It is one of the best versions of this shade {which I love, see my collection here}

I ordered the Wet n' Wild Geometric Highlighting Powder in "Where the Dreamers Go" on Amazon after ThriftThick recommended it on YouTube. It is amazing, I have been wearing it everyday!

I got lots of goodies at Walgreens,
after the holidays their sets were 50% off so this Soap and Glory and LA Colors sets were like $4,
I have been wearing them lots!
I also got some other goodies:

I may or may not {spoiler alert: I did} get a back up of the Kathleen Lights x Morphe Palette,
I am obsessed with it and some of the favorite colors are already looking low!

Also got the morphe shadow in "Fiesta" in that order and have been loving that shade too!

If you are a Morphe fan or Jaclyn Hill fan,
you may have seen all these spoilers for a new Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette!
Some swatches have been shown on Jaclyn's SnapChat, 
and this cake was apparently the start of this spoiler fest!
{as seen on g_glowbeauty}

The shades seem to be matching up so far:
My girl @makeupcrayz brought up a good point about that cake! I shared the pic of the cake before the bakery made their page private and I was waiting for the whole palette to be revealed to say "IT'S THE CAKE!!!" I think at this point we have to admit that the @jaclynhill x @morphebrushes #jaclynhillpalette #eyeshadowpalette is the same shades as the cake. Let's face it how would a bakery add random eyeshadow shades to a cake without knowing where anything unless they were given a photo or the pic of the palette itself. I know #jaclynhill is never going to hear the end of it when this palette is revealed, since she posted on Twitter that the shades in the cake is not her palette. I'm going to purchase this palette anyway based on the #swatches that are being shown. It looks so pigmented to the point that is seems impossible for the palette to cost $22.99 which is the same price as all other morphe palettes. Pic @makeupcrayz #jaclynhill #morphebrushes #jaclynhillxmorphe #morphexjaclynhill #makeupaddict #makeupwhore #makeupislife #makeupjunkie #makeupporn #instaguru #instamakeup #instabeauty #beautyguru #beautyqueen #beautyblogger #bbloggers #beautybloggers #slave2beauty #makeup #beauty #fiercesociety #makeuppage #igbeauty #makeupmafia
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I am pumped and ready for this beauty to drop:

I have been checking out the new powder shadows from ColourPop for weeks now,
as seen on dupethat on Instagram:

Decided to try them out and get a few things I have had on my list:

I still have to play with these but they look so pretty!

The perfect time to order because they released their Milli shadow for 1 million followers on Facebook and it was free with my order!

It is beautiful in real life too!

They are so pretty, can't wait to play with them!

After I placed my initial order, they released the Hello Kitty x ColourPop shadows as singles,
AHHHH I wanted Bento Box so bad when the collection came out,
 but didn't want to get the whole set for $45

Had to get the couple I really wanted months ago since they are now $5!
And got another free Milli with this order!
I am obsessed with this gray color in lipstick form too,
I have been hunting for this "scandalous" NYX Lip Lingerie but have not been able to find it yet:
{as seen on NYX Instagram}

I also love this "Shot of Espresso" shade from Bellegant Cosmetics, I want to try their lipsticks!

I am also excited about this new klpolish for Kathleen Light's birthday!
I still need to pick up some of these and try them out when they are back in stock!
{as seen on klpolish instagram}

Time for some empties:
bath: Garnier Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner samples- these were okay, not a huge sample but nice / Thann "Aromatherapy" x2- I love the scent of these / Bath & Body Works "White Citrus" shampoo- these are fresh smelling and I enjoy them / St. Ives Apricot Scrub- I have been using this forever, I love it. Will repurchase forever / Cucumber face mask- I get these from H-Mart and I love them all for $1.40 each! / Curel "Hydrotherapy" lotion- a lotion that you need to use after a shower when the skin is damp, this is my favorite one of this type of lotion that I have tried! Thinking about purchasing! / Biore pore strips- I like to use these occasionally, this one didn't seem to work that well this time / Summer's Eve "Sheer Floral" Cleansing Clothes- these are the best, especially for travel / Mainstays "Cozy Comfort" candle from Walmart- I love this scent not too overpowering just nice / Winter Wonderland Signature Soy from Target- love these too! / Opia White Tea & Linen from Primark- love these candles, they are like 90 cents and amazing! Love this scent too / Dove "Pure Care Dry Oil- I loved this for smoothing my hair and making it soft / Garnier Fructis "Sleek and Shine" conditioner- I love this and the scent! / Schwarzkopf "3.3 Amethyst Black" hair dye- my first time trying this one, I loved the color and I think it lasted longer and stayed darker than the others I have tried but it is also double the price too...

beauty: Loreal "Age Perfect" Golden Serum and Day Cream- very highlighting and moisturizing / Mitchell and Peach face oil- I loved this stuff, hydrating / hey honey 24Seven moisturizing cream- I got this from ipsy and really enjoyed it / Balsam & Amber Scented Candle from Primark- love. / Jergens Ultra Moisturizer- this is my favorite lotion, I have used it since middle school and will continue to purchase!

What are you loving this month in makeup and beauty?!

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