Monday, January 23, 2017

fashion fur fight

Discussion in my Period 1 Freshman Biology Class:
Student: "Mrs. Z, how many microwaves would it take to short circuit the school?"
Me: "I don't know how many breakers are in this school."
Student:  "Where are the breakers?" 
Me: "Do I look like an electrician? I can barely work this plug. 
I only know Biology well. And fashion, duh."
Another student: "I don't know about that fashion part..."
Me: "Don't come in here wearing all gray and sneakers and claim you can rival my fashion skills."

What I really wanted to say was, 
"BOY I am going to FASHION SCHOOL 
at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC this week! 
Who you talking to?!"

What I Wore: glasses- EyeBuyDirect "Providence", lips- MAC "Chatterbox", fur- Dylan from Style Council boutique in Warwick, NY, top- Anthropologie, pants- Old Navy, flats- Target

 Still rocking my Blue: OPI "I Believe in Manicures" / Glitter: OPI "Sunrise... Bedtime"

After rocking my gray fur coat to school and having a fashion fur fight,
we went "food" shopping at our newish Costco,
I spotted these fur cardigans!

They are Kensie and came in red, gray and black.
for less than $7 I knew this one had to come home with me.

Given what I was wearing, I felt a little embarrassed that I was carrying around
yet ANOTHER fur cardigan, but I am in love with it so whatever.

Popped it in the cart!
Also love the hanger deal that Costco has, they are much cheaper.
We love shopping there, as you can see.
& yes I ate half that bread while shopping, I was starving.

It took quite a bit not to wear this red sweater the day after the gray one.
I thought that might be a little too much for my students to handle...

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