Friday, January 13, 2017

olive snake print

What a beautiful morning and happy Friday the 13th!

& it is a three day weekend!
In my classroom we have a class fish that the students vote on the name,
this year our fish is "Future" or "Fishy Wap" depending on who you ask...
But I have to take her home on the weekend because it gets too cold in our room,
learned that the hard way but don't tell my students that this may or may not be Future #2...

What I Wore: glasses- Bonlook, lips- Ofra x Kathleen Lights "Havana Nights", blazer- Urban Outfitters, shirt- Altuzurra for Target, pants- Who What Wear x Target, flats- Sam & Libby for Target, bag- Reed x Kohls

When Future the fish / Fishy Wap is at home,
she mainly lives in the cabinet in the kitchen because Arnold is veryyyyy interested in her...

Speaking of Arnold...
He has been really sick the past couple of days, he hasn't been sleeping with us at night,
he hasn't been greeting us at the door after work,
he threw up a lot and starting laying in his litter box.
We took him to the vet and he ended up in the emergency room,
he had a complete urinary tract blockage and they said if it was any longer the potassium levels would have killed him. They also found kidney stones that he can't pass and needs surgery.
They are keeping him for a few days and I miss him so much. The house is so different without him.

I hope he is feeling better, it is so sad to have a little creature that you take care of
 feel so sick and not be able to tell you what is wrong.
I am happy we decided to take him to the vet, not happy about a possible $4,000 vet bill,
we do have pet insurance but I am not sure what they will cover.

If you saw my scary answer to a test question last Friday,
where I was questioning if I taught these kids ANYTHING,
this email from another student completely turned that around for me:

I had to give this student an extra point on his test.
Because why not?

Science + humor + memes = my jam.

Sometimes this job is cool.

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