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My Top 5 Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online!

Glasses shown above: BonLook Trailblazer in "Woodland Plaid"

I recently did my Top 5 NJ Thrift Stores
& was inspirited by a Buzzfeed article that I was tagged in on Facebook
"9 Affordable Places to Buy Stylish Glasses Other Than Warby Parker"

I remember first finding that you could get cheap prescription glasses online,
I was like "WHAT?!"
I blogged about my early eye glass buying experiences HERE,

I have been buying / receiving glasses from online retailers
since the beginning of this blog, almost 6 years ago now!

Buying glasses online has been my go-to method,
but since my 10/10 Optics experience in NYC,
I never realized how awesome it is to have an expert help you style your eyewear,
to get the absolute perfect pair.
So keep that in mind!

Here are my Top 5 Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online
{unlike the Buzzfeed article, my list does include Warby Parker, sorry not sorry}
All of these sites have glasses for under $200 and that is with prescription lenses!

#1: Warby Parker
My Experience: I have a pair of Sinclairs in navy {see them on HERE} and they are awesome, the prescription is getting too old, I have to have them updated! I love their quality, they look the same as the day I got them 5 years ago. Sturdy and cute!
Did you check out my Warby Parker Sunglass Styling post yesterday?!
Lookbook coming in September!
1. Maynard in "Cortado"
2. Fillmore in "Redwood Ash"
3. Topper in "River Stone Blue Fade"
4. Arthur in "Green Spruce"
5. Beckett in "Saddle Sage"
6. Haskell in "Crystal and Maple"
7. Percy in "Crystal"

#2: BonLook
My Experience: My first pair on BonLook glasses were the "Barbarella" worn most recently HERE. I absolutely love these, so happy I was able to score the LAST pair in 2011!
Since then I have gotten the Jack & Norma in "Champagne" from the A Beautiful Mess x BonLook collection, worn HERE.
I have a purple striped pair, worn HERE & a pair of black glasses with clear bottoms, worn HERE.
1. Myrtle in "Rose Dazzling"
2. Keiko in "Lily White"
3. Myrtle in "Diamond Violet"
4. Captivate in "Berry"
5. Myrtle in "Ebony Granite"
6. Muse in "Purple Haze"
7. Coco in "Champagne"
8. Stargazer in "Woodland Plaid"
9.Boho in "Dazzling"
10. Folk in "Pretty Purple"
11. Heaven in "Blackout"
12. Daze in "Gold Diamond" {So cute on ilovecatsandclothes on Instagram}

#3: Firmoo
My Experience: Firmoo has sponsored me with quite a few pairs of glasses on this blog. I have never been disappointed. The quality is great and they stay in great shape even after many years of wear. I always find pairs I love and would like to add to my collection.
My collection:
I have a purple pair with gold accents that I love, worn HERE.
A black pair that have futuristic sides, worn HERE.
 A blue and tortoise pair, worn HERE.
 A clear camo pair, worn HERE.
 A green camo pair, worn HERE.
 A neon green pair, worn HERE.
A matte brown tortoise pair, worn HERE.
1. #DBSN62264 in "Blue, Pattern (C562)"
2. #FRTS55003 in "Green, Purple (C-P12)"
3. #HUM189 in "White (C4)"

#4: Zenni
My Experience: I have one pair of Zenni glasses, they are the black polka dot version of these glasses, although I want the red and the white, they are just so cute! I love the quality of these. My favorite aspect of ordering from Zenni is the option to get something engraved on the inside of your glasses! Mine say "behindglasses" just a little cute blog note, see them HERE.
1. Prescription Heart-Shaped Glasses 4420218 in "Red"
2. Translucent Heart-Shaped Eyeglasses 4421029 in "Pattern"
3. Retro Heart-Shaped Eyeglasses 4421233 in "Cream"
4. Acetate Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges 187616 in "Blue"
5. Acetate Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges 187617 in "Purple"
6. Browline Eyeglasses 193918 in "Red"
7. Acetate Full-rim Frame With Spring Hinges and Stainless Steel Temples 787817 in "Purple"
8. Stylish Plastic Full-Rim Frame 282539 in "Multicolor"
9. Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 206317 in "Purple"
10. Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 483921 in "Black"
11. Acetate Full-Rim Frame 625616 in "Blue"
12. Acetate Full-rim Frame 104715 in "Brown"

#5: LookMatic
My Experience: I have one pair of LookMatic glasses, worn HERE. I like them, but I am not sure that the prescription is quite right in them, either that or the clear bottoms bother my eyes.
I have worked with LookMatic to do a Holiday Look{Matic} lookbook in 2014 {Part 1 / Part 2}
1. Parker / 2. Madison

Bonus {because you can never have enough pairs!}:

My Experience: I have a pink pair of "Love" brand glasses that Coastal sent me, that I really do love, worn HERECoastal is more like an online eyeglass boutique with many different brands for sale at a range of prices.
1. Love L767 in "Blush Petal"
2. Sophia Loren SL1520 in "Rose"
3. Bottega Veneta BV148 in "Cross Blue Ink"
4. Derek Cardigan 7007 in "Fuchsia"

My Experience: I have the Hazelplastic Wayfare Frames, love them, worn HERE! They are big, kinda cheap quality but what are you expecting for glasses under $15. They are still fun, but buyer beware I ordered these red white and blue stars and stripes patterned glasses but they "got lost in the mail" and then were "out of stock". So that sucks and I have yet to get another pair from them, but for the price I may try again some day.
1. Barlow Cat Eye Eyeglasses
2. Hazelplastic Wayfare Frame {these are the ones I have}
3. Jenny Acetate Framed Rectangle
4. Chambers Plastic Eyeglasses

Rivet & Sway:
My Experience: When they had their own website, I ordered the "Pink Punchlines" and they are awesome. They are a bit pricier than other options ($150+) but the quality is there. They now sell Rivet & Sway glasses on with a different selection.
1. Layer Cake in "Pink Frosting" / 2. Ms. G in "Lucite"

I loved this "Spectacle Spectrum of Personalities"
that I found on Pinterest:

According to this, I am a little bit librarian, hipster, and drag queen.

Pretty accurate I think, haha!

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